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Bishop Farrell’s Doctrine Evolution in a Nutshell October 11, 2016

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I’m about to be stuck in the lab for the rest of the day, so enjoy this brief synopsis of Kevin  J. Farrell’s “evolution” in thinking over the course of his 8 1/2  years in Dallas.

First, that pretty fair voting guide he and Bishop Kevin Vann produced prior to the 2008 election, shredding the “seamless garment” and providing pretty clear guidance to Catholic voters (noting, however, even this could/should have been vastly better).

Next, a tweet from two months ago:


That’s courtesy Rorate.  No wonder I hate Twitter with such a passion.

Dang.  I’ve read all the Gospels like 7 or 8 times cover to cover.  I must really suck at reading comprehension.

Is that what you call closing the deal for a Secretariat and red hat?

Then of course there was the parish gun ban debacle, which, thank God, didn’t go as he expected (at all), then the 180 on immigration, then permitting Biden to receive Communion in the Diocese, then the liberalization of the ministry conference, then further mucking around with UD, then……

We all wondered, back in the day, who really was the impetus behind that voting guide, Farrell, or Vann?  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.



1. Peter - October 11, 2016

His tweet is shockingly mean-spirited. He would never speak that way to a nonbeliever. Why be so arrogantly dismissive of believers?

JorgeThe Jorrid - October 12, 2016

Because they are funeral faced sourpusses! Like luscious cakes, sweet dainties….delectable but not real. Do you understand the annihilation of the soul? Forward!!

2. Mrs. Maureen Avila - October 11, 2016

Which side of Francis’ mouth is Cardinal elect Farrell referring to..can each side be understood independently of the other? If you keep them separate and do not ‘confuse’ them then everyone gets what he wants and that’s ‘unity’ isn’t it? As long as we are tolerant of heterodoxy, no one need be’ confused’.

JorgeThe Jorrid - October 12, 2016

Yes, Mrs. Avila. You are now understanding my Francis fog!!

3. Woody - October 11, 2016

You need to look at Farrell’s Commentary on the New Testament. It might be hard to find as the last time I checked there was only one copy made. It is now located in Rome, Italy.

4. docmx001 - October 11, 2016

Here is the funny thing. Look at the tweet…put those same words into my lips, and the meaning is completely the opposite! Because if you HAVE read the Gospels, you know there is nothing CONFUSING about Francis at all. Rather, it is crystal clear he is a flaming heretic!

c matt - October 12, 2016

I agree with you and Bp. Farrell – it is not confusing at all. Francis is a flaming heretic.

JorgeThe Jorrid - October 12, 2016

Where is your FrancisMercy??

5. Daze Inde - October 11, 2016

Well, that Liberation Theology “gospel” is confusing, because it is not THE Gospel; it is in fact NO Gospel. Were we not told by Our Lord, “if anyone preach to you a Gospel, other than the one I have given you, let him be anathema.

6. dfw - October 12, 2016

I’ve never been clear on whether Farrell ever became a U.S. citizen — he was born in Ireland.

Camper - October 12, 2016

He’s probably a permanent resident at least. I think it takes ten years of continuous residence in the US to gain citizenship.

James G - October 12, 2016

It’s actually five years (I’m an immigrant myself) of permanent residency (That’s when you receive it, not when you touch land). However, I know a lot of foreign clergy also come over on the SD-1 visa. Once that’s converted, however, to a PR I believe they can apply for citizenship after the five year wait. (The only instances, I’ve seen this not take place is with missionaries and they often apply for the R visa with a three year limit I believe). So, I’d imagine that he became an American citizen as well.

David - October 12, 2016

For what it’s worth, I would say Bishop Farrell is a U.S. Citizen. In 1984, he was incardinated into the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. Prior to that, he was part of the Legionaires of Christ, and at least 161 priests have departed the Legionaires and have been incardinated into a diocese (Sidebar – if you are in Corpus Christi, find Fr. James Farfaglia’s parish, he is a former Legionaires who was incardinated there).

By the way, several dioceses that I know of require the pastor to be a United States citizen. The Air Force and Navy also require this for their priests.

dfw - October 13, 2016

Thank you all for your responses.

re: David’s comment about the military chaplains. Have I heard correctly that the military (some or all branches ?) will enlist non-citizens, and such military service assists (expedites) those enlistees to gain citizenship ? So the Church is less “charitable” in not allowing citizens to serve them in the military ? Shouldn’t they, by their own “migration” standards, be willing to help immigrant clergy by allowing them in the military and expediting their citizenship? Of course not, I’m being sarcastic. Just as I assume there aren’t any illegal alien priests. Do I have to ask why not ?

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