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Alfie Evans Must Die to Maintain the Fiction of the NHS in Britain April 26, 2018

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The public execution, through denial of medical care, by the government of the United Kingdom of a child who has been offered free medical care, transportation, etc. by a hospital in Italy has received wide coverage.  And rightly so.  This is not the first time we have seen such an atrocity play out in full view of the public. Last year it was Charlie Gard, who was denied “lifesaving treatment that would be given in any US hospital.”  Now it is little Alfie Evans.

The court case is through, the judge (as always seems the case in Britain) sided with the apparatchiks of the state health care rationing scheme, euphemistically called the National Health Service, and the child’s parents are even being barred from assisting the child in breathing or other such minimal provisions.  Little Alfie is to be offered “palliative care” only, which means, he will be kept in a heavily drugged stupor until he dies.

Many pro-life, Catholic, and other conservative sites have offered numerous explanations for why the government and legal system in England seem to find it so easy to kill through neglect children with severe, but quite possibly still treatable, medical problems.  That the vast majority of Britons, and especially their cultural-political elite, are now godless heathens possessed of a reprobate sense is one obvious explanation, as Mundabor notes below (h/t reader TT):

The dramatic events surrounding poor little Alfie Evans give a shocking portrait of what the United Kingdom has become: a Country in which every Christian vestige is rapidly disappearing as a deep vain of Nazism pervades the fabric of its society.

A hospital trying all they can to put an end to the life of a child, and a “justice” system supporting them in their effort: this is XXI Century Britain.

It order for the inhumanity to appear egalitarian, the child is not even allowed to live abroad, where Christian minds would have compassion of his little life. No, little Alfie Evans has to die, to satisfy the Nazi mentality informing our “health” system………

…….This, my dear readers, is a Country allowing himself a big debate and years of controversies about the very occasional, perfectly legal killing of… vermin, but cannot stand the thought of a child whose life they deem unworthy of living (this is a Nazi concept: lebensunwertes Leben, “life unworthy of living”) to be allowed to live.

All this and much other commentary on the deplorable state of morals in Britain today is undoubtedly true.  Not that the US is in any measurable sense superior.

But one point I thought should be made, is that this is also a case of a corrupt, inefficient, wasteful, and ineffective bureaucracy going to any lengths to shield itself from well deserved criticism.  The NHS needs not reform, but abolishing.  Hundreds if not thousands of Britons die every year through sheer neglect, mismanagement, incompetence, and inability to procure necessary care in a system that is hamstrung through its limited taxpayer funding.  Were an Alfie Evans or a Charlie Gard to be treated in another country and make a spectacular recovery, that would be a huge PR hit for the socialist pyramid scheme and greatly undermine public confidence in the state as the primary if not sole means of medical care in a nation.  Even though Britons have been very carefully and deliberately propagandized to believe that no NHS = millions dying in the streets – you know, just like it is in the US, where you can hardly take a step without tripping over all the dead bodies – a few such incidents like that could result in calls for reform, reduced funding, or, the utterly unthinkable to the statists/apparatchiks of the NHS and the politicians dependent upon it for their political support – abolishment.

So, it is much, much easier for all involved – at least in the ruling class – to just allow a little boy to die unnecessarily, rather than deal with the potential fallout from his treatment elsewhere. And this kind of calculus is entirely informed by the godless, neo-pagan secular spirit that pervades the ruling class in Briton and throughout Christendom today, as Mundabor notes above.  In a very real sense, the state, symbolized by the NHS in Britain, has become the replacement god for these poor, lost souls.  And as the next post will show, millions of Americans are undergoing, or have already undergone, a similar transformation into decadent, selfish sexular paganism.

As I said just the other day, the US has been following the same trajectory as the already-post-Christian countries like Canada and the UK, we’ve only been a few decades behind.  Yes there are more traditional Christian elements in this country that are resisting the trend, but they are steadily weakening and losing influence.  I don’t say this to promote dejection, but simply as an accurate assessment of our times.  In spite of the heartening the election of Trump meant to all of us, he hasn’t fundamentally altered the social/cultural trajectory of this country, yet.  We already have millions of our own Alfie Evans, they never even get far enough to be named or be born, but the same underlying solipsistic belief system is at work.


