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Stabbed in the back again: House GOPes pass Obama Bathroom Order into Law in Late Night Session May 26, 2016

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This is why Trump exists. This is why he has a shot to be the next president. I am so sick of these liars and knaves.  There aren’t 50 true conservatives on Capitol Hill.  I am just about totally disgusted with the political process in this country.  There is essentially one party, the insider socially progressive party of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite.  The only thing they disagree on are tax breaks for the very rich:

Many are asking what Republicans plan to do to stop Obama’s executive war on culture and religious liberty in pursuit of cultural Marxism.  Now we know that not only will this party do nothing to stop Obama, it will use its control of Congress to codify Obama’s agenda into law.

Late Wednesday night, Republicans allowed a vote on an amendment from Rep. Sean Maloney, D-N.Y., which codified Obama’s executive order 13672 making transgenderism the law of the land.  Obama’s executive order, promulgated in July 2014, instructed bureaucrats to sever contracts with companies that don’t follow the Obama-mandated sexual identity agenda.  This could include companies that don’t allow men into women’s bathrooms in their private corporate offices. The Maloney amendment to the $37.4 billion FY 2017 Energy & Water Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5055) codified that unilateral act into law.

The amendment passed 223-195 with 43 Republicans supporting it. The GOP House just supported arguably the most radical Democrat agenda item in the dead of night……..

………Once the Maloney amendment passed with GOP votes, Republicans proceeded to do what they always do so well.  They offered side-by-side amendments in an attempt to cover up the damage. [So they are not  just radically progressive themselves, they do not fail to vote in the way they were elected to do so by the people they claim to serve (while really serving only themselves), they practice deceit on a grand scale to try to keep the voters fooled] They passed the “Pitts amendment” as a second-degree by voice vote to affirm the constitutional importance of religious liberty.  Then they passed the Byrne Amendments to reaffirm that RFRA is still in place and the government cannot discriminate against religious individuals.  Well, as we all know, the Constitution and RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) have been in place for the entire Obama administration, yet he is still able to get away with religious bigotry edicts by claiming they don’t interfere with religious beliefs. Enshrining Obama’s specific edict into law and then passing vanity language reaffirming the general importance of religious liberty is like doing CPR on a dead body. 

So, in the period 2009-early 2011, we were told Obama’s agenda simply had to pass because the GOP had no majority in the Congress and just couldn’t do anything to stop it.  Give them a majority, they said, and you’d see all kinds of obstruction of Obama’s radicalism and even a rollback of some of his major “victories.”  Here we are, 5 years later, with historic majorities for the GOPE ropers in both Houses, and they are STILL passing Obama’s budget, Obama’s expensive, onerous, and freedom-killing regulations, and his radical cultural marxist agenda.  Democrats with minorities in both houses continue to block any real conservative legislation (with the willing connivance of the GOP leadership, which has kept numerous pro-religious liberty bills, for instance, from coming to a vote).

The GOP no longer serves any purpose, other than arguing for marginally lower tax rates on corporations and a small slice of the population.  They are not for defending out borders.  They are not strong on national defense in any way that makes sense.  They do not oppose the destruction of Western Civilization through cultural marxism.  In fact, the vast majority of GOP pols are fervent acolytes of the religion of sexular paganism.

At this point, I’ve reached the conclusion the GOP needs to die, and something else emerge in its place.  I hate to be so negative, but how many examples of lies, treachery, and deceit do we need before we realize they will never, ever support our agenda, and would rather see the party gone (and themselves defected to the democrat party, where they belong) than do so?



1. Shafterian - May 26, 2016

Seems to me that perhaps a synonymous process is occurring in civil government just as it is in the ecclesiastical arena. Not surprising since both share a common origin.

A spin-off from that is that some folks are realizing that republicrat or demopublican, tweedledee-tweedledum. Two cooperating branches of the ruling elite.

This has its counterpart in the Church where some people (though far too few, in my view) are finally waking up to the charade going on there as well.

Tantumblogo - May 26, 2016

Yes there is a distinct relation. The Church, in practical, day to day terms, has lost that sense of separation from the world of politics and secular influence she maintained to varying degrees for a long time, and is now thoroughly impregnated with the spirit of the world. It makes sense the trends would mirror each other in the two spheres.

They both have the same source, after all.

2. Baseballmom - May 26, 2016

Wow. Yes, this is PRECISELY WHY Trump is the nominee…

3. Jeff C. - May 27, 2016

Here’s another thought I’ve had the last few years. How many Republicans really want to get rid of abortion? Think about it, it’s been used for political gain by both sides for years. The “conservative” Republicans say how much of an atrocity it is, but how many of them really don’t mind always having the issue available to use for gaining votes? Hopefully I’m wrong, but sometimes their actions speak for themselves – as your article shows.

Tantumblogo - May 27, 2016

Great points. I few years a go I wrote a few posts about the institutionalization of the pro-life movement, and you hit on a major factor in that institutionalization – abortion as a political weapon/base motivator/fundraising device. Absolutely many R’s don’t want to lose this very convenient device

skeinster - May 27, 2016

I remember that one. Good point.

Re: the article
the driving force here is $$$- gov’t contracts, fed dollars for school lunch programs, etc. Will the gravy train run over common sense and decency? Probably.

Otoh, withholding money in the private sector seems to be having an effect, at least on Target.

Tantumblogo - May 27, 2016

Yeah boy, has their CEO revealed himself to be an unyielding ideologue who frankly cares little for shareholder value or company performance, so long as he can signal his virtue. I bet he’s gone within a few months.

4. Brian E. Breslin - May 27, 2016

No, Jeff, you are correct. Even every Republican’s hero, Reagan, really did not stretch himself to work to overturn Roe v. Wade. And certainly Elder Bush was no hero in this regard either.

5. Lonnie Adams - May 27, 2016


6. Lindsay Wheeler - May 28, 2016

Integral to republicanism is Virtue. Virtue is not being imbued in anybody today. It starts in childhood. We live in a country without Virtue. St. Peter in one of his letters says “Supplement the Faith with Virtue” but I went thru 12 years of Catholic schooling never hearing the word Virtue. Nor have I heard it preached on! Where today do you hear the word Virtue? Nowhere. One can’t have conservatism without Virtue. So…..unless there is a concerted effort to teach it—you are not going to change a damn thing. And the Church is part of the problem because it can’t do its job of inculcating and teaching Virtue itself where St. Peter, himself, First Bishop, teaches on it! It is all about Virtue. No Virtue—No backbone.

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