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Washington Post Prints Pro-Satanist, Anti-Christian Screed August 24, 2017

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Bill Whittle mentioned in an interview he gave a month or two ago that the media is no longer even attempting to hide their real views, biases, and especially, hatreds.  They are all-in against the America That Was, and especially against what they mean to make its final political incarnation – President Trump (yes Trump is hardly a great representation of all that America used to be, or should be, but he is in opposition to the America they want, which is the same thing to them).

So it’s no longer a matter of tipping their hand, the media is straight up telling us who they are, what they want, who they like, and, since leftism has always been propelled far more by its hatreds and antitheses than by any real positive vision, who they hate.  And they hate Christians more than anything else, even to the point of giving a satanist room in the leading newspaper of the nation’s capitol (safe link) to try to make the outrageous claim that it is Christians who are behind the recent episode in Charlottesville, VA and the supposed rise of white supremacists, while satanists are, contrary to at least 2000 years of history, on the side of goodness and light.  The WP is literally endorsing an argument of Christians bad, satanists good, or, more accurately from their standpoint, Christians enemy, satanists ally.

But what should we expect from a group that has declared a holy jihad against the dread threat posed by decades old, stationary objects (statues)?  There is no limit to the lunacy, and it is driven by the kind of hatred that can only come from a false religion warring with the True One:

Every time you start to believe TheWashington Post cannot go any further off the leftwing rails, along comes another sweetheart of lunacy. Seven days ago, WaPo published an editorial justifying violence against Trump supporters. If you thought that was some pretty far out stuff, a few days later we were served up with an editorial that openly called for banning conservative speech on campus.

Crazy, right?

Nutso, right?

What is going on here? Why is one of the leading establishment news outlets in the country offering its imprimatur to dangerous lunatics advocating in favor of political violence and fascistic speech-killing policies?

Come on. Don’t be cute. We all know why. This is WaPo’s way of slowly but surely legitimizing these ideas, and both of these un-American ideas, silencing the Right through the use of force, are ideas the mainstream Left have secretly longed for for decades. [Yes, they want to silence the right.  It’s been glaringly obvious for years, and especially since Nov 2016.  But even more they want to drive Christianity from the public square, if not destroy it outright, and giving space in their paper to a satanist is, as Nolte notes, trying to get people comfortable with those ideas] When you boil the Left down to its essence, what you get are violent tyrants all-too eager to control and organize society at the point of a gun. [Author Nolte does not make this point, but I will – leftists have long had a close association with satanism and the occult, in addition to their frequent embrace of all manner of false religions (which involves contact with demons, since St. Paul told us in inspired and inerrant Scripture, that all the gods of the gentiles are demons) – anything that can combat and undermine the influence of Christianity.  Virtually the entirety of the leadership of the French Revolution belonged to the radical anti-Church European Lodge, and worship of the occult has been rife among social and political revolutionaries from Rudolf Hess to Alistair Crowley and Alfred Kinsey.]

Can WaPo get any worse, you ask?

Oh, my, yes — yes it can, you silly boy. Because when it comes to the Left, it will always, always, always get worse. Behold Exhibit A

Behold the words published by WaPo this very day informing us that Satan is good…[I will leave out the satanists attempt to sell satanism through it’s supposed embrace of freedom and exaltation of the individual. It’s the same old lie satan has always preached: that you may be as gods, and thus be free to sin.  It gets absolutely ludicrous, however, when the author tries to pin support for slavery and racism on Christianity, the one organization that has done more to obliterate both of these evils than any other entity on earth, while satanism has always been associated with many of the most atrocious and abominable acts imaginable, up to and including child sacrifice]

………WaPo’s whole “Oh, Satan. Yes, Satan” pitch does at least make one thing clear…

“Democracy Dies In Darkness” is not a warning, it’s a goal.


Satanists are terrifying examples of the depths of self-destroying irrationality to which a soul lost in sin can sink.  Satanists don’t deny the existence of God, in fact, many of them acknowledge it quite plainly.  It’s just that they feel they are better off, somehow, playing for the other side.  Some even acknowledge that doing so will result in eternal torments beyond human comprehension, and yet they still do it.  That is the very definition of diabolical disorientation and the reprobate sense.  Pray that you never fall into it, because there but for the Grace of God any of us could go.

And yet think of the infinite cynicism of the Washington Post to actually publish a screed like this.  I don’t know who is worse off, the editors who are so full of hate for Christians, so ignorant or uncaring of history, and so determined to have their tyrannical way, or the satanists themselves.

PS – This post is a good opportunity to give some warning to those who have gotten in the habit of watching political commentary on Youtube, especially of a conservative/libertarian/anti-leftist bent.  There is a guy that Youtube seems to be heavily promoting – he constantly shows up in my “recommended videos” no matter how much I remove them – named “styxhexenhammer666.”  His popularity has grown a great deal in recent months, and he is frequently grouped in  with Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, Sargon of Akkad, and similar.

I will not watch his stuff.  The man is an avowed atheist.  Yes I know his recent videos make no mention of this, and seem to provide often insightful commentary on ongoing cultural and political events, but I strongly recommend against watching any of his stuff, because every single video I’ve seen in the past 3-4 months has satanic imagery/symbolism in the background.  I have received queries about this guy from three different readers and I have advised all the same – yes he makes many good points, but no, don’t watch any of his stuff.  I refuse to give a satanist even the tacit support of a view, and I refuse to knowingly expose myself to someone who is  under satan’s influence.



1. Daze Inde - August 24, 2017

Some call them “leftists.” Clearly, they are Communists. Most hard core Communists ARE satanists. No doubt that’s why Our Lady came to earth at Fatima to warn of “communism” which threatened to spread across the world. They are so bold now. They have revealed how far they have entrenched themselves. They have indeed exposed themselves. God bless Trump. Pray relentlessly for the defeat of these evil communists in the USA. And in our Church. Be vigilant. Resist.

