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Pelosi – Church wants government to enforce Doctrine on contraception…… February 24, 2012

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……..a Doctrine that it’s leadership in the US has failed itself to enforce.  Well, she does have something of a point, sadly, tragically, incredibly, but she’s still wrong and she’s now grasping at smaller and smaller straws:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the Catholic Church wants the federal government to enforce contraception because the church, by default, has failed to do so.

“Ninety-eight percent of women in childbearing age that are Catholic use contraception,” Pelosi, a Catholic, said in a speech at Texas A&M University in College Station. [That 98% figure has been sufficiently shot down.  98% of Catholic women of child-bearing age do not use contraception.  Far, far too many do, a strong majority, but not anywhere near 98%, or even 90%, or 80.  And………Nancy Pelosi spoke at Texas A&M?  Zuh?]

“So, in practice, the church has not enforced this, and now they want the federal government and private insurance to enforce it. It just isn’t consistent to me,” a CNSNews.com report quotes the California Democrat as saying.  [This is a ridiculous argument, a logical fallacy.  The Catholic Church, or the USCCB, more properly, is not asking the federal government to enforce their Doctrine, they’re asking the federal government not to do something that violates their conscience through the commission of a grave evil (a MORTAL SIN!).  There is a present status quo. In that status quo, at least nominally, the Catholic Church and entities associated with it do not provide contraception coverage.  Thus, they avoid the commission of a grave evil. Obama is demanding that they do.  He is thus trying to force them to commit a grave evil.  He has no power or right to do so, and the bishops have made that plain].

Americans should pray for successful implementation of President Barack Obama’s mandate that insurance companies provide healthcare plans with contraception, including sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs, Pelosi said. [This woman’s morality is so warped and broken it’s tragic.  Virtually everything she believes regarding sexual morality is wrong.  I can’t believe she just asked people to “pray” for the commission of a grave, grave sin.  Actually, I can believe it.  Why is this woman still allowed to call herself “Catholic in good standing,” and, even more, receive the Blessed Sacrament?  Does discipline mean anything anymore, except a convenient club to use against the orthodox?]

“Abortion should be rare and safe,” she said, so contraception offers women a logical choice. [And yet contraception leads to more abortion, because a) contraception has a relatively high failure rate, and b) studies have constantly shown women don’t use it properly, and not for lack of “education,” and c) contraceptive use creates a feedback loop of riskier and riskier sexual behavior, creating more situations for “accidental” conception to occur.  And abortion is murder, Madame Richelieu]

…..The Catholic Church opposes Obama’s mandate, scheduled to go into effect Aug. 1. All 181 Catholic bishops in the United States have denounced the regulation and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have called it “an unprecedented attack on religious freedom.”

Well, if you’re speaking in an American sense, I guess you can term it as that, but I think more accurately it’s an attempt to force Catholics to commit a grave evil and it is an attack on the fundamental rights of the Church and our freedom as creatures of God to live according to our religious convictions.  We have a right and duty to form our consciences and conduct our lives in a manner pleasing to God as He has revealed His Will through His Church.  Obama and Pelosi and the other purveyors of evil in our society are trying to get the Church to “burn a pinch of incense” to the pagan gods, and such we cannot and will not do.

I pray for Pelosi’s conversion alot.  I should remember to do it every day, but I sometimes forget.  I pray she repents of her error and evil and takes up the banner of Christ, instead of the banner of the cult of man masquerading as God she’s been waving these many years.  In charity, however, both to Pelosi and the millions scandalized by her, she should be excommunicated, or at least denied the Blessed Sacrament.   If she does not merit such medicine for her soul, I cannot imagine who does.

She'll wear the hijab, but not a chapel veil


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2. Mary - February 24, 2012

Is she a prophet?? Where is she getting this information?

3. Teresa Rice - February 25, 2012

Pelosi should have been excommunicated years ago. The fact that her bishop has failed to do so has enabled the spread of scandal.

4. Jim - March 1, 2012

For the record, I would have to see what group brought Pelosi in to speak at Texas A&M University. I know it was not the Catholic student center there.

Texas A&M was where I returned to the Catholic church, and my “reversion” was totally unexpected. The authenticity taught there and the students were a major help to me.

tantamergo - March 1, 2012

I’m with you. I’m sure it wasn’t St. Mary’s.

This is how much respect I have for the program there – although my wife and I both went to and graduated from UT, I’d be very very happy to send my kids to A&M due to the program at St. Mary’s.

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