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Lenten post – St. Ambrose on prayer February 25, 2010

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I’ve been meaning to post more topics on Lent.  Prayer, penance, anything that has a Lenten aspect to it. 

I came across some prayer advice today from St. Ambrose.  I thought is was very good – it definitely has meaning to me.

If you pray for yourself, you are the only one praying for yourself; and if each one prays only for himself, the grace that he receives will be smaller with respect to that obtained by him who intercedes for others.  Now, as the individual prays for all, it comes about that all pray for the individual.  Therefore, if you pray only for yourself, you will be the only one praying for yourself.  If, on the other hand, you pray for all, all will be praying for you, as you are included in that all.

I think that’s a very nice sentiment.  I have one set of prayers that I do that are oriented towards self in the sense of asking for various graces in order to grow in faith.  Most of our family prayers are directed outwards, but we could always do better.  It is a great grace to pray for others.

Fr. Z on assault on Holy Name Parish in Chicago February 25, 2010

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Fr. Z has a post up about what should have been a nice, renewal of marriage vows event at Holy Name Parish in Chicago, being interrupted and turned into a disaster by protestors attacking Christ for his teaching that active homosexuality is a sin. 

There were many unfortunate aspects to this.  A spittle flecked protestor was screaming at a three year old girl “I hope you grow up gay so your mom will disown you and then you can feel like I do.”  Classy.  Police did not intervene, because they have been bullied by the gay rights thugs, even though Chicago has an ordinance that protests can not take place at a church, synagogue, or mosque during worship services.  And, a representative of the Diocese of Chicago replied in the news story that “it’s the teaching of the Church that marriage is between one man and one woman,” she said. “Those of us in the Church don’t get to choose what the teachings are.””   This is unfortunate, because one could easily infer that the spokeperson agrees with the protestors, but that the old fuddy duddy Church won’t get with the times.

A far better answer would be to state that Christ teaches infallibly through Sacred Scripture that active homosexuality is a grave sin.  Christ is the Word, the Word that existed from before time and that will exist forever, the Word that became flesh.  To assault the infallible Word of Christ in Scripture is to assault Christ. Scripture repeatedly states that it is gravely immoral to engage in homosexual acts.  It does not state that homosexuality itself is sinful, and there have been many homosexual holy people.  Homosexuals do have a special gift from God, if they will see it as such, a gift that calls them to chastity and a turning away from sexual impulse.  In so doing, they can bring great blessings to themselves and to the Church by leading a life of self-denial.  No, it’s not easy, it’s not supposed to be, and I know that runs counter to everything modern culture tells homosexuals to do. 

We’re not talking about one or two isolated bits of Scripture that denounce homosexual acts.  From Genesis (Sodom and Gomorrah) to Leviticus to Romans (1:24-27) to 1st and 2nd Corintians to Colossians to Galations and others.   And, everyone has to deal with this issue of concupiscence.  Yes, someone with homoerotic tendencies has a potentially larger cross to bear, but  it’s no different from heterosexuals called to chastity, and I should point out that all of us deal with sexual temptation and have to learn to corral it.  Probably my greatest temptation is inappropriate lust, and Lord knows there are many temptations out there today. 

As for the behavior of the ‘activists,’ get ready for more of this.  The culture is growing increasingly hostile towards people of faith, particularly those who adhere to a timeless, unchanging faith that won’t accomodate the world.  The Catholic Church is THE beacon of faith, and will attract the most assaults.  And don’t think it’s just some misguided folks, there are elements in play here that go far beyond human capabilities.  So gird yourselves, put on your armor of prayer, and be ready to support and defend the Faith at any time.  We shall all be called to be warriors for Christ at some point.

The collapse of Western Civilization, Vol. 2398787 – Live twittering your abortion February 25, 2010

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I don’t like twitter.  Those little 140 character blurbs are incredibly annoying and just another means to dumb down discourse (I know – my blog contributes to that dumbing down on a daily basis). 

Here’s another reason – live twittering your abortion!  Some woman intends to “demystify” abortion by having one live on twitter.   Yes, I’m sure the stirring up of controversy and the attendant publicity had nothing to do with her decision.  I’m sure no one would so lower themselves just for 15 seconds of fame.  Oh, wait…….American Idol.

I’m not surprised – the pro-aborts have been building to this kind of affirmational, incredibly self-indulgent spectacle for some time.  That it’s a mother with a 4 year old child having this “live” abortion also does not surprise me – some people have an incredibly shallow view of their kids and their relationship with them, and at the same time, some are such dedicated abortion warriors that they simply don’t care – everything is subordinate to a woman’s right to choose.  They sure don’t make the connection that there is no difference between the child they chose not to abort, and the child they are murdering. 

Still, it’s sad, annoying, etc.  I don’t want to pray for this person, but I will.  God’s grace has overcome more deadened souls than this before, but unfortunately there are millions of souls like this around the USA and world today.  We need to pray for a conversion of the culture.  I do, but I’m not sure that conversion is going to happen before some cataclysmic processes that lead to a much, much different world than the one we presently inhabit. 

We need this: