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The Destructiveness of Female Promiscuity – The Message is Finally Getting Out May 15, 2017

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Great to see from a secular source, Lauren Southern’s video below strongly endorses what I have argued numerous times on this blog: that women, by their God-given nature, are uniquely (and deleteriously) affected by sexual promiscuity, and the wounds so received by this behavior are so severe as to render them virtually unsuitable for stable marriage.  There is extensive scientific data to support this claim, though it never breaks through to the mainstream propaganda press.  The video is very worth a watch, though, by its nature, it is not at all suitable for children or those with sensitive consciences/strong temptations against purity:

I really like how Southern notes the major impetus behind all this “tolerance” and virtue signalling – good feelings on the part of those involved.  It feels better to tell people pretty lies than to tell them the painful truth, no matter how destructive those lies may be (and in this case, they seem, collectively, to be poised to destroy the greatest civilization to ever grace the Earth).

On a deep psychological level, sexual intimacy affects women in ways far different from men.  The divorce rate for women with 3 lifetime sexual partners is about 30 times that of women with only one.

Women with ten or more lifetime sexual partners are, statistically speaking, practically certain to get divorced.  They have become unsuitable for marriage, absent a miracle of grace.

Women with numerous partners are far more prone to severe psychological problems and highly negative life outcomes like addiction, self-injury, serious mental problems, and even suicide.  This has naught to do with any “learned social roles” or some kind of hidden bias – it appears to be related to core elements of female personae and constant across societies.

This is why I’ve said in the past that the modern amoral sexual pagan culture is literally driving women, especially young women leading a tortured existence on the present-day hookup-culture college campus, insane.  The young men are also being driven insane, but in different ways, ways that may or may not be easier to recover from.

At any rate, it is very refreshing to see another young woman acknowledge this fact, and implore others not to fall into the cultural trap of selling their most cherished possession, God’s gift of innocence/purity, at fire sale prices.

Put another way, perhaps all those stringent standards that have existed in so many successful/moral cultures across time and location going back millennia were not accidental, not the result of a cruel patriarchy, but are in fact a manifestation of God’s Law.  In fact there is no perhaps about it, that is exactly the case but we humans love to have to learn things the hardest, most painful way possible.


1. Baseballmomof8 - May 16, 2017

Good video, and I’m reminded why I cover over Cosmo with a Good Housekeeping every chance I get… 😉

2. reader - May 16, 2017

I didn’t watch the video but here’s something about an approved but litttle-known Marian apparition in Laus, France – 1600’s – 1700’s :


“Among the specific assignments our Lady gave to Blessed Benedicta was to admonish the young women in the region to live chastely, and to stop aborting their babies. Blessed Benedicta was also told to admonish the “unjust wealthy” and the “perverse.”

Mrs. Maureen Avila - May 16, 2017

I did watch the video and it may or may not contain accurate statistics about how many pre-marital sexual partners for a woman as opposed to how many for a man , render them incapable of being good marriage partners later.

What I did not like about the video is that it did not focus on chastity as a virtue per se and the state of Sanctifying grace needed not only to enter heaven but to discern God’s will re a choice of vocation to the single or religious life, or choice of a possible marriage partner.

While this video it could be good for some people who are non believers because it gives some practical advice, even some of that is only applicable to certain situations ( not every woman will marry well if she sets 20 as the age limit)… and very strikingly, the video has the “auction block” feel , typical of the approach to marriage that was prevalent before the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. The “auction block ” approach to dating and marriage went something like this: if you are a woman everything else is OK as long as you keep your hymen intact…and guys, well it is OK to go as far as you can with as many as you want but wise up and marry a virgin in the end. …..So, Gals if that did not work, and things somehow went all the way, see a gynecologist who can do a little something down there with a few stitches to make your wedding night more convincing. …And Guys ..do not waste your dating funds on the “cock teasers”.

Gals if you want a career, plan on being single…..but not necessarily chaste. If you want to marry young and be a stay-at-home mom, then marry an older guy with a well-established and lucrative career…by no means expect that he has led a chaste life. A guy who is close to your age will dump you for a young beauty somewhere down the road, and you may have to work to help support the family.
Got that ? ?

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2017

I think the point is being missed, while yes she is far from perfect, she basically laid out the framework that is true in this society: being a whore is ruining your life. That is something young women with zero exposure to Christianity can recognize from the wreckage around them.

