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Snapshot of a Church in Deep Crisis July 25, 2016

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The idea that an abortion-supporting, contraception-taking, concubine-living woman could call herself a “practicing Catholic” is about all we need to know regarding the state of the Church today.  And not merely these common sins, but willing to stand as a poster-child for perhaps the most aggressively amoral, anti-Catholic organization in the land, Planned Butcherhood:

Yulinda is a practicing Catholic. She’s also a Planned Parenthood patient and supporter. “We need to be educated about sex so that we don’t end up being parents when we don’t expect to or we’re not ready.” She and her boyfriend came to Planned Parenthood for birth control counseling so that they can prevent pregnancy and practice safe sex. Planned Parenthood is a “safe haven” where Yulinda’s beliefs and health care decisions are respected without judgment. This is her story of care.

“Safe haven” = I’ve deeply absorbed the language and logic of the radical left.  I may murder my baby (even without direct malice aforethought, by using the pill), but don’t  you dare judge me.

As for the crisis, how many sermons do you suppose this woman has heard on the evils of contraception and fornication?  She seems completely unaware, or at least uncaring, regarding the truth of the evil of contraceptive use.  Very likely, if she really is “practicing,” she has even been counseled by unworthy priests that contraception – even up to and including abortifacient methods – is perfectly fine. Her upset at being approached by someone who tried to advise her as to these evils is a sign of a very badly formed conscience.  But that formation was probably less her own fault than those who have had the grave responsibility to rightly form her in the Faith.

That’s not to say our princess here is not without moral culpability.  I think I was aware of the Church’s rejection of contraception as an 11 or 12 year old non-Catholic.  It is almost impossible to conclude this woman is innocent of that very widely known Doctrine, she has simply rejected, while attempting to wrap herself with (an unearned) mantle of faith.

I was sent this by the operator of SensusFidelium on Youtube, who does so much good work.  SensusFidelium is funded entirely by the man who runs it and the occasional donations he receives.  You can help support this very helpful apostolate here or by making a donation to  scunninghamjr@hotmail.com.

Another way to support Steve keep the videos coming is by purchasing these attractive, Catholic bumper stickers from E-bay here.  Sometimes it’s nice to receive a little something for your donation, and this helps not only give witnessto our Faith but also advertise a site that’s done a lot of good for a lot of folks.


I don’t see any details about a price break for volume purchases but perhaps something could be worked out.  SensusFidelium is a balm, a corrective, to the kinds of self-serving immoral propaganda put out by self-anointed Catholics every day.


1. Brian Springer - July 25, 2016

Yeah, a lot of the lingo on the left is pretty cheesy. Though it does show, as you have noted, the almost pathological need not to feel shame in any way what so ever. Everything that gets that conscience going is regarded as an act of aggression.

2. Dismas - July 25, 2016


3. Gary - July 26, 2016

Anti God, anti life; its all the same.

4. Tim - July 27, 2016

She’s as Catholic as Hillary.

Tantumblogo - July 27, 2016

High five.

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