2. geoffkiernan - August 25, 2017

Trump aint no Saint but the alternatives are equally and more so…

3. Canon212 Update: Francis to Christ’s Church: This Liturgical Pillow I’m Smothering You With Is “Irreversible” – The Stumbling Block - August 25, 2017


4. rescuedbymary - August 27, 2017

The Lady of Fartima is NOT Mary…!


Tim - August 29, 2017

Oh, please let us all in on your secret information! What is her “real” identity?
Please make an appointment with a priest and a psychiatrist.

What is the “true” identity of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Lasalette, etc?

I bet you believe that Mary has had daily appearances in Mejugorie though! Bayside too!

Go get the help that you need.

rescuedbymary - August 29, 2017

You’re under Strong Delusion, Tim…

I would try and help you if I thought you had any good will at all. It’s sad, so sad.


Tim - August 29, 2017

So, Fatima, Lourdes and other Church approved(Pre V2) are frauds? I am of good will and seek the truth, please present your evidence so delusional souls may be enlightened.

rescuedbymary - August 30, 2017


Fatima is the Strong Delusion sent by God Himself for those who would refuse to believe the Infallibility of the Pope…


Every man telleth falsehoods. They have all gone out of the way.
There is none that doeth justly.

Mine eye looketh throughout the land, for any that will believe My word that I have spoken through the voice of My Solemn Magesterium.

And lo, shall I find that man..?

Mine eye looketh throughout the land, for any that hath believed the voice of My Witness in these times of trouble; the Spirit of truth that none can gainsay. Lo, My Solemn Magisterium.

Woe unto that man that calleth evil good, and good evil, that seeketh to turn the hearts of My children away from their fathers; that I should smite the earth with a curse.

Beware the mystical body of the antichrist…

The Solemn Magisterium is one of the two witnesses of The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God have unto Him to show unto His servant, John…

The other witness is the Word of God,
The Holy Bible…

The Two Witnesses of Revelation,
Scripture and Tradition…


Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

The solemn magisterium has approved the Fatima apparitions as worthy of belief and helpful towards sanctification. Thus your argument is non-sensical, you have the Church arguing against herself. If you really really don’t want to believe in Fatima you don’t have to, but I would warn that such disbelief in Marian apparitions, especially this one, can be spiritually very dangerous.

At the same time it is possible for some to turn apparitions into a revelation unto themselves, on a par or even exceeding in their understanding of the Faith the importance the Sacred Deposit of Faith contained in Scripture and Tradition. Nevertheless I have known only a few souls who virulently rejected Fatima and all but one met a bad end with regard to their position viz a viz the Faith – i.e., they don’t have believe anymore.

So if you don’t want to believe in Fatima, fine, you haven’t got to, and perhaps disregard my admonition in my other reply regarding devotion to Mary, I may have originally misunderstood your viewpoint reading comments out of order. But I wouldn’t make a militant complex out of it, as I said, such viewpoints can be dangerous as they can lead to difficult areas, such as why the Church would give approval to false apparitions.

Tim - August 30, 2017

What does this have to do with Fatima? Please be specific as I don’t see the connection.

rescuedbymary - August 30, 2017


Thank you for your comment. Having read it, I can say that I have the same sentiments.

As I consider Christ and His Mary, I should ask you, what does all this have to do with fatima…?

Please be specific, because I don’t see the connection…

Tim, why do you believe in Fatima…???


Tim - August 30, 2017

You didn’t answer my question. Pleaae explain in specific detail your original statement that the Lady of Fatima is not Mary. Also, please make clear all the stuff about the Solemn Magesterium and what that has to do with Fatima. Once my questions are answered, then I will answer yours. Thank you.

rescuedbymary - August 30, 2017


There’s no reason for me to believe that Fatima is Divine in origin. And many reasons to condemn it. Ever heard of the Old Bait and Switch.? This is Fartima. You know, if I’ve learned one thing in my study of the Mother of God and Her intervention into the affairs of man, it’s this: If you can convince the Catholic faithful that something is Mary, they will believe anything…! This is what has happened to you and your’s I’m afraid.

Your reaction is common place, so I don’t take offense at it. To think that you’ve praying to some kind of wretched creature is hard to take, I know. You made reference to the Vatican 2ew council as some kind of dividing line between true and false Mary, this has been a point of confusion for many it seems.

I see the council as evidence of a preexisting condition rather than cause of the disease. I’ve often described it as the incision by the Divine Physician that excised the putrid malignancy from the body of Christ that had been festering there beneath the surface for many years, for all the world to see…

It’s curious to notice that you were convinced that I surely would reject Lourdes as well as LaSallette and even Guadeloupe, and adhere the likes of Medjugorie if I had indeed rejected the Lady of Fartima… So many have put this thing up on a pedestal so high that it seems heritical to try and take it down from such a high and lofty position. Nevertheless, this is exactly what I have been doing. And rightly so, because this thing has been the cause of the spread of spirit of antichrist throughout the Church for decades now.

Tim, the doctrine is bad, man. And its series of events in comparison to the true apparition of Our Lady at Guadalupe will reveal the striking evidence of its fraudulentness in comparison. Basically, it’s the Old Bait and Switch; Mary is the bait, and what’s the switch…? Another gospel, Tim; Another gospel…

The Fartimites have literally believed another gospel than the one once delivered to the Saints. Though an angel from heaven… Saint Paul warned us. I’d like to take this opportunity to warn you as well. Stop praying that stupid prayer that Jesus would lead all souls to heaven. He’s not gunna do it Tim, and has no intention to.


Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

You have failed to answer Tim’s question. If “the lady of Fatima” is not Mary, who was she? Was the entire apparition false? Why then did the Church approve it for veneration and belief? You are dancing around his question. One more chance or I will have to conclude you are disingenuous. Please explain how Fatima is false when it is approved by the Church. Do you accept any of the approved Marian apparitions – Lourdes, La Sallette, Our Lady of Good Success, Guadalupe, etc?

