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On Those Weirdo Trad Parishes January 17, 2018

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Cliches exist because they often serve as a sort of shorthand for truth, an often glib but also uncannily accurate description of a place, an event, a tendency, etc.  Now, cliches can serve to represent and advance unfair bias, and often do, and they can badly misrepresent and miss vital nuance.  But having said that, the cliche of the mean ‘ol trad Catholic is probably the dominant, knee jerk reaction we trads have to contend with.  And, not entirely unfairly, it must probably be said.

How has this come about?  Likewise, what about the trad cliche of the silly, far from groovy, get over the 60s hippy dippy happy clappy define your own truth Novus Ordo type?  How true are these descriptions, and from where might they stem?

My new sole source for blogging material, Tumblar House, has some answers below, which I found pretty insightful.  In this case, I thought Charles Coulombe’s confrere made perhaps the most insightful contribution – we trads/faithful Catholics are the product of long years of avoiding and overcoming constant deadly threats, both to ourselves and to our children – you think a few years of that might make someone a little reserved in charity and prone to pounce on perceived threats with maybe a bit more relish than absolutely necessary?  And how about the rank failure of the hierarchy to define and defend Truth, so that laity have, by default, often had to step into this role?  Think that might also have had some less than perfect fruit?

This short segment also provides a keen insight into that strange entity, the former devout pre-conciliar Catholic who now so loved the old Mass and all the old devotions, and now, as a septuagenarian or octogenarian finds them repellent.  This person may or may not be a hippy casualty leftist, they may be quite orthodox in their Novus Ordo way, but they just viscerally hate the old Mass.  How could that person, on an objective level, exist, when the TLM is so manifestly superior on practically every level possible?  Well, they went through the incredibly jarring experience of being told by the Church, their Mother, that all they loved and held dear was not just far from ideal, but positively harmful/dangerous, and would be replaced by something “better.”  I can’t imagine how painful that must have been, nor the depth of Faith those folks had, and have, to have seen them through that experience.  That’s not to say their reactions, then or now, were always the right ones or even virtuous (mass contraceptive use, anyone?), but it does help to explain how these people came about.  I think it hard for someone like me, who converted on the cusp of the 21st century, to comprehend just how obedient Catholics were in the 1960s, and the entire expectation of obedience that was woven into the fabric of Catholic lives at that time.  That ethos, once such a cornerstone of the Faith (to an extent that m may have been excessive and even unhealthy, as natural as it was given the external attacks the Church faced from 1789-1958, say) has been one of the biggest casualties of the collapse of hierarchical authority since the “new springtime” of Vatican Il Duce.

Basically the Church is badly broken, probably in worse shape than she’s ever been, and that has left the sheep largely fending for themselves.  We should not be surprised that under such circumstances, the laity would be left confused and even divided into hostile camps.  This will persist, in my surmise, until the revolution that afflicted the Church in the 60s/70s (and today) is definitively rolled back, either by overt act or by slow submersion beneath a renewed authentic Catholicism.


1. Tg - January 17, 2018

Not everyone obeyed. My parents quit going to Mass regularly when the Latin Mass ended. They made us kids go but they wouldn’t go regularly. I know my Dad could not stand the laity giving Communion or on the altar. I can’t say it affected me because I was a kid.

2. Magdalene P - January 17, 2018

Countless faithful stopped going to Mass because they had broken hearts and the ‘rug was pulled out from under them’. New Mass, all things up for question, changes in feast days, ridicule for those adhering to the faith and ‘rigid’ in regards to the changes. Then the truths stopped being taught for the most part and the guitar Masses and pizza parties did not hold the heart and so folks dropped off because all ‘religions’ are the same anyway. On and on.

3. Baseballmom - January 18, 2018

That little video helped me understand a bit better what my parents went through. I was 12 when all the changes arrived, and simply was not all that aware of what was happening. My dad was a man of strong Faith and was going to attend Mass no matter what the situation. I think my mother was much more devastated by all that was happening, in the Church and in the Catholic schools we were attending. It just dawned on me, it was right at that time that she started consuming too many martinis… 🙁

4. The Lord's Blog - January 18, 2018

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5. JohnDan - January 19, 2018

My grandmother, in her 70’s at the time, stopped going. countless others who grew up with a liturgy that is God centered and centuries old. The church never closed Vatican I and for some unknown reason decided that modernism needed to be institutionalized, even though we were warned in the twilight of the 19th centurey, and in to the 20th century. At that point vocations as well a church attendance diminished and continues as we fulfill every worldy whim as in the days of old. Nothing new under the sun and The Son.

6. Dismas - January 19, 2018

Not the first time I have said it. I really enjoy Charles Coulombe. As a good survey of American History from a Catholic perspective, I recommend Puritan’s Empire, authored by Mr. Coulombe.

7. Margaret Costello - January 20, 2018

Yes, the interviewer made some very wise insights. He was spot on when he analogized trads and the concept of the walking dead. We are literally surrounded by spiritually dead people, many of whom want to kill us. I know I am surrounded by them and thus I am constantly having to be vigilant in detachment, not trusting them, protecting myself and identifying/combating the danger. And then there is our own supposed shepherds and leaders who are trying to kill us even more. Very apt analogy. Well done. God bless~

8. Deborah Cole - January 21, 2018

Very cogent analysis. When I converted, I did so in a Latin Mass context and never knew the N.O. personally although I was familiar with the religious wars background. As I became aware of those characteristics that Mr. C. talked about, I used to compare it to the deformations that happened to ghetto Jews — appropriate, since I am a Jewish convert — realizing that ghettoized people develop peculiarities and tics. It is true the stereotype of the trad is often true, but I never put it into a “charity” vs. “truth” paradigm by explicit explanation. Very helpful.

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