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Michael Matt – Unite the Traditional Clans! August 26, 2019

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, fightback, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, Restoration, sanctity, SSPX, the struggle for the Church, Tradition, true leadership, Virtue.

I have learned over the past few months that I have missed an incredible amount of infighting between traditional/orthdox Catholics.  In fact I haven’t missed it at all, I’m glad I haven’t had to witness all that.  With Francis continuing to try to change the Bride of Christ into a pathetic, modernist worldly construct, a creation not of God but of men,  never has there been a greater need for unity among the most devout, believing Catholics, whatever they call themselves.  I have long been of this opinion, which I share with such stalwart defenders of the Faith as Fathers Michael Rodriguez and Isaac Mary Relyea, two men who have suffered more than most of us will ever have to for their rejection of the post-conciliar construct.

There are legitimate criticisms of, or concerns regarding, all branches of traditional Catholicism in these days.  That is one of the chief  coups of the modernists dominating the hierarchy of the Church, to use Catholics own faith and fidelity to the Magisterium against them.  By corrupting that magisterium, they have managed to put Catholics in a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation.”  While the SSPX seems to be slowly leaning towards some kind of formal recognition from Rome (and some would argue it already exists), there remains great hostility in the institutional Church to them, and much fussiness over their purported canonical status.  The Ecclesia Dei communities and diocesan priests offering the TLM forever have to live with the taint of ostensible accommodation, and the constant threat that all they have achieved and built over the past several decades could be snatched away in an instant by a hostile pope.

Each of the traditional groups has their strengths and weaknesses.  Certainly there is room for legitimate expression of these differences, but the constant internecine struggles between these various groups has long passed the point of ceasing to be productive, and is most often positively destructive. It is so easy for all of us to fall into tribalism and the belief that “our side” is not just the right one, but the only good and decent one.  From that belief can spring all kinds of animus and destructiveness.  It is the ultimate circular firing squad, and could not be more ill-timed or counter-productive, given the collective threats we all face from the current pontificate and the upcoming Amazonian synod. This should be a time of conciliation, not ever-increasing conflict and strife.

Thus, I heartily support Michael Matt in attempting to bring collaboration and commonality of purpose among all those priests, religious, and lay people struggling to live out the Faith in this time of unprecedented crisis within the institutional Church.  Every single growing, vibrant traditional parish is a beacon of hope for millions of those who call themselves Catholic, whether they realize it or not.  They are a hope for the present and the future, and, in my mind, represent the only real future the Church has, by returning to her roots and her real self.  And, if we continue to work together, we can hope for the coming restoration of Holy Mother Church, as Mr. Matt in describing how the FSSP taking over a dying Minneapolis parish has now totally turned the parish around.  He then lists some criticisms of the FSSP, presumedly coming from the SSPX, and proceeds to refute those.  I’m not certain if his piece was in response to something in particular, but the article could just as easily have been framed in the opposite way, defending the SSPX from FSSP criticisms.  I don’t think the particular framing is most important, I think what is most important is the overall message of looking for the good in all the various branches of traditional Catholicism and working together to maximize their effect in terms of saving souls and, even more importantly, giving all glory and honor to God.

I did, however, want to address a few points Mr. Matt raises, which I will do below:

Yes, okay. Fine!  But the FSSP does not condemn Pope Francis on a daily basis.

Again, true enough. But neither did Edmund Campion run around publicly condemning the tyrant and heretics of his day.  Instead, he chose to dress as a layman—a jeweler—and to call himself ‘Mr. Edmunds’ so that he could avoid arrest and carry on with the important work of preserving the old Faith in Elizabethan England. He wasn’t a coward. He was a strategist, who would eventually be starved, beaten, disemboweled and drawn and quartered for his fidelity the old Faith.

It’s called strategy. Maybe you’ve seen pictures. You know, Father Miguel Pro undercover, dressed in suit and tie, as he waged holy war in defense of the old Faith during the Cristero uprising. Dressed in disguise, was Father Pro afraid to ‘say it like it is’? Please!

There’s more than one way to get the job done, friends, and the job right now is to preserve the old Faith at all costs. ‘Sayin it like it is’ in times like these is sometimes just a really stupid thing to do! It’d be like Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg shouting condemnations of the psycho Nazis as he walked into the Wolf’s Lair with a bomb under his arm, preparing to assassinate Hitler. Not a good time for Claus to ‘say it like it is.’