Tim - August 30, 2017

Ok, what is your compelling evidence that Fatima is a fraud and Lourdes and Guadalupe are not. You’ve made your opinion clear, but I need compelling evidence to to ascend tp your belief. If you truly care about souls, then give us the proof. Jesus didn’t just show up and proclaim to be God. He proved it with public miracles…..as an aside….Our Lady of Fatima performed a public miracle on October 13, 1917. If that is fraudulent then for the sake of the salvation of souls you are obliged before God to give us the proof that you are correct. If you have provable evidence that souls are being deceived and being led to Hell by what you claim to be a false apparition, you must, in charity, be forthcoming with your proof so we may all ascend and get on the path of holiness. Please do so now as souls hang in the balance as we converse and they a falling in Hell like snowflakes. You have made an extraordinary claim, if Mary or God gave you this soul saving information and you are of good will you will give us every last detail of your proof. Please fo so now, without truth we have no hope.

rescuedbymary - August 30, 2017


Relax, Bro. Nothing says you must believe in any private revelation. And as Fartima goes, I’m telling you not to. The obligation would be on those promoting the devotion, don’t ya think…? I think so.

What evidence do you have that Our Lady preformed any miracle there at all, Tim…? The eye witness testimony of others and the writings of Lucy many years after the event is all there is.

A clear understanding of the difference between sacrifice and satisfaction would be a good place to start in examining the false doctrine of Fatima. Neither you nor I can or even should offer sacrifice for sinners, Tim.

Fatima is another gospel, Bro. Avoid it, like the plague…


Tim - August 30, 2017

As an aside, I am not asking you to perform public miracles to make your case. Just provide irrefutable evidence to your position. Thank you.

Tim - August 30, 2017

Again, you refuse to give the EVIDENCE for your claim. I ask in good will and you dance around the point. So far your case is weak. I will answer your questions as soon as you give us all your evidence. YOU made the claim publicly and unsolicited, so the obligation is to show us your proof of your claim 1st. You made the claim and I asked reasonable questions for proof of said claim and all I get in return is vague tangential talk and answering my questions with questions in an apparent attempt to make me prove something, It does not work that way if you desire to be taken seriously. Provide your irrefutable
evidence that you must have to be able to credibly be taken seriously in this public discussion. If belief in Fatima or belief in it being a fraud doesn’t matter then why did you bring this up in the first place?

Please, in charity, respond with the proof of your claim so this matter can be settled once and for all.

God bless

rescuedbymary - August 30, 2017


It’s not that difficult. The doctrine is bad, Tim. As I said, only the sacrifice of Christ can forgive the sinner. You cannot make any kind of sacrifice at all for the forgiveness of sinners. That alone is enough to cast serious doubt on apparitions of Fatima.

Sinners go to hell because there is no one to sacrifice for them…??? This is blasphemy, Tim. Fartima is another gospel.


Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

You are blurring incredibly important doctrines. Christ’s sacrifice was sufficient for all but He positively wills that we participate in the salvation of ourselves and, yes, others through prayer and sacrifice. This is the constant belief and practice of the Church as attested to throughout Scripture and Tradition and rejecting that is protestant blasphemy. Fatima is an approved apparition and the most well-proven miracle in history since apostolic times. No other miracle was witnessed by so many people and attested to even by extremely hostile sources. Belief in it is not requisite for salvation, per se, it remains private revelation, but I will repeat what Alphonsus Liguori and Saint Thomas Aquinas both repeatedly asserted – salvation without devotion to Our Lady is notionally possible but morally impossible. This is because God willed Our Lady to be both the example par excellence on how to live a saintly, virtuous life, and because He has given her a vital role in salvation as mediatrix of all grace – a role even the liberal Paul VI confirmed.

I would be extremely careful with these viewpoints, hostility to Our Lady and her approved apparitions is often a quick road out of the Church.

Tim - August 30, 2017

You are mistaken:


Our Lady of Fatima does not say that our sacrifices will bring forgiveness of sinners:

“‘Are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings He wants to send you, as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and for the conversion of sinners?’”

‘Yes, we are willing.’

‘You are then going to have much to suffer, but the grace of God will be your comfort.’

“Our Lady continued: ‘Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say often to Jesus, especially whenever you make a sacrifice: O Jesus, it is for love of Thee, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’”

There is no discussion of making sacrifices for the forgiveness of sinners. There is for the conversion of sinners(a totally different thing) and reparation for sins.

There is no blasphemy there.

Also, the Fatima Prayer does not imply universal salvation. It says”….lead all souls to Heaven………….have you ever heard that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?……same thing. Christ came to lead us to Heaven but our free will to reject him remains intact all the way to gates of Heaven if we choose to reject His offer of eternal bliss.

If your have any credible evidence not rooted in faulty language and theology, I’m all ears.(or eyes in the case)

May God bless you

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

RbM - August 30, 2017


It says sacrifice. This is the faulty theology, that somehow you can sacrifice yourself for sinners. As much as you’d like to, you can’t do that, Tim. You can make satisfaction for sins through sufferings, but not sacrifice. Only Christ can do that…

This in indeed a new teaching that cannot be found anywhere in Scripture or Tradition, try though you may. I’m sure you will, but you just wasting your time…


Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

Great points and explanation of a difficult subject. The Church has always taught that our prayers and sacrifices can aid in the sanctification of others through their conversion and better cooperation with Grace. Perhaps I’m using the term “sanctification” imprecisely but I have always understood it as such.

5. Tim - August 30, 2017

Speaking of blasphemy:

“Fatima is the Strong Delusion sent by God Himself”

Question: Are you saying God can deceive us?

Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

Alright I’ve had enough. They’re gone.

Tim - August 30, 2017

My last comment/question was addressed to RbM, not to you. I think his statement about God sending “delusions” is the nail in the coffin. God can neither deceive nor be deceived. That is an article of Faith. Anyway, that was to be my last until I saw this and wanted to assure you that I was addressing him. You and I are on the same page.

Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

I understood. You’re good.

RbM - August 31, 2017


Some very interesting points have been addressed in the previous posts here. Tantumblogo concerns over the opinion of the Vatican 2ew church concerning their “approval” of various apparitions would be better addressed to Tim, I think. Tim is the one that has made reference to Fatima as occurring previous to vatican 2ew and thereby all but assuring its authenticity. This is something that I think needs further discussion.

It’s important to understand that only the local Bishop can approve an apparition in the Church. Tantumblogo, the Solemn Magisterium has not approved Fatima. I do understand your consternation however, when it comes to this issue, and just what the problem is with the Church if Tim and others are going to use vatican 2ew as a pivot point concerning what is true and false concerning Mary and various apparitions, etc.

I made the point that this council was evidence of a preexisting condition rather than the cause of the disease. I’ve often described it as the incision by the Divine Physician that excised the putrid malignancy from the body of Christ that had been festering there beneath the surface for many years, for all the world to see… The militant complex is coming from the side of the fatimites, I think though. If we are going to defend Our Lady, we should stick with the true Marian doctrines as defined in the Scripture and Magisterium of the Church, not those of an apparition that need not be believed anyway.

To further illustrate my point would require turning our attention towards just what was the defining point that brought the Church to the point where She is in our present time. And the false miracles at Fatima, again was what solidified the erroneous doctrine that had been developing and continues to prevail the Church. But to conclude the current point, it certainly would be non-sensical for me to articulate my disapproval of fatima if we are to assume that the church in Rome continues today inerrant and immaculate; sadly though, it does not, and the second vatican council was not the turning point… Things are very grave indeed. Sadly, the Church cannot be found in Rome, Tantumblogo.

But returning to the principle discussion at hand, the idea of sacrificing yourself for sinners is an abominable and heretical ape of the Gospel. And the corruption of Our Lady’s Rosary by adding that putrid prayer to everyone of them, establishes the idea that Christ desires that somehow “all souls” achieve the beatific vision, including those in HELL…!

Right after the wretched creature of fatima supposedly shows the little children the fires of hell, it establishes some kind of horrid devotion to herself no doubt, in order to save “them” and arrange the release these souls from their unhappy abode. It is the inevitable conclusion from reading the text as it is given.

This is the nail in her coffin, the misrepresentation that somehow the Mother of God would desire Her children to sacrifice themselves for Herself… Doesn’t sound like the Virgin of the Gospel to me… No way. This apparition is utter deception. Why people can’t see it is beyond me. It would be the very elect if it were possible, Jesus said.

The devil has been very crafty in his construction of this false apparition. Yes, there is much truth contained therein, but then the error is also included, in a fashion that beguiles souls in a most clever and deceptive manner, and then solidifies and establishes a devotion in preparation for antichrist. It blasphemes the Atonement of Christ and denies the Incarnation…

The incredible and important doctrines that have been blurred here, have been done by whatever it was that appeared at fatima. Your principal rebuke Tantumblogo, that one must be careful not to exhibit hostility towards Mary, is well taken however. And I thank you for it. I’ve often said, indifference towards Mary is the mark of a true reprobate.

It is not Mary that I am hostile towards, it is the false misrepresentation of Her presence that I hate with such a passion.

And finally, let me address all the bizarre eschatology that has inevitably surrounded this fatima craze; the whole triumph thing, and how it has lent itself to the coming antichrist. The Romans have been desperately trying to shut down the fatima end time theology, but have failed miserably because its most ardent proponents continue to insist that there must be some kind of re-establishing of Catholicism in the world and in Russia especially.

Look, Portugal was who exported communism to Russia, not the other way around. But these obstinate fatimites continue to demand some kind of queer consecration of Russia and insist that in Portugal the faith will always be preserved. It’s nonsense. It is time to wake up people. I’m sorry, but you have been lied to you whole lives about everything Fartima…

Truly someone once said, it is easier to deceive someone than to convince them that they have been deceive. Which brings me to my concluding remarks in response to Tim’s final response.

From a Catholic perspective, a man cannot be deceived. The Strong Delusion of fatima was indeed sent by God, so the those who would not love the truth would believe a lie and be damned – II Thessalonians Chapter Two.

Again, you have chosen to believe this lie, you have not been deceived. This is the operation of error. It is Strong Delusion.


Tim - September 1, 2017

My son recently graduated from St. Marys College and studied alot of Catholic theology and philosophy with SOLID priests. He
read this thread and his conclusion was this: “this guy is a protestant.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m signing off now, no more feeding the troll.

Tantum, thank you for jumping in and tolerating this never ending circular circus.

RbM, please discuss this with a solid priest. I will pray for your conversion. Tantum is right, I have a friend who has a hostile disbelief of Fatima and he is now not going to Mass or practicing the Faith. This is dangerous stuff.

rescuedbymary - September 1, 2017


I’d rather clean the toilets and keep my heart right with God, than comprose what I know to be the truth and stick my young out at Him…



RbM - September 1, 2017

The Obstinate Heretic

There is just one Mary, know in the Mind of God and Loved in the Heart of God from the foundations of the world!

The Church’s maternal heart can be found in the loving embrace of the tender and desirable arms of the Mother of God – The Holy, Spotless and Lovely Mary.

But to attach the heart of our Mother to that of a whore-monger is an unspeakable outrage of skulduggery against Her Immaculate and Sacred Heart – It is a suicide mission.

Mary, the most powerful of all of God’s creations! St. Anthony, the hammer of heretics, learned at Her feet. She must be so very beautiful! Oh, if we only knew the love that my Mary has for our fallen hearts, we could not contain it.

True devotion to Mary can drive heresy out of the heart of the obstinate Professed Religious heretic, by a recognition of her Majestic authority to reveal that the Catholic Church is the True Church, and the realization that without Mary the Gospels would have never been written.

