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FBI Reopens Investigation of Hillary October 28, 2016

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It’s apparently true. Whether it turns into a week-long fiasco cum whitewash, time will tell, though I’m not overly optimistic FBI Director Comey will have the wherewithal to withstand the enormous pressure he will be put under to end this investigation immediately.

Otherwise, we may likely get to enjoy the spectacle of seeing a major party presidential candidate win an election while under active FBI investigation.  I’m quite certain that will be a unique event in the history of these United States:

In a stunning development moments ago Jason Chaffetz tweeted that the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton emails has been reopened: saying that “The FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.”

According to additional reports, the FBI is said to have learned of the existence of additional material, although FBI Direct Comey adds that it is unclear if the material is significant.

Moments later, NBC News reported that the agency was reopening the investigation and shared a letter from FBI director James Comey informing key lawmakers of the investigation.. .

“In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation,” Comey wrote.

“I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information,” Comey wrote

Just to get a feel for how the elites are reacting to this development, look what happened to the Mexican Peso on news of the reopening of the investigation:


That vertical line on the right is the ratio of the pesos to US dollars.  You can see that such an increase is not exactly typical.

You can also see how much they fear trade with Mexico, which has involved the hemorrhaging of US jobs and money overseas as part of our massive, multi-hundred billion dollar annual trade deficit, will plummet if dear leader Hillary is not elected.  This reaction tells us a very great deal more than they probably intended.

Well. This election may not be settled just yet.  I would caution, however, that for Trump to win, he needs to not just beat Hillary by one vote in key states, but by hundreds of thousands, due to the almost certain voter fraud that is occurring and will continue to do so until November 8.  Lord knows how many dead people have already cast their ballots for Hillary, or how  much manipulation of online voting machines is occurring.

We’ve got a long way to go.



1. TF - October 28, 2016

There is a huge battle behind the scenes at the FBI. This may be timed to do the maximum damage to the Clinton campaign.

Baseballmom - October 29, 2016

That seems to be the only explanation.

2. deaconmike51907 - October 30, 2016

Reblogged this on News With a Catholic View.

3. MFG - October 31, 2016

Conspiracy theory for the day: Obama never liked Clinton and always wanted a trusted successor. Could this be deliberate to replace Hillary with Biden?

It’s called the Toricelli option:


Tantumblogo - November 1, 2016

Ummm. Never going to happen. Not at the presidential level, not this late. Whatever Obama thinks of Hillary, and she may have just bought his support by saying she plans to include Michelle in her cabinet, there will be no changes at this point, nor after the conventions, which are little more than coronations any more.

By the way, the “investigation” is being handled by an old friend of Podesta’s in the DoJ. Sooo……the fix is almost certainly in.

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