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Enormous charity for man, or cynical attempt to buttress a dying Church? Bishops plan massive amnesty push August 23, 2013

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I’ve said about all I want to in the headline.  I’ll just reveal my own opinion a bit, I think there are powerful incentives for very mixed motives in this particular bit of playing at politics.  I’ll also say, the bishops are once again muddying the waters between what is really Doctrine or Dogma, like the life issues, and what is entirely a prudential decision within the purview of the laity, how best to set immigration policy.  This latest push – which seems at least as strong if not stronger than anything done in opposition to the truly immoral, persecutorial HHS Mandate – will also provide convenient cover to pro-abort Katholyc politicians who can now claim “fealty” to one issue (a prudential one misrepresented as dogmatic), even as they stand as heresiarchs on many others.

Anyways, the USCCB is planning a full court press on Amnesty for federal lawbreakers this Sept. 8 (I add comments):

The Catholic Church has put the word  out to the faithful: Come  September, the papacy [full stop. I don’t believe this is coming from the papacy. This is entirely the doing of the USCCB]  will be pushing for a  widespread and comprehensive  immigration reform package on Capitol Hill that  will open the doors to  citizenship to roughly 11 million illegals.

The church announced the plans  last week. Starting Sept. 8, services  at participating churches around the  nation will include a  pulpit-generated push for amnesty, including a call for  pew members to  get involved, the New York  Timesreported.

“We want to try to pull out all the stops,” Kevin Appleby, the  director of immigration  policy at the United States Conference of  Catholic Bishops, told the Times. “They have to hear the message that we want this done, and if you’re not successful during the summer,  you’re  not going to win by the end of the year….” [Who wants this done? The USCCB?  Under pain of what? Sin?  What defines “success?”  Is this a threat? A stupidly worded request? What is it?]

……At the community level, bishops and priests across the nation are  planning  to coordinate their Sunday services to include immigration  reform throughout  September, the Times reported.

At least a dozen already have agreed to hold special Sunday masses in   September dedicated to pushing immigration reform as  Congress returns to session. [Is Bishop Farrell counted among that dozen?]

But one Catholic said the church  may be wasting its time.

“There are some issues that the church speaks authoritatively on,   such as abortion, in protecting life,” said Rep. Dan Lipinski, Illinois Democrat. “And then there are prudential  judgments that are made, informed  by Catholic theology, but it’s not something  that Catholics are required  to follow.” [It’s sad that a lay person would have to point out to the bishops what constitutes doctrine, what constitutes prudential matters, and what constitutes self-interest.]

—————-End Quote—————–

Lipinski, a pro-life democrat (whatever that means), is exactly right.  There is no question immigration policy falls under the purview of the laity as prudential matters to be decided in accordance with the Moral Doctrine of the Faith – Doctrine which has always held that every state has the right both to protect its borders, and to determine who qualifies for citizenship, and under what circumstances. We’re yet to see what kind of rhetoric will emerge from this push, but if the past is any indicator, there will be strong attempts to conflate the prudential, and the dogmatic.

The ultimate losers in this effort will once again be the bishops and faithful Catholics.  As I said at the top, what these highly politicized forays into prudential matters tend to accomplish is an undermining of the bishop’s authority in truly doctrinal areas.  If you watch the USCCB website, there are calls to action virtually every day on some prudential issue, demanding more federal spending on the farm bill, or opining on copyright law (literally, the USCCB is very interested in copyright law, as its principle source of income is the licensing of publishers to produce vernacular missals/missalettes for all the parishes), defense spending, foreign policy, foreign aid, etc., etc.  The net result of all this is, the USCCB chicken little cries “the sky is falling” so much, no one pays much attention to what they have to say on any matter.  And marginal Catholics get confused as to what really constitutes a matter of faith and morals, and what is simply another politically motivated (and frequently self-serving) foray by the USCCB into prudential matters.

Well, enjoy your lecture on September 8.

I must say……..I sense something in the air. The progressives are feeling their oats. They feel much more confident.  They are much more open and aggressive in their rhetoric.  I don’t think it any question, the progressives feel much more “empowered” with the current Holy Father, than they have felt in 35 years.

We’ll see……..

NM Supreme Court: Christians must accept subjugation to homosexual agenda as “price of citizenship” August 23, 2013

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Rights? Rrriiights? You Christians will be lucky if we let you keep doing your God-bothering Bible humping in your homes and churches.  Welcome to end stage America, where the totalitarianism is open and Christianity is most assuredly not preferred.

On Thursday, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that religious wedding photographers could be forced to photograph same-sex weddings. “When Elane Photography refused to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony, it violated the [New Mexico Human Rights Act, or NMHRA] in the same way as if it had refused to photograph a wedding between people of different races,” the court ruled unanimously…..

….Justice Richard Bosson wrote, in concurrence, that the Huguenins are “compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives.” He concluded, “The Huguenins are free to think, to say, to believe, as they wish; they may pray to the God of their choice and follow those commandments in their personal lives wherever they lead. The Constitution protects the Huguenins in that respect and much more. But there is a price, one that we all have to pay somewhere in our civic life.” That “compromise,” he wrote, “is part of the glue that holds us together as a nation, the tolerance that lubricates the varied moving parts of us as a people. That sense of respect we owe others, whether or not we believe as they do, illuminates this country, setting it apart from the discord that afflicts much of the rest of the world. In short, I would say to the Huguenins, with the utmost respect: it is the price of citizenship.”

Well, thank goodness he says it with the highest respect. I’d hate to see what he does when being disrespectful!

When the government can force citizens to say or do things that are in diametric opposition to their consciences, what else is this nation but a police state?