But, I must forewarn you my ordained friend, you will be devastated. It is a great wonder to me how Christ can send His Mother to us with the way she is so mistreated. I couldn’t do it. I could not send my mother to do something for me knowing that she would be so hurt, so maligned and outraged by such barbaric and ungrateful men as Mary is!

Knowing that she would be blasphemed by every false and abominable counterfeit misrepresentation of her True presence by minions of the fallen angel who have been wholly given over to the rebellion of their own hearts; attributing to the Holy Mother of God the attributes and character of the despicable imagination of their own lusts.

But He does! He does! Is it little wonder then, why He may be hesitant to allow His Mother to be exposed to such trauma? I don’t see how He can do it.

A rescue attempt by the Mother of God can truly be a last ditch effort at converting the hardened and obstinate Professed Religious sinner.

So, I must warn you. If Jesus Christ sends His Mother in an attempt to persuade the Professed Religious obstinate heretic to forsake his sin, and he rejects Her – he is doomed.


rescuedbymary - September 1, 2017

Who was this Mary?

She was a female activist; a scheming adventuress, who in the words of Bernardino of Siena (1380 – 1444), ‘seduced, deceived, and I might even say wounded God, with I do not know what caresses and promises’, that she might secure humanity’s salvation.

Consider with me all the fascination and dangerous power of womanliness we experience in considering the Incarnation.

There is a marvelous resemblance between Mother and Son. The voice of the Son and the Mother is but one, as they have but one heart, one soul, and one mind.

“I came out of the mouth of the Most High, the first-born before all creatures.” [Eccl. 24: 5]

God the Father knew Mary from all eternity, just as sure as He knew the Son.

The Holy name of Mary was not unknown to the world, even centuries before it was revealed to men at the time it should be given to our holy infant, and even from the beginning of the world. Mary. Mary. Mary.

This beautiful and magnificent name was birthed from the heart of God from the foundations of the world.

Greek and Latin historians will attest to the fact that in the year 780 a tombstone was discovered during the excavation of some walls in Thrace that revealed the following inscription: “Christ will be born of the virgin Mary. O sun, thou shalt see me again under the Emperor Constantine and the Empress Irene.” Many believe that this tomb belonged to Mercurius Trismegistus – better know as Plato. Whoever it was certainly lived before Christ and Mary.

There was a doctor of theology named, John de domo Villarii who was an eyewitness to the discovery of a man with a beard and very long hair, a very large man, who was found in the valley of Josaphat in a sub-terranean tomb; this is all recorded by John Leyden the Carmelite in his chronicle of the Counts of Holland in 1374. Remarkable the body was in tack and the tablet inscription said the following in Hebrew; “I am Seth, the third son of Adam. I believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, and in the Virgin Mary, His Mother, who shall be born of my race.”

Oh Mary, How glorious and admirable is thy name!

Mary – “God born of our race,” as St. Ambrose, says. He would have us understand that there must be a Mother of God in this Royal race from which God Himself willed to be born, as a Son.

Mary – “ Lady of the Sea,” says St. Athanasius, “the Mother and the Son have the same power.”

Mary – St. Ephrem tells us that Mary signifies, “illuminated, illuminator, illuminating.”

Oh, Mary! Light of God – Doctor, Mistress of the Sea, of the people – Mistress of the Apostles – Mistress of piety and truth. Mary! Mouth of the Church – sublime and elevated – the imitator of God by excellence…

Listen to Saint John Eudes:

“That same thought that the Eternal Father from all eternity had had, that His Son should be born of a virgin, is the principle of the Mother’s birth.”

“For the same heart and the same love of the Eternal Father which led Him to give us a Man-God, urged Him also to give us a Mother of God.”

“This Church will forever possess the heart of both Son and Mother in spite of the rage of hell”


6. RbM - September 1, 2017

Well, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, it seems. Does it Tim…

Looks like you’ve meet your match, Padna…

Yea, you better go home an reload. You’re way out of your league with this one my friend.

The devotion to the hearts of Jesus and Mary had already been established by Saint John Eudes, long before the delusion of Fartima came along.

These two hearts are ONE. To try and separate them and establish some kind of new devotion in the ‘world’ is the plan of antichrist.

Jesus Christ had two natures – human and divine. Two wills – human and divine. But His mind and heart and yes, even His soul, He shares with His Holy Mother, Mary.

Put that in you Fartima peace pipe and smoke it…


Tim - September 1, 2017

You are a very angry and disturbed person. Get help. I will pray for you. Tantum and I argue the Church’s position. I’m afraid that it is you who is out of his league by opposing it and distorting it.

rescuedbymary - September 1, 2017

You’re a slanderer and a backbiter, Tim.

“Be angry and sin not,” the Scripture teaches. I’ve addressed all of you in the most loving and respectful way I know how. And what do get for it…?

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh, and now we know what is in yours…

Camper - September 1, 2017

I don’t remotely have the patience to argue with you, particularly after all the other arguments that have already taken place. I am going to say, though, that you sound very strange. Not trying to hurt your feelings, but I have never heard anybody say anything like that and have no idea why somebody would.

rescuedbymary - September 1, 2017


I’ve spoken the truth, Tim. Fartima is a fraud, and you and yours can’t handle it, Bro…

Why even mention the V-2 council in your post as some kind of litmus test concerning Mariology… And then make an appeal to the church in Rome as an excuse to reject my teachings..? This kind of theology is schizophrenic.

Your recourse to adhominum attacks against me is very telling and typical. I’ve been at this for a while now. You should have known this.

What, you thought you had another Protestant hater of Mary on your hands and started to set your trap, right… But I have successfully routed you out. Awake to righteousness and sin not…

You’ve done nothing but a disservice to Our Lady here, Tim. At least Tanum was willing to consider what I had to say. I can only hope that he doesn’t just roll over and go back to sleep.


Tim - September 1, 2017

Tim - September 1, 2017

RbM - September 1, 2017

“All ye beasts of the field come to devour, all ye beasts of the forest.

His watchmen are all blind, they are all ignorant: dumb dogs not able to bark, seeing vain things, sleeping and loving dreams.