Let’s not shoot ourselves (or the few good priests left) in the head by calling for recklessness when prudence and strategy are obviously working so well to save souls and to attach so many young people to the cause of Traditional Catholic restoration. [These are all fine points, but I will say that I have heard very strong condemnations of Francis from a number of FSSP priests.  And, I have heard similar condemnations from diocesan and other traditional or traditionally inclined priests.  I don’t know if condemnations of this kind are more frequent and severe from SSPX priests, but I will simply note that it would be a falsehood, in my experience, to declare Francis gets a pass from Ecclesia Dei priests.]

Yes, well, the FSSP priests don’t like the SSPX and vice versa.  Maybe that’s true in some cases, but so what!  The Dominicans and the Franciscans didn’t always get along, either……….. [This is the other point I wanted to touch on, it is true, there are some FSSP and other non-SSPX traditional priests who are extremely critical of the SSPX. Some of this criticism, to my mind, goes beyond the bounds of reason. I know the reverse is also widely true.  However,  many FSSP priests have quite warm attitudes towards the SSPX, and are well disposed towards them, generally speaking.  Like all organizations made up of hundreds of passionate, committed people, you’re going to see a variety of points of view.  That may be a milquetoast manner of speaking, but it’s true.  I wish all priests in all these groups were much more supportive and possessed of a common purpose, but at Mr. Matt notes immediately below, all priests are humans and as prone to human failings as the rest of us].

So, there are precedents. We’re all human…even priests.

Bottom line: When I was at Mass last Sunday at the local FSSP parish, I saw dozens of little children kneeling at the consecration, striking their breasts at the elevation, receiving Holy Communion on the tongue in the company of their mothers and fathers and rafts of siblings.

It reminded me of the little Japanese children I’d seen at the SSPX chapel in Tokyo the month before—kneeling at the consecration, striking their breasts at the elevation, receiving Holy Communion on the tongue in the company of their mothers and fathers and rafts of siblings………

…………I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Unite the clans! For God’s sake and the sake of those children facing the real possibility of the eradication of the old Faith from the face of the earth— unite the clans!

I couldn’t agree more, or close on a better note.  We have so much in common, and so much to fight for together, that the differences between us can really take a back seat for the foreseeable future.

By the way, Twitter drives people insaneJust sayin‘.  I can not advise anyone enough to stay off it.  None of my rapidly growing into adulthood kids are on it and, I pray, never will be.



1. Dennis Hogan - August 27, 2019

OT: Anyone know why Fr. Paul Weinberger resigned up at St. William’s in Greenville?

Mr Fran - August 27, 2019

see here: http://www.stwilliamtheconfessor.org/
Bishop’s “musical chairs” apparently.

Tantumblogo - August 27, 2019

I hope to post on this Monday or Tuesday. I think it’s actually a good thing.

Pomyluy - August 29, 2019

Tantumblogo, I’m a parishioner at St William’s. I’m not sure what you know, but this isn’t Bishop Burns playing musical chairs, not in the slightest. There are some extremely grave and deep-rooted issues behind all this, and I too think it’s actually a good thing–perhaps for the opposite reasons you do, but I suppose I’ll find out next week when you post about it!

David - August 29, 2019

Some moving around may be coming, as Fr. Paul (I will not get crossways with Fr Paul – I have met him several times and he is an exceptional priest) said in his bulletin. Bishop Burns has been here two and a half years, and has gotten out and about. IMHO, I think some retirements are coming at a few parishes due to health reasons, a place where a good pastor is 80 years old (but seems to be in good health), another place that could benefit from a bilingual pastor, etc. Looks like we will have to wait and see. From what I read in the bulletin recently, my opinion is this sounds like a good thing.

Jack - September 4, 2019

Hello Tantumblogo, are you still going to post about this?

2. Brian E. Breslin - August 27, 2019

Tantum, welcome home! And you are so right to endorse Matt’s call to the clans. Well done.

3. Baseballmomof8 - August 27, 2019

Good to see you. I’ve been followed Matt’s efforts to bring the clans together— Dr. Taylor Marshall seems to be working in this direction as well. Francis May well end up being “the great unifier.”

4. Bonnie Albin - August 27, 2019

Thanks for the refreshingly Catholic perspective.

5. Camper - August 27, 2019

Where’s Tim when we need him?