1. glmcreations - April 26, 2018

check out the hints of something else going on – his troubles may have started with a vaccination – and something about a reverse type of 2 year stat of limitations in effect UNLESS he lives past 9 May. This could be bollocks, but since my wife said it, it must be dogma. Guy McClung, Texas TBFC

2. Faith of Our Fathers - April 26, 2018

Sorry my Friend you have a lot wrong in this Article. Yes what is happening to Alfie is Very Wrong. No in your judgement of the NHS . I live in Scotland and of course it is by no means perfect but don’t Judge and Condemn something that YOU have absolutely no experience of . Were you to come to Britain tomorrow and by chance have a holiday accident you would be seen and taken care of by Our NHS which we pay for and You would not be charged a cent . Also no one would be asking you for your Medical insurance. Don’t Judge something you have Absolutely no experience of .

Tim - April 26, 2018

European socialist are ye?
None of our fathers would have any faith in that sir. Socialism is about as unCatholic as it gets. I’ll pay my own bills, thanks. To hell with the murderous NHS!

Faith of Our Fathers - April 27, 2018

Am not sure you understand my man and so called Socialism in the UK is much different from your Brand if you weren’t so Ignorant and read up on some . As an example. Most
U.S. conservatives think Maggie Thatcher was some sort of Wonder Woman she was not . Thatcher done more Damage and Harm both Economically and Socially to Scotland than Hitler . And that’s a fact not just a quote.And as far as the Medical Bills overhere are concerned We Do Pay for Our Own Treatment. It’s just usually Tourists and such that come on Holiday here and use our NHS for free having never ever put into it . You know like some Americans who land here on Holiday and Take ill are treated freely. Also as regards being a Catholic and being a Socialist that my uneducated Theology Friend is not a requirement and your heads ( as in your Faith) is in a very strange place if that’s how you think . Just as a Final note am not on here to Defend The Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn. But am also not on here to see MY OUR Health Service verbally brutalised by People who haven’t a clue about it .

Tim - April 28, 2018

“Socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.”
——–Margaret Thatcher

How can a Catholic defend murder? Remember….you will be judged by Our Lord.

Faith of Our Fathers - April 28, 2018

You my Friend are a Nut Job . At no point on here have I defended Murder . But bring up a Quote from Thatcher who by your very own beliefs is roasting in Hell . She was the one who sank the Belgrano with the Loss of Hundreds of life’s whilst it was still in International Waters
In other words she was a War Criminal and a Murderer.
She has most certainly been judged by Our Lord and by your reckoning that means she’s keeping the Devils Company tonight.

Tim - April 28, 2018

You defend the NHS, which has and is now procuring the murder of innocent children…..death by government panel of “experts”.

Since you seem to have metaphysical certitude about the status of the dead, can you please let us know where each of our deceased relatives is as of today? Your God-like talents are indeed astounding.

Faith of Our Fathers - April 28, 2018

You were the one that Condemned me my friend I just used the reverse Logic back on you . You inferred because I said that there are Lots of Positives in our NHS that I approved of a Child being left to die . Which was not the case . I don’t know if you were ever taught Proverbs ( and am not talking The Bible here ) . Look before you leap certainly springs to my mind when I read your posts .

Tim - April 29, 2018

I condemned no one. I said you would be judged by Our Lord.

I don’t care how much “good” they do….they murder children to satisfy their blood lust for power and their worship of Moloch. When you do that there is no merit for any “good” done.

You’re nothing but a left wing agitator. I pray that you convert to the truth some day.

Camper - April 30, 2018

Margaret Thatcher saved Scotland from permanent ruin. You obviously know zero economics and you deserve a very evil government.
It’s nice that you are on this website, but Tantum once declared the UK a failed state. He was right, and the recent horrendous news out of the UK – the endless coddling of Muslims, the deaths of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, and the general decline in the UK should serve as a wake-up call.

Camper - May 2, 2018

No, he isn’t a nut job! He’s just a patriotic right wing American who knows what justice really is!

Tim - May 2, 2018

Thanks for your kind defense Camper!

Camper - April 27, 2018


A “National Health Service” is despotism. It’s profoundly unfair to the rich, and in the case of Alfie Evans, it has lead to death. Death panels as well as an expensive bureaucracy are always necessary to such a system. Sometimes, experience is irrelevant in the face of sound theory, and sound theory is what is pertinent here. Freedom is good. Despotic “medicine” is not.

Faith of Our Fathers - April 27, 2018

Its not at all unfair to the Rich I pray tell me where you get that view. Also this was about Little Alfie and you say that OUR NHS is unfair to the Rich . No if one is in an Accident and is taken to one of our Hospital Accident and Emergency units their not asked have they any Health Insurance and how much they’ve paid before their Medically Treated .