And meet impudent dogs, they never had enough: the shepherds themselves knew no understanding: all have turned aside into their own way, every one after his own gain, from the first even to the last.”

That’s right, Tim. You keep mocking and ridiculing, fella…

“I also will laugh in your destruction, and will mock when that shall come to you which you feared.”


Tim - September 1, 2017

Has this happened to you, RbM?:

Camper - September 1, 2017

I’m referring to RbM, not Tim.

rescuedbymary - September 1, 2017

Islam concurred Rome at Fartima… This what you need to understand, friend.

You’ve never heard anything like what I’ve said here because of the gross darkness that has come over the land, and grosser darkness the people.

There is a famine in the land. A famine for the hearing of the Word of God.

I with the help of God have shined the light of truth of the fallacy of Fatima. You would do well to hearken…


Tim - September 1, 2017

“I with the help of God have shined the light of truth….”

Thanks for the offer, but I’ll stick with the Solemn Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

RbM - September 1, 2017

You have turned your back on the Solemn Magisterium, Tim. Along with the entire vatican 2ew church…

Rome is reprobate. Fartima was the false miracle that served to solidify this spirit into the mystical body of the antichrist and positioned the enemies of Mother Church for their hostile takeover of the Vatican.

You yourself have made reference to the council in your considerations of true and false Mary. Think again…

Fatima is NOT Mary, Bro. It’s not…


Tim - September 1, 2017

Thanks for your support, Camper!

RbM - September 1, 2017

You haven’t gotten any support from anyone on this thread, Tim… Maybe you haven’t noticed… You’re on your own with all this silly mocking and ridiculing that you do. This, the True Mary would not do, sir.


Tim - September 1, 2017

No, I’m just done being frustrated with your nonsense, so I turn to humor instead of anger.

You are the one mocking God and His Holy Church and His Blessed Mother.

Please get help.

God bless you.

7. RbM - September 1, 2017

Yea well, your humor is not funny to Our Lady… It’s a spirit of ridicule and probably comes from Fartima, considering the way that Lucy mocked and ridiculed her parents in her “memoirs.”

You really have no idea what you are doing, Tim…

Like I said:

I’d rather clean the toilets and keep my heart right with God. Than compromise the truth just so I can stick my tongue out at Him…

Oh, but you’re in communion somewhere, right…??? I’m sure you are.


rescuedbymary - September 1, 2017

More lies and slander from Tim.

I have done nothing against my Heavenly Father here on this thread.

I have defended my God, Jesus Christ, against His critics.

I have stood with Holy Mother Church against Her enemies both without and within.

I stand at the ready to defend my Holy Mother against her detractors that would ruin her reputation, like that horney headed demon with hooves from Fartima…!


Tim - September 2, 2017

I am in communion with the Vicar of Christ and the Holy Roman Catholic Church by the Grace of God.

8. Camper - September 1, 2017

I’m too tired to argue with anybody. Surely you two can argue without insulting each other. Unlike Tantum, I believe in circular firing squads. Just not circular firing squads that are rude to each other.

RbM - September 1, 2017


Once upon a time, there was a man who was lost at sea;
a sea of doctrinal confusion and despair.

He had been tossed to and fro, by wave after wave for many days, until finally, he had reached his demise, he would drown.

Suddenly, he spots something on the horizon! His hope is renewed. And then, as suddenly as it appeared, a huge wooden ship pulls up alongside him with Eternal Father written across the bow.

He looks up and sees the Captain of his Salvation in the wheel house, with the Holy Ghost as Her main Sail.

But wait, there more. There’s someone running up the Vessel’s starboard side with something in hand. It’s a woman!

She leans back and heaves her buoy with rope attached. It lands besides him. He reaches out and grabs the lifesaver with his last dying breath before he goes under for good. Without strength and exhausted, he can do little more.

She begins to haul him in, hand over hand; he’s amazed by her strength and unflinching determination. Finally, as she reaches out to grab him by the hand, he looks up to notice her sleeves are rolled up, revealing her powerful forearms and weather beaten hands.

He realizes whoever this woman is she’s been doing this for a long time. And as she clasps him tightly, he looks up and realizes –
It’s Mary!!

She pulls him safely on board, as she turns and looks up towards her Soverign. They briefly meet eye to eye, as He turns His mighty wheel, and sails away.


Tim - September 1, 2017

Please point out where I was rude.
Thank you,

Camper - September 2, 2017

Hey Tim. Sorry to cop out, but maybe you weren’t rude at all. I don’t have the time, unfortunately, to go through everything you and your interlocutor(s) have written, so I will only concede that you may not have been rude at all. If so, please excuse me. It looks like your interlocutor(s), at least rescuedbyMary, however, may well have been rude unnecessarily.

RbM - September 2, 2017

Yea, sure Camper… I’ve been rude. I’ve been rude to that loathsome, detestable, damnable, foul creature from Fartima…! But to my brother, Tim…? No sir.

I forgive Tim for all his ridicule of me personally, Camp..


Tim - September 2, 2017

Thanks Camper, perhaps a couple of snarky comments of mine could be construed as rude, it was not my intent. Our friend refuses to answer the simple question: if Mary is not the Lady of Fatima as the Church says, then who was she?(a name please)!
I asked this and Tantum repeated the question, and instead of a straightforward answer and evidence to support this most extraordinary claim, we get more long-winded, nonsensical diatribes with lots of private interpretation of Scripture and I get called a slanderer and back biter…..whatever….I don’t need a “safe space” as our modern day snowflakes do, but I get frustrated with avoiding giving direct answers to justified questions of a claim that the Solemn Magisterium of The Church obviously “got it wrong” about Fatima and that God sends “delusions”. I have no ill feelings toward RbM, I hope he finds a good priest to discuss his beliefs with. None of us will be able to help him, other than our prayers.

