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The Moral Collapse of the Boy Scouts Appears Complete January 31, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Basics, cultural marxism, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, persecution, rank stupidity, Revolution, scandals, secularism, sexual depravity, sickness, unadulterated evil.

Well, that didn’t take long…….2 1/2 years from accepting self-described homosexual youth members, then accepting scoutmasters and other leaders who openly practice sodomy, to now, accepting girls pretending to be boys.  The test case involves an EIGHT year old.  The parents that are allowing children to become so warped and then encourage their self-hatred and self-abuse would ideally be prime candidates for repeated visits from CPS, but in this crazy mixed up world of ours, that’s not likely to happen. Quite the contrary, the parent (only one is mentioned) involved will be praised to the skies for helping gift their child with a lifetime of loneliness, confusion, self-loathing, and exceedingly high rates of drug dependence, violence, and suicide.

Once again, an “advance” much ballyhooed and cherished by leftists has children as its principle victims (my emphasis and comments):

A New Jersey woman whose son [A lie becomes the truth……..Orwellian.  It’s not her son, it’s her daughter, and far too young to even the remotely comprehend the implications of this “gender dysphoria” the poor confused soul has been sucked into through whatever means] was asked to leave his Boy Scouts troop after leaders found out he is transgender said she has mixed emotions about the organization’s decision to allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys-only programs.

The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that enrollment in its boys-only programs will now be based on the gender a child or parent lists on his application to become a scout, rather than the gender listed on the child’s birth certificate. [Once you start to yield to the sexular pagan agenda, there is no limit to the demands they will make upon you, and each surrender makes the next both easier and more likely.  The Boy Scouts, as I predicted when they first collapsed, are finished.]

Eight-year-old Joe Maldonado was asked to leave his scout troop in Secaucus, New Jersey, last fall after parents and leaders found out he is transgender. The organization’s statement did not specifically mention Joe’s case, but said it changed the policy because of the larger conversation about gender identity taking place around the country.

Kristie Maldonado, Joe’s mother, said she had mixed emotions Monday night when a Boy Scouts representative called to tell her the organization would allow her son to re-enroll in his troop. Maldonado said she would like her son to rejoin the Secaucus troop, but only if the scout leader who threw him out of the troop leaves. [As I said, the demands never stop.  They will dictate every tiny detail of policy to you, until your organization is nothing but another leftist agitation group.]

She said Joe, who will turn 9 on Wednesday, has spoken publicly about the incident. She called him a “ham” and noted he had a big birthday party on Saturday with the mayor of Secaucus in attendance.  [Please never tell me there are not powerful inducements for confused  young people to get sucked into this nightmarish lifestyle.  The mayor attended her birthday party! Even though she’s so young she can have no comprehension of the consequences of her actions. Is her young body already being flooded with carcinogenic hormones to help insure she doesn’t have second thoughts?]

Speaking of powerful inducements, how many parents, possibly of a social justice warrior inclination, might be encouraging – consciously or unconsciously – their children to loathe their true nature and desire to be the sainted “other?”  There are incredibly powerful inducements at play – cultural approbation, a very high station in the pyramid of victimhood, political blandishments, the adoration of the leftist media, power to force people to take actions you desire, and a virtual “get out of jail free” card that excuses any current or future misdeeds to ethereal “bias.”  For a growing number of people, these enticements are too sweet to resist.

Will parents start abandoning the Boy Scouts en masse?  Participation has been declining for a long time, and its accelerated of late.  But given how fast the Boy Scouts – long a stalwart defender of traditional morality and beliefs – are collapsing, I’m surprised more people haven’t abandoned it  yet.  I know there are families with long associations with the Boy Scouts, who loathe to accept the rapidly changing reality and comprehend the insidious, destructive  moral collapse at work in the organization.  I’m sure they are convinced that their troop is “one of the good ones,” with no open individuals given over to these various disordered (if not actively sinful) inclinations.

