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The World is Upside Down: High Priests of Secular Paganism Promise to “Punish the Wicked” October 19, 2017

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Guess who a sodomite activist thinks the wicked are?  You got it:  you and me.

With gay ersatzrimony having the imprimatur of the State, and homosexuality enjoying a positive swing in popular opinion, the only thing standing athwart homosexualism is the Church, which is finding itself increasingly the object of neosexualist agitations.

Two weeks after Obergefell v. Hodges, a liberal firestorm erupted when a Catholic priest in Louisiana withheld communion from Tim Ardillo during his mother’s funeral because of his “marriage” to another man. Apologies (!) from the Diocese of Baton Rouge and Archbishop of New Orleans quickly followed. [So which religion do these bishops truly worship?  Sexular paganism and the world, or Catholicism?]

Channeling Pope Francis, a diocesan spokesman, opined, “We don’t deny people communion… Who are we to judge whether they believe [the church’s teachings on the communion] or not?” (Emphasis added.)

………..What’s more, mea culpas and accommodationist overtones have little purchase in the fever swamps where religious objections are considered bigotry parading in clerical vestments. [Do you think they would say the same about, say, an extreme racist?]

Take Tim Gill a mega-rich LGBT activist who vowed “We’re going to punish the wicked,” which, according to his moral lights is anyone (person, business, or organization) wanting an exemption from participating in same-sex ceremonies. Or Equality Ohio, a LGBT activist group that announced it will go after churches—in particular, Catholic churches—that refuse to make their facilities available for events contrary to their religious beliefs. Or Columbia Law School’s Center for Gender and Sexuality that sponsored a colloquium of experts “to contest and reframe the utilization of religious exemptions to civil rights laws.”

……….The Equality Act, as it’s called, amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by including “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) as protected classes, equivalent to “race.” The proposed legislation includes protections not just for employment, but for housing, public education, credit, jury service, federal funding, and public accommodations. Despite its noble label, The Equality Act is anything but. By giving special protections to concocted classes of individuals, it abrogates the constitutional freedoms of others, creating inequality.

For starters, the bill prohibits appeal to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a basis for discriminating against LGBT folk. So if, for example, you are an employee or owner/manager of a private or public business, your constitutional rights to freedom of conscience, speech, and association take the back seat to someone else’s socially constructed “right” to your acceptance of their sexual expression…..

……Obergefell presaged the day when Caesar, having consecrated gay “marriage” as a civil right, will no more tolerate a church that refuses to marry same-sex couples or allow non-celibate homosexuals as members, communicants, leaders, or staffers than it would for a church that refuses the same for ethnic minorities. [It’s true.  And “Catholic in good standing,” receiving Communion at least annually from the hands of Cardinals, made it all possible. One man, deciding the persecution of churches.  And why not?  His own reasoning in approving pseudo-sodo-marriage declared that the ONLY possible reason to oppose it was blind, unyielding bigotry.  And bigotry, as the Left defines it, must always be stamped out, especially in the churches.]

The introduction of The Equality Act is a signal that that day is coming. How soon, depends on how the Supreme Court decides the religious liberty case before it, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

And when that day comes, churches acquiescing to the neosexualist agenda will be legitimized and officially recognized by the State and allowed to keep their tax exempt status. Churches refusing to comply will lose that exemption, causing many to become financially unsustainable, driving them, the confessing Church, underground.

What the “punished” get and their “punishers” don’t, will be something similar to the early Church despite its outlaw status: explosive growth. [You think so?  Maybe.  Do you think the institutional Church will stand firm in opposition to acceptance of sodomy, or will it cave?  Or hasn’t it caved already?  Perhaps it is time for the human element of the institution founded by Christ to die of its own gluttony-induced atherosclerosis, and the Faith to be born anew from the ground up.  But wither “canonically regular” traditional parishes? ]

I’m reading a book called When the Wicked Seize a City.  It’s about the sodomite political takeover of San Francisco. It was written 25 years ago by an evangelical pastor, one of the few Christians in Sodom by the Bay that actually worked to oppose the sodomite agenda.  All the evils, all the tactics, all the means of imposing their will on the majority, were developed, refined, practiced, and implemented decades ago in San Francisco.  But Christians were not paying attention, or couldn’t be bothered to care.

Too bad. They will make you care.  Whether it’s you, or your son or daughter, they are coming for you.  These are deeply wounded people who have an infinite need for not just acceptance, but unending affirmation, even glorification, and ending in total obeisance.  They will not stop until you are on your knees, practically worshiping them.

But in the book, which side was always kind, patient, prayerful, and giving?  And which side tried several times to murder the evangelical pastor, set fire to his house, attacked his children, constantly vandalized his home and church, and engaged in shout downs and even more physical forms of intimidation on a constant basis?  You got it.  The “good” guys.  Sodomites are one of the extremes of the Left, and the Left has convinced itself that everything it does, no matter how heinous, no matter how evil, is good by definition.

There are no limits to the extremes, to the utter depravity to which people so convinced will sink.  This movement must either be crushed, or they will crush us.

Is it time to split this country up?


1. The Lord's Blog - October 20, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Secular Paganism…………………

2. Faith of Our Fathers - October 20, 2017

The Poofs Whores and Fanny Lickers are having a field day over here in U.K since PREP drug for AIDS which as one Poofter says only costs £ 250,000 per lifetime per Poofter . This on a scheme where they say that it will take 40 years Yes Forty Years to really see if it will bear fruit . Meanwhile every other service in the Country has been cut ,but for The Sexual Deviants money to burn is no Problem.

Camper - October 23, 2017

That sounds awful. Can’t you emigrate?

3. Baseballmom - October 20, 2017

Yes, of course. Evil is good, and good is evil.

4. c matt - October 20, 2017

Or Equality Ohio, a LGBT activist group that announced it will go after churches—in particular, Catholic churches—that refuse to make their facilities available for events contrary to their religious beliefs

One good thing out of this might be that Catholic Churches will revert to holding only Catholic ceremonies/practices. Assuming (I know, big assumption) that a court actually follows the law, a public accommodation has to be that – public. If it is only open to use by members in good standing, it is not public. No more fauxsecrations of faux bishops from faux churches (like happened in Houston when DiNardo allowed the cathedral to be used for Episcopal church female “wishops.”).

I don’t know about explosive growth, but I am pretty certain it will separate the wheat from the chaff.

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6. Tim - October 20, 2017

Ahhhhh, California:

7. Tim - October 20, 2017

I’d like to see one of the “high priest” punks take on this man:

8. NickD - October 20, 2017

To your final question: yes.

Tim - October 20, 2017

To what end?

9. skeinster - October 20, 2017

Look at you, getting a bunch of links from Catholic Drudge.
Good job!

There was a good discussion over at Ace about the National Divorce, pro and con. The consensus was that even if we split up, they still wouldn’t leave us alone, so they must be defeated.

10. Dymphna - October 22, 2017

We can’t split up. California would give themselves to the Chinese and that would lead to war .

c matt - October 23, 2017

Yes, but are the Chinese stupid enough to accept them?

Tim - October 23, 2017

Communists can always use more “useful idiots”.

11. Margaret Costello - October 22, 2017

Wounded people who have devolved into diabolical narcissism. It’s the reason they want people to end up worshiping them and whatever they do. But our wounds don’t give us the right to wound ourselves or others. Wounds don’t justify evil…and sodomites become evil sadly. God bless~

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