RbM - September 2, 2017

“I am in communion with the Vicar of Christ and the Holy Roman Catholic Church by the Grace of God.” ~ Tim

You’re in communion with the Vicar of Christ…??? And just who is that, Tim…??? Freaky Francis…???

If this is what you are claiming, than you have no right to reference the (V-2) council, as you state, in your discernment on true and false Mary… Why would you say such a thing if you are truly a son of this church of yours.

Are you one of those ridiculous R&R catholics who think they can have private interpretations of a council that has been promulgated by one of your popes…?

Let’s be serious here, the Church didn’t move across town when Lefebvre picked up his fatima statue and ran away from home… No Fartima – No Society. What do you do then, palm your Eucharist and trample the crumbs of Christ under foot at a norvo church…?

It really doesn’t matter. You’re all under the Strong Delusion of the false doctrine of Fatima.

Interesting that this is the question that has gone unanswered here on this thread – Why your reference to the council in your judgement of apparitions…? I’ve made it clear what the lady of fartima is. Perhaps you’ve overlooked it…

Here is your precious approval of Fartima that you are hanging your eternal salvation on:

October 1930 – Announcement of Dom Jose Alves Correia da Silva, Bishop of the Diocese of Leiria- Fatima on the Results of the Investigative Commission.

In virtue of considerations made known, and others which for reason of brevity we omit; humbly invoking the Divine Spirit and placing ourselves under the protection of the most Holy Virgin, and after hearing the opinions of our Rev. Advisers in this diocese, we hereby;

Declare worthy of belief, the visions of the shepard children in the Cova da Iria, parish of Fatima, in this diocese, from the 13th May to 13th October, 1017.

Permit officially the cult of Our Lady of Fatima.

This is NOT part of the Solemn Magisterium of the Catholic Church, Tim…!

If you’re gunna woof down this camel, than you gotta cram down the entire heretical, apostate V 2ew council as well…

Every pope of yours since this thing made its debut, has bowed down to it; and promulgated its false gospel of ‘sacrificing yourself for sinners’… It’s an abominable lie, and God hates it.

Tim, if you don’t listen to me, I can’t help you. God gave you a mind and He expects you to use it. Try the spirits to see if they are of God… Your telling me that you accept everything this thing has said and what Lucy has written, just because the bishop over there said so…??? Really…??? Wake up, Bro…

The Lady of Fatima is NOT Mary…!


Tim - September 2, 2017

Just curious RbM, who are you associated with? Novus Ordo, SSPX, FSSP, ICK, Sedevacantist, Pius V?

9. rescuedbymary - September 2, 2017

How about you come clean and start giving some answers, Tim…


Tim - September 2, 2017

Answers to what? You are the one making the claim that the Church approved Fatima is false. The burden is on you to provide answers. Should I have asked do you even assist at Mass?

If you must know I currently go to an SSPX chapel. However, I was FSSP for 13 years until they left town. I do attend ICK on occasion and when traveling I will go to the Byzantine Divine Liturgy if no Traditional Mass is available. So, with that answered, with whom do you associate?

10. RbM - September 2, 2017


Very well then, it’s obvious now why you take such offence at my declaration against Fatima. You’ve been under the influence of Lefebvre’s disciples for some time now… They are steeped in Fartology Tim, as you well know; as well the FSSP, having come out from under Lefebvre when they couldn’t stomach his consecrations…

The Institute for Christ the King also has inordinate attachment to Fatima for whatever reason. The Byzantine Rite in the Eastern Catholic Church is in communion with the Romans and will therefore turn its attention towards Fatima out of necessity, usually when the ecumenical gang tries to fatimize them because of their stupid ideas about the ‘consecration of Russia’ and all that. Otherwise, they really don’t approve of the message at all and kinda side step the issue by classifying them as private revelations etc…

This is all so very interesting to me Tim, your choice of those you associate with, as you put it. I need to tell you that I have the greatest respect for your spirituality as it is exemplified by your commitment to what you perceive as a valid Latin Mass; even going so far as seeking out a valid Mass in another Rite that is traditional in its own liturgical expressions. This is praiseworthy and should be commended.

I do have one concern however with the Traditional Catholic Movement as it has come to be known; and that was their tendency to have put the Mass over the faith, and in so doing they have greatly erred I think, and Fartima is the prime example of this. I do sympathize though, with your dismay at what the vatican 2ew council has done to the Mass of all times, the Latin Mass, I’m just not prepared to enter into communion with a society that in my mind is guilty of just this. I did make reference on this thread to just what I could and would rather do, however… I meant what I said, and do in fact do exactly that… I don’t know if that answers your question, or reveals just how close my “association” is, but I tried.

I can say this, I do assist at Mass. I see it as my moral obligation to do what I can to live out my commitment to Christ and His Church. I’m sure that I have been through similar trials that you have endured over the years. The cross has been heavy at times and I have offered my sufferings as satisfaction towards the debt of my fellow man in Christ. I cannot and will not sacrifice for them however. I’m hope you’ll understand.

The burden that you have placed upon me to prove that Fatima is false is somewhat misplaced I think though, Tim. Given the fact that a private revelation is for that particular person and need not be believed by another as part of their religion, it does not fall on me to prove that it is false before I disbelieve it, but rather to prove it is worthy of belief before I ascent to it.

Perhaps by burden could be better described as an obligation to rescue another from a devotion that I know to be false and harmful to their soul, just as the Cajun Navy has taken it upon themselves to leave the comfort and security of their lives and homes, to go out into uncharted waters and rescued their fellow Houstonians from impending disaster and even death…

And isn’t that just what I have been doing on this thread…? So far at least…? You know when a soul is so wrapped up in a certain devotion, something that is perceived as good but is rather very harmful to them, it can be a very delicate thing to awaken them from it.