There are probably 130 million women in this country who would be left stone cold by a religious lecture and a demand for perfect chastity. It wouldn’t even begin to move them. This exhortation might.

Mrs. Maureen Avila - May 16, 2017

It might be helpful for some women who are more practical in their thinking, but what I think you are missing is that what she is saying is akin to the prevailing ‘wisdom’ immediately preceding the sexual
revolution. It was not grounded in any creed, it was cold and
heartless, and deceitful. I think it actually sparked the total fallout of moral values. It was better than what came after but better mostly for those who really only wanted to be housewives in the first place.
My general impression is that when people lost religious fervor, they discerned poorly, and many sought marriage when they were actually created to be single or religious.
People with large families had the help of single aunts and uncles. There were free Catholic schools with lots of nuns and religious brothers, and more affordable health care in the hospitals with unpaid nuns for nurses.

Judy - May 17, 2017

What is the point of posting an argument grounded in a creed, when you are not trying to appeal to an exclusively Christian audience? I find a great deal of practical wisdom in the videos of Stefan Molyneux on the problems of single motherhood, and he takes an atheistic viewpoint grounded solely in statistics and logic.

Tim - May 19, 2017


Tim - May 20, 2017

My wife is 2 1/2 years older than me and we’ve been married 24 years. I will NEVER dump her for a “younger beauty”.


Maureen Avila - May 20, 2017

My husband hasn’t dumped me yet either. I am 8 years older and we have been married 35 years. When we met he was 27 going on 50 so the age difference seemed OK.

Tim - May 20, 2017

With that being the case, why the sweeping generalizing accusation that men close to your age will eventually dump you? Not all men are like that as not all women are sluts.

Tantumblogo - May 23, 2017

Actually Angie is older than me by a year and a half. Interesting…….

3. Piers F - May 16, 2017

This message needs to go far and wide… Let it also not be forgotten that God came into this world to save sinners, and there is always hope and redemption for those who turn from their sins: “If then any be in Christ a new creature, the old things are passed away, behold all things are made new” (2 Cor. 5:17). In today’s culture, repentant women who have been stung badly by the sexual revolution are sometimes more likely to be among the very few that embrace the Church’s teaching on chastity and motherhood, and become very visible signs of God’s grace in their communities. But the truth needs to be preached for the broken souls who have ears to hear, something at which the Church is failing very badly…

cheeriosinmypocket - May 16, 2017

I totally agree with you! Excellent, excellent message. Those who have been forgiven much, love much (or something to that idea). Encourage repentance for it will make an eternal difference. 🙂

Baseballmomof8 - May 16, 2017

Exactly. Modern day Magdalene’s are powerful witnesses to the Truth. Just as post aborted women who have received God’s forgiveness and His Mercy are the greatest defenders of Life.

4. cheeriosinmypocket - May 16, 2017

Not bad. From a secular point of view, I’d say thumbs up. As Catholics, there is so much more to give our daughters as to the teachings of the Church on our holy calling as women. Our society denies the pure beauty of females, created from the side of man. Unfortunately, the behavior of men declined with the removal of a chaperone. Teach your children the beauty of their sexuality as a gift from God, and teach them to do their best to always have a chaperone present to guard them both from temptation.

Mrs. Maureen Avila - May 16, 2017

I agree with the chaperone idea when possible, but also with the fact that early dating..that is , more than 2 years before one can reasonably expect to marry is not good. Keeping company alone with a member of the opposite sex is very similar to dating. There was an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt, but it breeds in other ways too. St. Alphonsus Liguori wrote at length about this as well as the grave responsibilities of parents to their “adult children”,re keeping them on the right track. “Adult” probably started with a young ‘teen’ in those times but did not end there.

5. Canon212 Update: If Newt Falls Out a Window and Lives, Will Callista Be a FrancisSaint? – The Stumbling Block - May 16, 2017


6. JTLiuzza - May 16, 2017

Men are born ignorant, weak, and destitute? 6:04

I’m sick to death of feminism. Women who are so confused and so perpetually dissatisfied that their only course of action is to berate men. The reasons for her whole whiny lament were CREATED by women. Give everybody a trophy, lie to fat people so you both feel good… all the touchy feely crap which is destructive to ALL is the product of the female mind. It’s the manifestation of a society that has become effeminized as a result of loud mouth women usurping a role for which they WERE NOT CREATED: that of HEADSHIP. And just like the original foul up in the Garden as a result of a loud mouth, dissatisfied Eve, we men just sit by, let it happen, and go along with it, just like Adam did.