Tim - August 27, 2019

WOW, you are desperate aren’t you? (Ha,Ha)

I essentially agree with Mr. Matt. I was at an FSSP parish for 16 years before the local modernists ran them out of town and thankfully the SSPX had established a presence in the are some years earlier to this diocean betrayal. My son attended boys camps twice with the FSSP, twice with the SSPX and 5 times with the ICK’s Choir Camp….that was a true treasure for kids who sing in the parish choir. My daughter went to camp with the Slaves of The Immaculate Heart of Mary 4 times and she attended the ICK Choir Camp 5 times as well. The young kids have a healthier perspective….they ask why do the adults argue about Church politics so much? They know the Novus Ordo is poison. Especially within tradition. When traveling we will go to SSPX, FSSP, ICK, Diocean TLM or Byzantine Divine Liturgy. We do our homework to avoid the Faith destroying Novus Odro at all costs. Overall I believe the preaching in SSPX chapels is generally superior, but not in all cases(just listen to Fr. Wolfe sermons on the internet!)

All this infighting is STUPID, the REAL enemies are Satan and the modernists.

I will defend the SSPX against any NEVERSSPXer as they are ignorant and partisan fools.

I will also defend the FSSP/ICK against the extreme SSPX partisans who live in their little bubbles outside of reality.

I cannot defend the indefensible though….the Novus Ordo is dangerous to the vast majority of souls and should be avoided.
Spare me the “it’s valid arguments…..a black mass is valid as well with an ordained turncoat priest and a stolen Consecrated Host. Well meaning Novus Ordo folks need to jettison the papolatry and obediolatry. There is simply no justification for this liturgical betrayal of the Faithful.

Camper - August 28, 2019

I was not expecting that, Tim, but I won’t argue.

Tim - August 28, 2019

Expecting what?
My opinions or my silly opening remark?

Camper - August 28, 2019

I thought you would urge on readers the SSPX.

Tim - August 28, 2019

Well, I certainly believe that they are the best out there and do encourage people to go to their chapels if the SSPX is in their area, but I can’t discourage people from the FSSP or ICK if that’s what’s there. If you have 1 or more choices in said area then the SSPX is the best option for sure.

I agree with Mr. Matt mainly that we all need to work together to defeat modernism. The differences are not big enough to make the main thrust of our struggle our issues with other Trad groups. The Novus Ordo /V2 is the target and that is what needs to be destroyed….not the FSSP or the ICK.

Tim - August 30, 2019

What does Mr. Matt say that you find objectionable?
I’ve listened to the presentation and don’t hear anything earth shattering.

Camper - September 1, 2019

I was thinking more a l’Arab.

Tim - September 2, 2019


6. Canon212 Update: Magisterium of the What? – The Stumbling Block - August 27, 2019


7. c matt - August 27, 2019

Well, it all kind of reminds me of an Arab saying: Me against my brother; me and my brother against my cousin; me, my brother and my cousin against the world. Seems some traditionalists circles are stuck in the first phase, and can’t move on to the second or third.

Eoin Suibhne - August 31, 2019

Just like what happens at the end of The Hobbit when the dwarves unite with men and the elves to fight the goblins and wargs.

8. Tim - August 30, 2019
9. Sally Box - August 31, 2019

Some observations on Mr. Matt’s video only.
Not the idea, which I am all for.

He did one several years ago on this subject, which impressed me
very much and did a lot to soften my view of the SSPX. But what really struck me- and I commented on it at the time- was the tone. This was a man who had to tread very carefully, or his base would tear him up.
I’m happy to see that he seems to be able to speak more freely today.

If you want to convince those who use or prefer other Trad groups that we don’t have to agree with each other to work together, maybe you shouldn’t devote half your video to an apologia for Archbp. Lefebrve. If we’re going to accept and overlook our differences for the greater good, then let people have their own private opinions. He tries to say this, but just can’t quite let it go.

Stop the defensiveness. I think I pick up on this b/c I spent years
doing that as an Anglo-Catholic and can spot the dynamic. I stopped the second I became an actual Catholic since there was no need for it any longer.
The constant explanations can be just information, but they can also make us wonder if the SSPX is really all that comfortable with their situation. If they were, they could accept contradiction on their status more calmly. It’s hard to work with people that are so sensitive you have to watch every word around them. (See above.)

The part where he points out that neither prediction of the two main groups re: the other has come true is the best part, I think.

What I would like to see would be a video about how we could work together, but one without SSPX apologetics, etc. Don’t know if he could do it, but it would be an excellent good faith gesture.