Camper - May 1, 2018

Again, faith, it is highly abusive to the rich. They pay crazy taxes that poor people don’t pay, and then they get the same level of treatment. In other things, it’s called stealing, but corrupt people just call it government. It’s called stealing because it is stealing. I once had a short discussion about this with a British bishop. You are blind to the UK’s defects.

3. Dismas - April 26, 2018

Yeah, Faith of Our Fathers. Whatever.

This stuff has come to the point where comment is pretty superfluous. Those who cannot read the tea leaves by simple observation may be incapable of grasping what is going on and the rest of the folks, who can see the handwriting on the wall, probably don’t need much instruction.

4. Faith of Our Fathers - April 26, 2018

Am talking of Lots of Experience with Our NHS and it is Our NHS you make a comment that could have come out of the Mouth of Obama himself. Like the writer you haven’t a clue of Our NHS just as I haven’t a clue of the U.S.A. Medical services. Of course av heard some pretty first hand horror stories here of People being involved in accidents that cost whatever Hospital Thousands of Dollars to treat and were not allowed home until said bill was paid . Of course that could be Fake News . But I can assure you Sir that were the same thing to happen to you overhere you would receive free treatment , with Breakfast. Dinner. and Supper included and that’s not a Whatever that’s a Fact.

Tim - April 26, 2018

All modern socialists could use a dose of one of you Scottish forefathers:

Faith of Our Fathers - April 28, 2018

You Surely didn’t believe in all that Mel Gibson Shiiit . Do you Guys not read History.

Tim - April 28, 2018

You defend the NHS, which has and is now procuring the murder of innocent children…..death by government panel of “experts”.

Since you seem to have metaphysical certitude about the status of the dead, can you please let us know where each of our deceased relatives is as of today? Your God-like talents are indeed astounding.

Tim - April 28, 2018

It’s Hollywood, Mr. Know-it-all, of course there is artistic license taken. It is meant to convey something, not be a carbon copy of a particular event in history.

Camper - May 2, 2018

Faith, you are swearing. Do you realize that this hurts your credibility? This is a Catholic site. Swearing is not appropriate.

5. Doc Outa' The Box - April 26, 2018

Wow! Imagine that! Free treatment with three squares to boot!

My dear friend, I am a physician. One thing you learn as a physician is that you do not have to actually suffer the disease to understand it. Were that the case we would need to be turning out a lot more physicians every year. We don’t have to live in Britain or understand NHS in all of its details to recognize the travesty here.

No need to defend the British NHS, any more than I would defend this mess in our own country which is fundamentally the same, though perhaps…perhaps…just a few years behind.

Let’s look beyond our own loyalties to whatever country we were born in and recognize that what is happening here is a disgrace, and that this phenomenon is not peculiar to any one country.

We have uncrowned Him. Now we live with that. But we don’t make excuses for it.

By the way. Congratulations on Brexit. Now make it a reality. And that done, how about independence for Scotland? Subsidiarity, Bubba (as we say in Texas).


Camper - April 27, 2018

Please don’t compare American medicine with British medicine. It is too left wing in America, but it is qualitatively different from that in the UK.

Doc Outa' The Box - April 27, 2018

Of course I will compare medicine in this country to that in Great Britain, just as one might compare any number of things to any other number of things as illustration.

You may believe that medicine in this country is “qualitatively different” from that in the UK. It is unclear what you mean by “qualitatively different”.

“Faith of Our Fathers” is correct in one important way. I have no personal experience of the British healthcare system. I only know what I read and hear from British doctors…and it ain’t good. Alfie Evans is an example.

But I do have about 30 years of experience working in the US healthcare system, and it bears the same resemblance to our system of 1965 as the nervous order service does to the Mass of that same year. This is to say that healthcare is on a trajectory in this country.

I would suggest that there is no” qualitative difference” in the trajectories, or the guiding (non) principles of the systems in these two post-Christian places.

If healthcare looks different in the US of A than it does in Great Britain – and I agree that it does – it is only because we are a bit behind. But we will get there.

Camper - April 27, 2018

I agree we’ll get there, doc. I just think they are substantially different because I don’t believe we have death panels yet. That’s why I was saying they shouldn’t be compared. I believe that most of the breakthroughs in commercialized medical technology in the world come from America because here there is still the profit motive. Long live freedom!

Faith of Our Fathers - April 27, 2018

I admire your Patriotism but man are you Ignorant. You surely must jest at that Comment about the USA being behind most of the Breakthroughs in Medicine Technology. My Man did you learn any History at all at school or was it one of those New Age Teachers who taught you . As for the Death Panels slip of the Finger were I you ad look to your own problems to solve before pointing the Finger at someone else . Am sure I don’t need to tell one as smart as yourself the Finger Pointing Analogy.