But for how long? If they won’t abandon the Scouts over this, what, if anything, could possibly induce them to do so?

The organization, much like the Church, is being hollowed out from within.  We see in this a clear warning of what will happen to any organization that surrenders to the Leftist cultural zeitgeist – at least in its human element.

It leaves nothing but destruction and gravely wounded souls in its wake.

PS -All the comments directed at families above can be equally, if not more forcefully, directed at the Church in the US, which has had a long association with the Boy Scouts.  Is there any moral collapse that will induce pastors, bishops, and/or the USCCB, to finally and unequivocally cut ties?

Yes, I won’t hold my breath.


1. Richard Malcolm - February 1, 2017

“Is there any moral collapse that will induce pastors, bishops, and/or the USCCB, to finally and unequivocally cut ties?”

Well, there is at least one such bishop in North Dakota:


I’ve heard Lincoln was hovering on the brink. I guess we’ll see what happens now.

Tantumblogo - February 1, 2017

I was speaking broadly. There are a handful of exceptions. Just as there are families that have departed the BSA for Troops of St. George, North American Explorers, or what have you.

2. Amillennial - February 1, 2017

As a father of a young girl turning eight this coming April, I am having a difficult time understanding how anyone can characterize what these parents are doing as anything other than child abuse. Lord, have mercy.

3. c matt - February 1, 2017

I am sure when the Kinks wrote “Lola” they never expected it to become an accepted norm.

4. c matt - February 1, 2017

It is also done parish by parish – some cutting ties, some not. But since many still do girl scouts, why would anyone be surprised they do boy scouts.

5. Judy - February 1, 2017

We got out when they started accepting openly homosexual boys. We lost friends, including Catholics, over our decision. At the time, many of them said that openly homosexual leaders would be a bridge too far. But they stayed in even after that decision. (Of course the little hidden secret within BSA is that older boy on younger boy incidents were a greater problem than leader on boy. A leader couldn’t share a tent with a 13 year old, but a 17 year old could.) I honestly don’t think this will change the minds of any of them. For some people BSA becomes a religion, and it usually takes up a lot more of their lives than Church attendance. There are an awful lot of parents out there who just can’t accept that that coveted Eagle is going to mean nothing in the future. You are right about them claiming that their troop doesn’t have to deal with those issues. And when you ask them about what they plan to do about all of the activities that occur outside of the troop level, they don’t have much to say. Apparently, whatever camp, regional event, or Jamboree their child attends is going to be magically preserved.

6. Richard Malcolm - February 1, 2017

Fortunately there are a number of solid Catholic scouting alternatives. The problem is that they aren’t available everywhere yet.

I hear good things about the Federation of North American Explorers (FNE). Curious to hear what people think about the other Catholic scouting options. Because I think they’re all going to get a lot more popular now.

7. Jason Liuzza - February 1, 2017

A few final tweaks and the destruction and corruption is complete. The Scout Oath: “On my honor, I will do my best. To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

Have to get God out of there as it’s incompatible with thinking sodomy and the child abuse of “transgenderism” is fine and dandy. God loses in that stand off. Duty to country has to go as well. Too nationalistic. Too xenophobic, even racist. Of course “morally straight” has been eliminated already. Why is it in the oath?

How about: “On my honor, such as it is, I will do my best to do my duty to the state, and my fellow citizens strictly as prescribed by the Scout Law. To keep myself physically strong, mentally uncorrupted by unapproved doctrines, and politically correct.”

8. Canon212 Update: Tell Mark Shea that Francis Said We’re All Going to Heaven! – The Stumbling Block - February 1, 2017


9. Ernst Schreiber - February 2, 2017

If there was a father in the picture, maybe this poor girl wouldn’t need to be her own “male” role model.

Another option worth exploring, for those of you looking for an alternative to the BSA is Trail Life USA.

10. Amillennial - February 2, 2017

Folks do realize that the content of the Rocky Horror Picture Show was meant as a joke, right? A twisted joke for certain, but a joke nonetheless.

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