But when the entire Church does it…??? Well, you can see my dilemma. Drastic times call for drastic measures. I know that I came across pretty strong with my original shocking statement. But it is what is needed, if what I am saying is the truth – And it is…

I know that you think you are O.k. where you are, keeping an anchor in Rome and not drifting off to far. The Society is about as for as you’d like go, I think… I mean, they still have a picture of what is probably the Pope in the vestibule anyway, right…

I’d like to ask you to prove to yourself that The Lady of Fatima is Mary, Tim. Take the time and research it for yourself. You might be surprised. You’ve taken a guarded stance with the council… You really have no right to do that, and you know it. The society is just flat out wrong about a lot of what they would have you believe.

And as for my obligation towards you, I shall return soon. There is soooo much information out there Tim, at your fingertips. I’ve got a mountain of it, right here. So much evidence against Fatima, and proof enough for me to never place my faith in it. I know it’s a fraud, man. I’ve been Rescued By Mary…


Tim - September 2, 2017

Are you one of the Dimond brothers? Are you Gerry Matatics? Tom Droleski?

rescuedbymary - September 2, 2017

No man, I’m not. I’m not any of these people… Pete Diamond is Fatimite of the worst kind. He’s not about to listen to anything I have to say. As for Tom and Jerry, (I’m sorry) I really have but a cursory exposure to these individuals and their theological meanderings…

My attempts at influencing you and others is genuinely from nothing but a pure motive, Tim. I’m not anything of the sort that would seek to gain your attention for any other reason than to promote true devotion to my Mary.

You really have no idea who I am Tim, because I’m a nobody really. I’m not a theologian of any kind or someone who others would necessarily consider an expert on Mariology.

I’m a cradle Catholic (Baptized, First Communion, Confirmation) who spent 40 years as an obstinate heretic against the Church developing my own systematic theology as a Protestant. I’ve studied the theology of every school of Christianity you could imagine.

In 2007 I had some kind of visitation from Mary that wasn’t anything like what has become so popular in many Catholic circles today. There was no vision, or voices, or apparitions or anything of the sort. But somehow, I knew that I was being influenced by none other than Mother Mary; the one I remembered from my early childhood.

The effects on my emotional capacities was dramatic and long lasting but eventually began to fade as I spent the next several years reading everything I could get my hands on about Mary. I started out at the Barnes and Noble and quickly exhausted their resources and moved on Books a Million. And from there to a local Catholic Book Store that I wouldn’t have been caught dead in. I remember being frightened by the statues, Tim.

First Guadeloupe, I thought it was some kind of exotic South American fruit or something. And then Lourdes, what… something about different Lords, I didn’t know anything. And then Fatima, St. Demonfort, Cure de Ars, Akita, Miraculous Medal, Good Success, Medjugorje, LaSalette. And on and on and on. All of them… Anything and everything Mary.

I finally made my way to another book store and hit the jackpot man…! They had books there about St. John Eudes, and others that just devastated me, Bro.

And here I am today ten years later. Made the rounds theologically speaking in the Catholic arena, just as you have, I know. No stone unturned… Augustine’s City of God, Thomas Aquinas’ Theologica, Encyclicals, Early Church Fathers, and on and on…

I could go on, Tim. But for brevity’s sake, suffice to qualm your suspicions, I’m nobody really, nobody special. I’ve just been Rescued by Mary. RbM

Tim - September 2, 2017

Are you “Pope Michael” in Kansas?

RbM - September 2, 2017

Tim… NO, Tim. I’ve told you who I am, now.


Tim - September 2, 2017

Can you name any priest or bishop that agrees with your take on Fatima?

Are you in the USA?

RbM - September 3, 2017


I’m in the U.S.A. and I can tell you that just in these last couple of days we have been receiving signal graces from Mary that are astounding. I haven’t received them often, but when I do and recognize them, they are a real presence of Mary for us and of the Divine Trinity, and are a confirmation.

You may not be familiar with what a signal grace is, I suggest you research it soon and come to an understanding of what it is. Actually it is the first promise of the Rosary and often overlooked by those who pray it.

Just today, this evening, by an obvious signal grace I have received the direct evidence that I was pondering and seeking to slam the door shut on Fatima for good.

I may even post it on my Blog, which I rarely attend to…

Tim, whenever I’ve approach any ordained clergy with my truth of Fatima, anytime I have even suggested it, the response is swift and immediate and similar to your initial response. If someone doesn’t at least show me a little bit of good will, than they’re going to just be left there, steeped in their ignorance, but is that my fault…???


Tim - September 3, 2017

Tantum and I have both asked you for your proof of your of your claim and you refuse to give us straightforward answers, just endless circular diatribes. How do expect any of us to take you seriously? Spill the beans!, if they even exist. Are you a sed? Please give us the web address for your blog.

11. RbM - September 3, 2017


With all due respect. Are you serious now…??? If ya’ll really aren’t interested on what I have to say, I’ll just be on my way…


Tim - September 3, 2017

You’ve been flushed out, you are a conman and a fraud.

RbM - September 3, 2017

What…??? I just posted my last post before I saw this. I’m so sorry, Tim…


Tim - September 3, 2017

“Your” truth of Fatima…….just let that statement sink in. WOW!

RbM - September 3, 2017

Tim and Tantum,

I am as shocked as you may be to realize that all of this is coming to fruition even as we speak. Much has happened over the last couple of days while I was interacting with you on this thread concerning true and false Mary, which has been the focus of my spiritual life for the last decade…

Please understand that I have not kept a running Blog detailing all my understanding concerning this situation. I really have nowhere to send you to at this point that would be revealing about the falsehood of Fatima directly.

I will do this however. Please allow me a little time to organize my thoughts and get them down on paper, including everything that has happened so very recently here. And I will make a post here first thing sometime tomorrow, even going so far as revealing some of my most innermost thoughts in the relationship that I have had with my Mary concerning true devotion to her immaculate heart…

It will be the first time that I have done so. Like I said, I haven’t been blabbing all over the internet about all this. I thank you for your time and patience in this most important and pressing matter… Again, please give me until tomorrow to formulate an adequate response to your reasonable demands…


Tim - September 3, 2017

Alright, please send it along when complete.

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