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Oklahoma does something good for a change! Legislative bill criminalizes abortion May 20, 2016

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I’ve been pretty hard on Oklahoma, and especially Oklahoma City, over the past couple of years because of that city’s manifest failure to oppose, even slightly, the promotion of grave evil in the form of several satanic atrocities.  Contra the City of Dallas in opposing an immoral “sexxxpo” at the city-owned convention center, Oklahoma City has meekly rolled over to satanists in opening up city property to black masses and other despicable acts.  They’ve even provided police protection to satanists desecrating statues of Our Blessed Lady on public streets.  I can’t help but feel at least some of the motivation for this inexplicable cooperation with evil stems from a latent anti-Catholic bias among the overwhelming evangelical majority that exists there.

But, nonetheless, Oklahoma, or its legislature, has done something quite good, even amazing, in the present context: they have passed a bill that criminalizes all abortion except in cases where the life of the mother is ostensibly in jeopardy (which cases are exceedingly rare, constituting less than 1% of abortions performed in the US).  It remains to be seen whether the governor will pass the bill into law or veto, but it seems she’s likely to do the former.  There will of course be instant court challenges, but it’s a hopeful step nonetheless:

The Oklahoma state legislature has passed a bill that would criminalize abortion procedures in the state. According to the language of the bill, anyone who is found to have performed an abortion — except in instances to save the life of the mother — will be found guilty of a felony and can receive up to three years in prison.

The bill now is on its way to Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican, for final approval.

Of course there has been instant hue and cry from the pro-aborts.  Hardly surprising, given what a threat a law like this would represent to their blood for money schemes.  While a quite promising move, without taking action against contraception and the contraceptive mentality, abortion will remain around in substantial numbers.

This does bring up an interesting point, one perhaps inadvertently raised by Donald Trump earlier this year: should the mothers who procure abortion not also face some kind of criminal penalty?  The pro-life industry has always tried to portray mothers who have their children killed as being innocent victims, but anyone who has spent some time outside mills and spent some of the callow, hard-hearted women who are going in for their 5th or 6th abortion knows that is not always the case.

Logically speaking, if I were to hire someone to murder, say, my boss, I would be held just as liable for the crime as if I had done the foul deed myself.  In most states I could face the same first degree murder charge as the hit man.  There is no substantive difference between cases such as that, and women who pay someone to kill their child.

Of course, from a standpoint of political expedience, such measures can certainly be deferred, as it would be almost certain political poison to start advocating for the arrest of mothers who procure abortions.

However, perhaps the pro-life industry should start reconsidering its reflexive habit of giving mothers who procure abortions a near-total moral pass, while often casting aspersions at the fathers involved (even though we tend to know almost nothing of the situations surrounding almost all abortions – there could be many cases where the dad desperately wants the child and the mother just obstinately gets an abortion anyway.  To hear the major pro-life groups tell it, abortion is almost always the man’s fault).

 It is interesting to contemplate just how much of the radical feminist rhetoric even pro-life groups have absorbed in the painting of the dads as reprehensible and the moms as innocent victims.  Why do they do so?  Is it a sort of moral convenience, seeking to befriend women and turn them away from abortion in that manner, and so never (or rarely) emphasizing the evil of the act?

Or is it more a form of moral cowardice and ease, seeking to avoid confrontation, perhaps finding it easier to yield massive ground to feminist presuppostions regarding the supposed motivations for abortion (it were da man what made her did it!) than to give women the “moral agency” feminists supposedly crave and hold them just as accountable for their role in abortion as the man, doctor, or mom and dad, or whomever?

I’m certainly not trying to say abortions are all women’s fault with no culpability for anyone else, I’m just suggesting the pro-life strategy of excusing women’s role in the murder of children may have been a failed one, and helped contribute to the evil pro-lifers are committed to ending.  A few thoughts for consideration, anyway.

I wonder, did the bishops of Oklahoma do much to help this get passed?


1. Chad - May 20, 2016

Holding that mothers never have culpability in abortion is to give them less self determination than a 7 year old or the mentally insane. Of course there should be some consequences around procuring an abortion.

Anyone that argues otherwise is either making an idol of women (that they can do no wrong), or committing a sin through lying. The fact that it is “political suicide” does not excuse sin. Doing so over time, even if practical in their sins, is bound to have consequences, as you yourself note

2. DM - May 20, 2016

This is something the pro life industry really needs to change, even though it will upset feminists even more, as you say. Despite what they like to claim, it is just the woman who makes the decision to kill her child in the vast, vast majority of abortions today. To think that they shouldn’t be punished is purely and simply evil. Yes, the abortionists should be punished as well, but they wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a woman wanting to kill her baby in the first place. The total lack of recognition, and even opposition to this fact by the pro life industry is the reason I’ve never been able to involve myself with them. They completely miss the point in only going after abortionists.

I find it scandalous how lightly the Church, expecially Francis and his ‘Year of Mercy’ treats this awful sin today. One gets the impression it’s fine for a girl to abort, she can just confess it right after and be absolved with no consequences and go on her merry way like nothing happened. The formerly strict ecclesiastical penalties for abortion need to be brought back, if the Church ever wants to be serious about stopping the huge number of Catholics who abort.

Tantumblogo - May 20, 2016

Great comment. I agree. Thanks.

3. Shafterian - May 20, 2016

A plug for Oklahoma. Not to confuse OKC with the OK legislature. No time to recount them all here, but in the past ten years the OK legislature has passed a number of bills that demonstrated gonads on their part, from upholding constitutional rights to announcing that the proposed Trans-Texas Highway would not cross the Red River. The case can be defended that the OK legislature is far more conservative than our own.

Tantumblogo - May 20, 2016

They probably are. Probably the overall population of OK is more conservative than Texas, esp. since they have not received nearly so much Hispanic immigration as we have.

I really have no problem with Oklahoma, save for the City of government. In fact, I wouldn’t mind retiring to southeastern Oklahoma. Very pretty up there, and not many people.

4. Karie Mitchell - May 20, 2016

I think we should start with penalizing abortion doctors. If more women realized how hard it would be to procure one, they might take further steps to stop conception before it starts. And after several years, if women are still trying to abort multiple times, fines or perhaps even sterilization?

Tantumblogo - May 20, 2016

I’m not necessarily for throwing women who abort their kids in prison. At this point, anyway. We’re ten million miles from that. But I do think we should stop giving them a total pass, morally speaking. They are participating in something evil and unnatural. I’m a big supporter of the use of shame as a means of cultural control. That may sound harsh, even terrible, but societies that have developed high senses of morality have almost always relied on some use of shame as a means of control not reliant on the force of law.

That usually becomes a form of self-policing, pretty quickly, so that people modify their behavior to avoid the social ostracism that would come from doing something society finds shameful. At this point, our society has no conception of shame whatsoever, especially regarding sexual matters, so anything goes, with virtually no consequence.

Donald Trump’s personal immorality is a great example of this. 25 years ago, no way he would have even a remote chance of being elected president, now, almost no one cares about his personal immorality.

5. Margaret Costello - May 21, 2016

Murdering your own child should rightly cause someone shame. Women need to receive the same penalties as the abortionists. There would be no abortion at all if the woman didn’t choose it. I am all for throwing a woman in jail for killing her child. We do it for many mothers already, what is the difference whether the child is in the womb or out of it?

God bless~

DM - May 21, 2016

Exactly. Well said.

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