Tim - September 1, 2019

Well, if 99+% of the institutional Church wants you dead and buried then the human reaction of self defense/preservation kicks in automatically. Kinda like calling Israel paranoid just because they’re a tiny country surrounded by enemies that want to wipe you off the face of the earth. Like Our Lord warned us…..if they hated Me 1st, they will certainly hate you.
Put yourself in their shoes….even though they have the Truth in their arsenal the overwhelming modernist and soft trad never ending attacks, lies and calumnies put you on the defensive.
Your expectations are flawed because you assume a level playing field exists. It doesn’t in the human realm…….BUT victory will be God’s and along with Him, His chosen instrument of restoration, the SSPX.

skeinster - September 2, 2019

Good, got in before comments closed. Sorry- we were out of town.

Look- it’s just a suggestion to help people come together, it’s not a personal attack.
All authentic Catholics are under the gun nowadays.
The SSPX is good at so many things- they could be great if
they could just stop the grievance-mongering.
And be able to have a conversation with someone that’s not just a cut-and-paste of talking points.

Tim - September 3, 2019

One could give the same response referring to the FSSP and it “grievances” and talking points. The SSPX has been under a colossal “gun” since it’s beginnings. The FSSP sits back under the conciliar umbrella and cherry picks the SSPX. I personally have never heard an SSPX priest say anything negative about FSSP priests….the reverse I heard innumerable times. I’m all for “uniting the clans” but the paranoid delusions of the soft trads need to stop. “Cut – and – paste?….that’s anti-SSPX MO all the way. Sorry, at best it happens both ways, but in reality the SSPX is attacked by FSSP multitudes more often. The problem is papolatry and obediolatry.

c matt - September 3, 2019

It is hard to let go of the papalotry when raised in it from birth. In that regard, Bergoglio is strong medicine. I don’t begrudge the SSPX of defending itself. The more I hear about it, the more I sympathize. And now, the more I empathize.

10. Tim - September 4, 2019

cmatt…Agreed, we all have “from birth issues” that impede our seeing of Truth. Getting rid of them is a painstaking process….it’s hard not to have some Americanism growing up in America. It’s like trying to remain dry in a swimming pool.

11. Tantumblogo - September 6, 2019

Comments are reopened at skeinsters request. It wasn’t really evevn
a request, but skeinster has such a hold over me even a slight hint is enough to get me hopping.I hope to be around more so I can police comments better.

I posted on Father Weinberger’s status. All in good time. I did not want to post anything that would spread more confusion or was not verified.

For those trying to impugn Father Weinberger’s abilities or fitness as a priest, that won’t sell here. I know there was a small number of formerly friendly and supportive people (one family in particular) who became offended over some matter and became bitter enemies, and then spent a great deal of time and effort to spoil the parish community and turn people against one another generally and against Father Weinberger particularly. Ugly whisper campaigns and all that. Having been the victim of just such a campaign in a very different circumstance, let me just say, you’re starting off way, way downhill. Unfortunately, given the wicked and fallen age in which we live, this backbiting may well have had its desired effect. To me, it’s a commentary on those who conducted this campaign and not on Father W. And yes, I know more than a trivial amount about this.

Suffice it to say, it would take a terrific amount of very concrete evidence – not, he wouldn’t let my daughter pretend at altar service – to even begin to convince me to change my attitude regarding Father Weinberger. He is an excellent and devout priest who has suffered infinitely more than those who conducted this shameful campaign can even imagine. He is a very good and holy priest and deserved far better than this. But hopefully, some good will come of this, and Father Weinberger can bring his manifold abilities to a much larger and, I pray, more appreciative audience.

So, if I were you, I would pack up your tent and peddle your wares somewhere else. You’re not going to make much traction here.

Camper - September 9, 2019

Is somebody going to defend the priest here.

Richard Malcolm - September 9, 2019

“He had a great affinity for surrounding himself with alter[sic] boy eye candy and never followed the Dallas Charter.”

A pretty bold insinuation, in the absence of concrete evidence or allegations.

In any event, while I am not privy to Bishop Burns’ decision reasoning, pastors in the U.S. get reassigned all the time after a six year stint is up, whether they want to or not. A reassignment by itself (even if only to parichial vicar status in the new parish) is not a clear sign of being punished per se, in the absence of additional information.

Camper - September 9, 2019

He’s using an anonymous handle. He probably either has no evidence at all or he’s just making it up.

Tantumblogo - September 10, 2019

Lots of both.

12. Richard Malcolm - September 8, 2019

I think I have said this before here, but I will offer the observation that I strongly sense that animosity betweem the FSSP and SSPX shows something of a generational split: I see a lot less of it in the younger clergy than in the ones who were around during or right after the split in 1988. Which, I suppose, makes sense.

Tantumblogo - September 9, 2019


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