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Yeah, Christians need to exit the US military now October 9, 2015

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Apropos of the decisions at least a few readers have been struggling with, the US Navy is now indoctrinating sailors against the horrors of “male privilege,” including, get this, the evils of driving a large truck.  7 years of Obama has turned the US military – already problematic when he entered office – into an effeminate tool of left wing agitprop and anti-Christian harangues:

The US Navy’s Bureau of Medicine & Surgery is now teaching its members about the dangers of “male privilege,” giving examples of ways that men use such privilege to get what they want.

The document outlining “male privilege” can be found on the US Navy’s Bureau of Medicine & Surgery’s official page and was first reported by the Social Memo.

It details, “common phrases victims use when describing their abuse,” which includes “male privilege.”

Here is one of the statements that “victims” of male privilege included by the Navy:

“When he came home yesterday, he was driving a brand new truck. I told him we needed something the whole family could fit in, but he didn’t
listen to me.”

In other sections of the handout, abusive relationships are talked about. However, the document makes certain to only portray men as abusers:

Navy Wheel of Power

A couple of things: anyone who has spent any time around women know that while they perhaps (on average) lack the physical strength and aggressiveness of men, they have their own ways of manipulating and even abusing others, including their husbands/male partners.

Secondly, who, besides women’s grievance studies majors, uses terms like “male privilege?”  Or maybe their teaching that in public schools these days.

Thirdly, how does any of this help the military perform its mission of defending this country?

Fourthly, I saw a video recently showing sort of an “idyllic” single mom member of the Air Force (with children by two different fathers).  That woman was at least 70 lbs overweight.   Look, that’s her deal and couldn’t care less in general terms, but aren’t members of the military supposed to be somewhat strong and fit?  There is simply ZERO chance that woman could do a single pull-up or more than a handful of pushups, let alone something useful, like, I don’t know, lifting a 200 lb Sidewinder onto the launch rail of a jet.  Yeah, there are a lot of desk jobs in the military, and there’s an increasing number of unfit male servicemembers, too, but what happens if we get in a real war somewhere and Airwoman Make-believe gets assigned to something other than a desk?  Then others have to pick up the slack.

Fifth – this “male privilege”  is projection.  The left always, ALWAYS projects onto others the evils they themselves commit/hold.  Without massive affirmative action bias in the selection and training of recruits, the vast majority of women could not meet even the most minimal physical requirements for military service.  I have a severe problem with any country that would make its women fight its wars, but if they must, their must be one standard for all.  That’s been the biggest crock ever since the Left began this push to foist as many women on the military as possible – from the beginning, standards have been dramatically lowered if not outright waived in many cases (as occurred with the women who “made it through” (they did not, they abjectly failed, but were “passed” anyway) Ranger School.  Thus it is not men who hold privilege in the military, but women.  If you’re a young woman with a couple of kids and few ways to provide for them, and you see all this bias in your favor, why not take advantage?

The advantages women are given in the military (including a very sympathetic chain of command terrified of ever being called sexist who railroad male careers at a single, unsubstantiated complaint) are too numerous to list.  This is all part of a process to eventually render the US unable to fight, to intervene overseas.  Which, given the botch we’ve made of things for the last 50 years, maybe it’s not that bad a thing after all?


1. glmcreations - October 9, 2015

At first I thought the graphic was a summary of Obama Administration policies; or the first draft of the Democrat book on how to get, keep and increase political power. Guy McClung, San Antonio

2. Brian - - October 9, 2015

I was in the military many years ago, (80’s). I resigned then partially for the reasons you are laying out today. I asked myself, “what exactly does this nation stand for that I am sworn to defend and for which I may very well die?” I realize we have not fought an existential battle for survival for 70 years, but still, anyone who serves must know he may be called upon to offer his life for his country if ordered. So what, then, is America?

I essentially answered then, as now, like this. It not only hates Christians, it persecutes us. It has quickly begun the process of complete abrogation of our 1st Amendment freedom to live our Faith. Indeed, it enshrines atheistic Darwinism in our schools force feeding it to our kids. It asserts that sodomy and abortion are among the highest, most important of human rights. As a culture our core value is contained in President Bush’s 9/11 wartime exhortation for Americans to perform their patriotic duty and SHOP!

And then there is the complete, COMPLETE, governmental failure to sustain its Constitutional separation of powers and assigned roles. This is an existential abrogation of their sacred duty, striking at the heart of our Constitutional Republic. The Serviceman’s Oath requires he support and defend the Constitution his government in all three branches are actively shredding. Hmmm.

Sorry to be a Johnny Downer. I agree with you, though. I strongly urge all Christians to avoid military service. Let the sodomites defend themselves. There will come a time of emergency, perhaps soon. Let them ask nicely, then, if they wish the assistance of Christians in their defense. Until then, I am a conscientious objector.

3. Baseballmom - October 9, 2015

Hey! What is this about women being manipulative????? Hmmmm???? My dear husband is the head of our home…. I am only the neck….. 😏

4. Dave Heath - October 10, 2015

Ah…Sidewinder; Sparrow; Falcon; SUU-16 Gun Pod; MK-82; Fond memories all over an 11 yr. USAF career

Yes…the lack-of-fitness was starting well before now and was apparent even during my tenure… and there were no women handling the above-mentioned munitions back then. I am short of stature even back then and a bit overweight (but still within USAF regs) and had trouble myself wrestling a Sidewinder, let alone cranking 500 rounds of 20MM ammo into a gun pod. Always left me breathless after the first two pods…

I’ve never recommended the military to any of my six sons as a career, mainly because of the threat to their Faith, but also because of the current geo-political climate we fight in today does not promote the defense of our country. We fight other peoples wars, promote democracy where its not wanted and watch our “friends” turn into enemies.

It all sucks, ya know?

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