Camper - May 1, 2018

Capitalism produces technological breakthroughs in medicine and other things. Communism does not. Sound theory is smart.

Camper - May 2, 2018

Actually, sir or ma’am, I fail to see how the finger pointing analogy works here. I have never approved of anything that lead to a death panel. The same cannot be said for you. Everybody is a sinner, but bad teaching is easier to change than other things.

6. Tim - April 27, 2018
7. Canon212 Update: We Little Alfies Shouldn’t Pretend That Francis’ DeathChurch Loves Us – The Stumbling Block - April 27, 2018


8. Observer - April 28, 2018

Let me as a resident of ‘the benighted isles’ put my 10 cents of experience into the discussion. At the local level the NHS is pretty good. It means being able to see a GP and obtain medicines within a few days, sometimes that day, and without facing a heavy bill. Sure, the system is funded by taxation and more doctrinaire Americans don’t like anything that suggests ‘socialized medicine’.
The British NHS is probably the last run of glue holding together the fractured and fragmented UK. To abolish the NHS would be calamitous for most working people, who would either have to do without medical care or face massive bills.

Tim - April 28, 2018

They sit up on their “royal thrones” and decide who lives and who dies. They are evil. Helping people with the cost of health care is one thing but when run by godless, heathen liberals it becomes state run sanctioned murder, so they can satisfy their lust for power and their delusions of godhood.

The main cause of skyrocketing costs in health care are government involvement and massive, frivolous litigation. Also, the loss of religious vocations. Now caring for the sick is a lucrative “career”, not an act of charity.

Observer - May 1, 2018

Tim, I totally agree with your first paragraph, less so the second.

Tim - May 1, 2018

Fair enough, what do you think on the costs, I’d like to know your perspective on that.

9. Tim - April 29, 2018

It is finished, Alfie is in Heaven, killing the sick, the British way to health care.


The NHS does so much good, don’t they FoOF’s???????? Socialism is EVIL.

10. Doc Outa' The Box - April 29, 2018

It is unfortunate that this discussion became a bit sidetracked by misguided national loyalties on various sides. Whether the USA enjoys a better healthcare system than Great Britain or vice-versa is a complicated topic and much depends on why a person is accessing one or the other of the systems.

What is not open to question is the fact that both of these systems operate fundamentally based upon post-Christian non-principles, i.e. pragmatism. How that pragmatism plays out in one country or another or in one person’s case versus another’s is really beside the point.

I’d not take a whole lot of comfort in the belief that the system in the USA is quantitatively or qualitatively in a whole other league from that of the UK.

No one who participates in these things calls them “death panels”, do they? At least I’ve not heard that from the bureaucrats who staff these things. That is a moniker attached by consumers of the systems, is it not? But smoke and mirrors abound. It seems that the UK is ahead of the USA in this sense, but be very sure that there are powerful forces within both the healthcare community, insurance providers and government cubicle-dwellers that are desirous of catching up.

We should certainly not take a “holier-than-thou” attitude in the USA. Does anyone remember Terry Schiavo? And before someone points out that the cases are different, let me allow that they are. Of course they are. It is rare to find two cases identical in all respects. But each is instructive, and each is undergirded by the same principles of materialistic pragmatism.

Tim - April 30, 2018
11. Tim - April 30, 2018
12. Tim - April 30, 2018
13. Tim - April 30, 2018
14. Tim - May 2, 2018
15. Tim - May 2, 2018
Camper - May 2, 2018

Mundabor and Ann Barnhardt have the best blogs in English of those who are in good standing with Rome. I think Louie Verrechio’s blog is good too, but he asks for donations.

Tim - May 2, 2018

You forgot to mention Tantumblogo!

I don’t have a problem with people asking for donations. This stuff does come with expenditures of money and time.

Ann is great but she needs to get over her adherence to the tired old anti-SSPX stuff. I do have a concern with Mundabor calling the Pope(arguably one of the worst in Church history) “the evil clown”. Despite his failures he is the pope and God gives us the priests we deserve.(I know I’ve done my share to provoke God’s anger upon us all.) Also, it can degrade the stature of the petrine office when read by someone who does not understand Catholic doctrine well.

Tim - May 2, 2018

Also, Ann’s resignationist position has an issue. If true, then one must be willing to become a sedevacantist when Benedict XVI dies. That’s a squirmy can of worms!

Camper - May 4, 2018

Good points.

16. Tim - May 3, 2018

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