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Catholic Congressman to boycott Pope Francis’ speech before Congress September 18, 2015

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Because…….climate change:


I don’t know what I think about this.  I’d say rebuttal might be better than avoidance, since he’s already blasted Pope Francis’ stand on climate change (so he can’t be excusing himself to prevent being seen in opposition to the Pope).

At any rate, the wheels seem to be coming off.  This is a sort of unprecedented development, is it not?

Well……discuss. I’m well and truly out of time.  Sorry posting was so short today.  Work is getting busy and will be for a while.  Meanwhile, the TFP petition to Pope Francis to PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, WITH SUGAR ON TOP! defend Catholic Doctrine is up to 626,000 signatures.

Post material for next week: at what point should traditional Catholics forgive groups that may have had an awkward or problematic past?  I’ll list a few specific examples in the post, but TFP would be one of them.  Yes, they got a little bit nutty, especially in Brazil, in the 80s/early 90s, but since their founder died seem – seem – to have settled down. Anyway, more on Monday.


1. Kathleen - September 18, 2015

If we were so blessed that this was all we had to worry about with Francis I would be beside myself with joy.

It’s, by far, the least of the problems.

Not that it isn’t a wretched situation but in comparison it’s not even in the same universe, let along league, as:
– the Motu Granting Catholic Divorce
– the Synod of Doom
– the Year of Mercy Without Justice
– the continued betrayal of our brothers and sisters being martyred in horrifying numbers and circumstances in the East and Middle East
– the virtually complete abandonment of the flock as far as the ongoing torture and slaughter of infants in the womb and the growing sodomite persecution of Christians.

Really it’s just more posturing of the wretched occupants of Washington.

2. Mrs. Maureen Avila - September 18, 2015

” TFP petition to Pope Francis to PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, WITH SUGAR ON TOP! defend Catholic Doctrine is up to 626,000 signatures.”
It seems that any pope who needs to get a petition like this needs instead to get another type of petition.

3. tg - September 18, 2015

Can you blame him was my first thought.

4. JenniO - September 18, 2015

This is ridiculous. I thought opposition to climate science was a little funny and transparently selfish. The Vatican, very late to the party on this issue, didn’t issue an encyclical until 2015 (they had some eco-friendly policies earlier.) But I never took climate change denial seriously. Just a bunch of old people who tune into Fox News all day and don’t want to deal with real problems.

But this is getting insane. A US Congressman is boycotting the Pope’s speech over some imaginary construct made for politics? This guy needs to return to reality. There is NO serious argument about whether man-made climate change is real. There can be a debate about whether we should change policies in response as any response is likely to be expensive and maybe not worth it. But there is NO DISPUTE that human activity affects the climate. Denying it is like denying the connection between cigarette smoking and cancer – another thing that has never been proven in a metaphysical sense the way some climate change deniers seem to demand for global warming.

MFG - September 19, 2015

Yes human activity causes climate change as we see in Genesis 6:7. Wicked sin causes God to destabilize and destroy the earth thru natural means. Since we now engage the same wicked sins today the earth and its climate are becoming destabilized again.

The cure for climate change isn’t a hybrid car or recycling – it’s visiting a confessional and repenting of our sins. Hopefully the Pope can address this in his visit.

camper - September 19, 2015

There is a serious argument because climate scientists have been caught fudging the data. There is a serious argument because pack ice in the Arctic is at record levels. There is a serious argument because many of the same scientists were claiming in the 1970s that the Earth faced global cooling. There is a serious argument because it appears to be just another mania coming out of the ignorant and almost totally unprincipled rabble who dominate modern academia. You lose.

5. Guest - September 19, 2015

Space dust affects the earth’s mass and the orbits of the planets, but that’s not really the question. The question is to what degree man’s activities affects the climate and whether restricting human activities is really a rational decision given it’s degree of influence. Citing the popularity of a view among scientists means nothing; what really matters are scientific facts, theories, models and the data. Scientists are as prone to group thinking and politics as any other group of humans.

6. Catholic - September 19, 2015

I am seriously contemplating boycotting the entire papal visit — I mean La Raza Rally.

7. camper - September 19, 2015

Dear Tantum – one of the more interesting articles on Rorate lately: “The Pope is not an absolute monarch whose thoughts and desires are law” -something that Pope Benedict said in 2005; published Sept. 19th.

8. TF - September 20, 2015

I Dispute it, JenniO. So do many millions of persons with common sense. Ergo, there is dispute. Sorry to use logic in this emotionally based dispute.

As for the congressman: he has the right idea, but maybe could execute it better. I will not quibble over that though. We need allies.

Tantumblogo - September 22, 2015

Appeal to authority and appeal to numbers are both logical fallacies. I find fervor for anthropocentric global warming generally – generally – varies inversely with practical knowledge of science. I’m an engineer. I had all the credentials for an MSME but I left to take a job before finishing the thesis. IT was a waste of time anyway. I have done computational fluid dynamics – fluid flow and temperature analysis – off and on for most of my career. The models upon which all this hysteria lies are horrifically flawed and cannot even begin to represent a system as complex as the entire earth, over centuries, with all kinds of varying external influences like varying solar output, varying amounts of interstellar dust, etc. The vast majority of models used by climate scientists are closed system models and are horrifically inaccurate due to that. Even the best models – which coincidentally forecast little or no temp increase – have serious limitations.

AGW is a religion. It is the latest manifestation of leftist scientism. It is a shibboleth that is too good not to be true, because the power that would flow from it being true would be endless and would forever tilt the political landscape in the radical left’s favor. Therefore, it just HAS to be true, in spite of the refutations of brilliant and unbiased men like Dr. Jack Schmidt and many others.

If AGW is so irrefutable, why does Dr. Michael Mann, the author of the infamous and discredited “hockey stick” graph, refuse to allow Mark Steyn discovery into his data and methods? Why after filing a lawsuit against Steyn in an attempt to bully him does he now run and hide since Steyn is very comfortable going to court and putting Mann and the AGW industry on trial? Why ClimateGate I and II? Why “hide the decline?” There is so much evidence against AGW it is mind-boggling that people out there accept it lock, stock, and barrel, but that stems from the widespread scientific ignorance of the radical left but their strange fetishization of the same, with the cult of Neal de Grasse Tyson and other major public scienticians. It’s all part of the left’s worship of the superior “other,” in this case, the politicized science cultists of the left.

9. TLM - September 20, 2015

We have Christians being massacred in the Middle East in a complete genocide, we have well over 55 million babies being massacred in the womb and their body parts being sold to the highest bidder, we have the people harvesting the body parts of babies keeping them ‘alive’ to make sure the ‘parts are fresh’, we have Christians being imprisoned for standing up for their faith and the Pope is going to talk about ‘Climate Change??!!’ I PRAY this is wrong or this will be INSANITY at its very finest!!! Oh, and let’s not forget about Obama’s Gay Brigade to welcome him at the White House!

tg - September 21, 2015


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