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2017

I don’t think it was meant as a criticism. I think it was meant to compare the relative sex appeal of the two sexes as they age. Obviously speaking in the broadest possible terms.

Lauren Southern is pretty far from a feminist. The entire piece was railing against what feminism has wrought.

Tim - May 19, 2017

“Lauren Southern is pretty far from a feminist. The entire piece was railing against what feminism has wrought.”

Not far enough though, she fails to recognize as the foundation of the “slut syndrome” is BIRTH CONTROL….until then she has at least one foot in the enemy camp.

Compared to the nut jobs we see on the internet, she seems to have it together……incrementalism is the the liberals masterstroke.

7. Tim - May 16, 2017

Somewhat positive, but she comes across as favoring contraception, which is the foundation of this entire edifice. Also, she had to get a plug in for “careers”, which is not as bad as contraception and in some cases necessary, but ideally she should promote marriage and motherhood. As far as the men, she seemed to value their earning power over their virtue…..upside down.

8. Tim - May 16, 2017

9. David - May 17, 2017

On Monday, there was an article posted in Yahoo News about Norplant, and why many women are not using it – it’s the side effects (weight gain, occasional bleeding, etc.). There were others that mentioned the side effects of artificial birth control.

I mention this because for 40+ years birth control has been pushed on women, so I was glad to see a mainstream article showing what women do not often hear – and Yahoo News reaches a large audience.

Women are not objects, women don’t need to take a Pill when they are not sick, and fertility is not a disease.

Camper - May 17, 2017

Most people reading Yahoo News about birth control are just going to try to use a different form of birth control. I think there are a lot out there. Sorry to burst your bubble.

10. Mrs. Maureen Avila - May 17, 2017

To Judy,
The statistics now in the USA are that marriages of a couple both in their mid to late 20’s are most likely to succeed, but this may differ in some subcultures. I actually like a mix of both religious and secular information. People who are hurting are often more open to God and a bit of soul searching than one might think.
Most people believe in some form of a supreme being, and are in some way desiring to become the “self” that they were created to be.
Deciding whether a married life is a part of this “becoming” for them
can be discerned before either looking for Mr. Right…. or coming to an understanding that the search is not for them. Scientific data and images can document the wonder and sacredness of procreation.
A mix of good psychological information and practical safeguards can help to foster chastity. Most people will not object to reciting the “Lord’s Prayer” for some help from above…recall that Mrs. Trump was cheered.

11. Camper - May 19, 2017

Hey Tantum, I have a friend who has a question about the statistic about 30 times more likely to divorce. Do you have a source for that? I am trying to convince my friend to become a Catholic and he is listening to a lot of what I am saying. Please help.

12. Mrs. Maureen Avila - May 23, 2017

To Tim.
Tim:”that being the case , why the sweeping accusation that men close to your age will dump you?”
I suppose that comes from the fact that often a man leaves his wife for a younger woman..especially if the wife is past child-bearing age…I have no statistics, but that is a common observation.”

Tim: “Not all men are like that just as not all women are sluts.”
These are two “sweeping generalizations”, or accusations …again no statistics.
I tend to think that most of the sex appeal attributed to older men is in their wallets and the respect they get for having achieved something career-wise. I have seen very few wealthy older men in business magazine articles that could be cast in a movie as a ‘sexy’ older man. I am told there are many old men with beautiful young wives on the California beaches, but reportedly the older men themselves do not look sexy.

Tantumblogo - May 23, 2017

Shoot go out to certain upscale restaurants in Dallas or any of the suburbs and you will see that phenomenon on full display. There is obviously a great deal of painting with a broad brush, and the video was speaking to an obviously unchurched, non-Christian (or non-practicing) milieu, but there is a tendency for women to marry older men and this has been born out in a number of statistics. I think the second trophy wife might be more apocryphal than it is being presented in the video, but in the upper income echelons especially, it is far from uncommon.

Glad this spurred some discussion!

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