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Best take I’ve seen on Maundy Thursday female foot fetish, er, washing January 21, 2016

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 Vox Cantoris has a post that I think brings up an important point.  He recommends the new foot washing rubric as a great reason to abandon the Novus Ordo and immerse oneself in the bosom of tradition.  I really couldn’t agree more (most emphasis in original, I add comments):

Pope proves that if you disobey a law long enough, the Church will change it.

His “god of surprises” has more in store!

Reason #5264 why we should just leave the Nervous Disordered Mess and its Bugnini lead Masonic inspired sacrilege. It has just been revealed, hidden as it was since a few days before Christmas, that Franciscus has changed the rubrics for Holy Thursday from “Viri Selecti.”

That’s right ladies, you can wear a short skirt and give a little flash to Father Bob as he pours water on your feet in front of the congregation. But don’t worry, he’ll probably have no interest because he’s as queer as this decision…….

…….You and I, however; we are the dissenters. We are the sinners of course. We are those not open to his “god of surprises.” [Leftism masquerading as the Holy Spirit, more like?]

Well, surprise!

Does Franciscus have the legal power to do this? Of course.
Does he have the moral authority? NO, not in a million years. [But that’s just the thing.  The liturgical and doctrinal revolution of Vatican II ushered in an era of progressive will to power, where whatever they want, they just do, whether justified by tradition or morality or not]
It is another example of dissenters changing practice, changing doctrine. [Concur]
Girl Altar Boys.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
It is all, as it this, a liturgical abuse, legalised through the breaking of the law.
So, how do you like the god of surprises, so far, eh?

I will never, ever attend the Sacred Triduum in the Novus Ordo as long as I shall live. I will sit home and read it first before I will ever attend it again if that was all I could do! 
Is it true then? Did he really stand up and shout that he would strip the 13 Cardinals of their red hats? “Full power has been given to me, I run the show around here?”Did he say it? Because if he didn’t, he sure acts like it! [So I almost blogged on this yesterday, but kind of ran of time and sorta thought it was still a bit conjectural.  But frankly, I don’t doubt it a bit that Francis lost his, uh, stuff, when he first heard about the intervention of the 13 cardinals at the Ordinary Synod.  Too bad it wasn’t 130 cardinals]
No Wotyla, No Ratzinger would ever have gotten away with this.

What a blatant, idiotic, abominable decision on the part of the Bishop of Rome. The lawbreaker has become the lawmaker!

Fathers reading this! You have a choice. 
[This is really key…..]  The Washing of the Feet was not part of the Mass until 1955. It was a rite reserved to Cathedrals, Monasteries, Seminaries and Religious Houses. When it was put after the homily on Holy Thursday in the “Reformed Holy Week” by Pius XII at the urging of Annibale Bugnini and other modernists hidden away in the liturgical offices of the Vatican, it was the first time in 2000 years that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was interrupted for a para-liturgy. It was then and remains in the traditional Missal and in the modernist Missal, an “option.” It does not have to be done. It can be optioned out! So, option it out! The decree only changes what it expressly seeks to change. The fact is, it is still an option! [Yes, but we can rest assured that almost all national conferences and individual bishocrats will insist on this being the “norm” for their nations/dioceses, upon pain of supposed “disobedience.” Ergo, fleeing for the Ecclesia Dei communities is really the best if not only option, at least for now.  We’ll see how long that lasts, what with pressure being applied to Pope Francis by liberals to modify the traditional Liturgy, as well.  In which case, I suspect the Society can expect rapid growth]

It does not apply to the traditional Mass.

Where is the consultation with the “brother bishops?” Where is the “collegiality?” This Pope has become a dictator, an absolutist, a Peronist!…….

…….You have one choice friends, leave the Novus Ordo. Get out of it and get into Tradition in every way. It is going to come crashing down. It is a valid Mass when, blah, blah, blah; but it cannot be reformed, it can only be abrogated and it will be! [Said the man who has worked for the “reform of the reform,” by his own admission, for 30  years.  That is to say, this is not a flippant admission.  I have to agree.  I have to further agree that I plan to never attend another N.O. as long as I live, and have great sympathy for those whose circumstances make a fully regular TLM difficult to impossible to assist at]

Tell us how you really feel, Vox!

Naw, I’m right there with you.  I’m not surprised, but I am scandalized as all get out.  And I don’t think this is anywhere close to the end.  If you hold out hope that this pontificate may be shortened by abdication, you may as well forget that now.  I’ve never known a progressive to not hold onto power as long as humanly possible.  So we can probably expect dramatically worse things to come.

Metaphor for the Church:

Ja, Russkieland. And the dude just drove on!

But seriously, we really must be praying for our Church and for Francis.  The reckoning that man will face……….makes me shudder.


1. tg - January 21, 2016

Foot fetish is the first thing I thought of when PF first washed women’s feet.

2. c matt - January 21, 2016

13 cardinals and what do you get?
Another step closer to heresy yet.
Ditch the red shoes and the fancy stole
to the prince of this world I have sold my soul.

Apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford.

3. Pete - January 22, 2016

I’ve attended Novus Ordo all my life and now I am seriously considering moving over to the Latin Mass. This Pope will pass but the split in the Church — orthodox vs modernist– will worsen over the next few decades and I know what side Jesus is on, which is where I want to be.

johnnyvoxx - January 24, 2016

Traditional Catholicism will explode in the next decade. Because it is, quite simply, “Catholicism” and nothing more. And that is the most powerful force that has ever come over the world. We can now see “they” have tried to destroy it for that reason. Let’s bring it back. We cannot be afraid to call a spade a spade at this point. Regarding Vatican II and what it wrought, “an enemy hath done this.”

4. frankljs - January 22, 2016

Who said it will be abrogated?

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