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Francis equivocates between Catholic evangelizing and muslim conquest? May 17, 2016

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The semi-official publication of the French episcopal conference, the magazine La Croix, conducted an interview with Francis recently.  There have been two portions of that interview that have caused a good deal of comment.  The first contains some conciliatory, if non-committal, words from Francis regarding the SSPX.  He claims they are working towards full communion.  That’s not exactly explosive to me, but it is a far cry from the cries of “protestant” and “schismatic” directed towards the Society by some in the hierarchy over the past 40 years.

What has caused far more controversy is this statement below, following a question from La Croix regarding islam (I’m sure there will be some argument over translation):

La Croix:  The fear of accepting migrants is partly based on a fear of Islam. In your view, is the fear that this religion sparks in Europe justified?

Pope Francis: Today, I don’t think that there is a fear of Islam as such but of ISIS and its war of conquest, which is partly drawn from Islam. It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.

Who, of any substance, has ever interpreted the Great Commission in such a tawdry manner?  Who has ever drawn comparisons between the almost entirely peaceful spread of Christianity through Europe and much of the world (I know there have been exceptions), with the almost entirely violent spread of islam?  Islam is a religion that has only and ever been spread by conquest.  It has made very few converts, historically, save with the threat of physical violence and other means of repression.  Only very recently, in Europe and other parts of the West, has islam begun to attract more than a handful of disaffected, disillusioned souls, souls who have never known the Truth of Jesus Christ?

One of the most disturbing qualities of Francis is his tendency to believe things which are not.  Yes, many in Europe (and elsewhere) are extremely concerned over the spread of islam, and not just ISIS.  No, there is no reasonable equivocation between Catholic evangelizing and muslim conquest.  No, it is not possible to reconcile those who persist in manifest grave sin with reception of the Blessed Sacrament.  Yes, protestants absolutely should and indeed must convert to the Catholic Faith.  And so on…….

What we are witnessing in so many aspects of this pontificate (including numerous statements in his official, magisterial works) is a fundamental failure of rational thought.  Much of what is posited is not simply contrary to the Faith but an attack on reason itself.  Such thinking is very prevalent among progressives, who at the same time tell us that sexuality is absolutely fixed at birth and utterly immutable (in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary), while sex (as in “gender”) is as fluid as can be, subject to change on a whim, including the whim to watch women undress.  One can see a certain analogy in claiming that what has always been a sin now somehow isn’t, or at least isn’t an impediment to reception of the Blessed Sacrament.  Or that the peaceful spread of Christianity somehow mirrors the spread of islam.

I read at One Peter Five a statement by Steve Skojec that Francis is the most authoritarian pope the Church has seen in decades, but that he is using all that papal authority to destroy it, long term, in a sort of kamikaze fashion.  That is to say, Francis is using, or intends to use, a sort of papal absolutism to drive fundamental change in the Church, in the process, transferring (it hasn’t happened quite yet?) authority from the papacy to new dicasteries (headed by women?) and especially national conferences.  His successor will then be hobbled with an office denuded of much of its authority and unable to change what he hath wrought.  An interesting theory, which I pray does not come to pass.

I’m out of time.  Let me know what you think.



1. Joseph D'Hippolito - May 18, 2016

This is exactly what happens when moral equivalence is taken seriously. I’ll bet a lot more Catholic prelates think exactly the same way. Why? Because the Catholic hierarchy has been brainwashed by both Leftist moral equivalence and JPII’s appeasement of Islam.

2. DFW Catholic - May 18, 2016

With friends like these…

both stories via PewSitter:

re: La Croix interview —

UK Catholic Herald: Pope Hails Election of Moslem Khan as London Mayor (praises election as successful integration)



Now that London has a sharia-compliant Muslim mayor, Muslims feel emboldened to attack British citizens for drinking beer


3. Peter - May 18, 2016

Thank God he wasn’t Pope during the Battle of Lepanto.

leftfooter - May 18, 2016


4. Marguerite - May 18, 2016

So in other words, Jesus actually says in Mark 28:19: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, lopping off their heads in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit….” It’s insane that the Pope puts on par the command of Jesus to spread His Gospel with the diabolical mandate of Mohammed to kill the infidel.

5. Marguerite - May 18, 2016

Sorry, the above quote was Matthew 28:19.

6. virtuouscitizenship - May 18, 2016

Calm down, and understand JB’s and dissenters and liberals and Democrats Principle of Truth, the Principle of NonNonContradiction: a thing can be and not be at the same time. If you get this, you know that they never lie, are never mistaken, never have to be held to what they said, and are never hypocritical. JB is saying Catholics have been and are Catholic and Not Catholic at the same time. A Catholic can be in sin and not in sin simultaneously. There is Hell and there is not. Just try this with anything he says and it all makes sense……oooops, it all makes sense and nonsense. And who has there been who believes lying is a moral good if you can use it to achieve your goals? Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

Tantumblogo - May 18, 2016

Heh. Good one, Guy.

Tantumblogo - May 18, 2016

Hey, are you related to Earl “One Lung” McClung of E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR of WWII fame?

7. Barbara Hvilivitzky - May 18, 2016

What Francis exhibits is a complete lack of understanding of the Papal Office. He goes about his day thinking and saying whatever comes into his mind. He sees this as the new Papacy – being with the people, smelling like the sheep. I don’t believe Francis is evil, or intends evil. I believe he is a pawn in Satan’s hands, doing evil thinking it’s good. We are in for a very rough time coming up – the way this pope is going the damage will take centuries to repair – we may not see a good pope for a long, long time.

8. Mark - May 18, 2016

He has said ‘Jesus begged forgiveness’, that the miracle of multiplying the fish and loaves was really a miracle of ‘sharing’, that there is ‘no punishment’ for ‘lost souls’, that the Virgin Mary may have thought God was a ‘Liar!’ – and now this.
Pattern. It’s on purpose.
He knows what he’s doing and he’s skilled at it.

9. cenlacatholic - May 18, 2016

That is to say, Francis is using, or intends to use, a sort of papal absolutism to drive fundamental change in the Church, in the process, transferring (it hasn’t happened quite yet?) authority from the papacy to new dicasteries (headed by women?) and especially national conferences. His successor will then be hobbled with an office denuded of much of its authority and unable to change what he hath wrought.

2 Thessalonians 2:7
For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way.

Once the papacy has been neutered, then the designs of antichrist can continue. At least, this is the interpretation and suggestion of Cardinal Manning with supporting statements by Church fathers, saints, and doctors.

Observer - May 18, 2016

That is why PF is making a sales pitch to bring the SSPX under Vatican control, where it can be neutralized and dissolved.
Archbishop Fellay isn’t buying.

10. italy6966 - May 19, 2016

I think Pope Francis is a Moslem dressed up like a Catholic Pope,he is sorry,we need a new Catholic Pope now.

11. Gary - May 20, 2016

I miss Papa Benedict, God bless him.

12. tg - May 22, 2016

What do I think – I try not to think about Pope Francis. Glad to see you are blogging more.

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