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Vatican climate push must of necessity push abortion and other global fertility-lowering efforts May 4, 2015

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Some of the very, very first laws the Bolsheviks put into effect upon taking power in the former Imperial Russia were laws not just allowing, but encouraging divorce, contraception, and abortion.  Why in heavens would that be one of their earliest moves?  What could they possibly have to gain from diabolical efforts?  Control.

The left, most admittedly in its pure and distilled form of communism, but in all its forms, seeks to control people on a level never dreamed of by the most benighted despots of the past.  They seek not just control over  your political activities, or your economic life, or of your social involvements, but all these things plus much more besides.  They seek to control your inner thoughts and your relationship with God.  The left, as I have argued many times in the past, is ultimately at war with the Christian God and has been for hundreds of years.

How is religion most intimately and effectively communicated from one generation to the next?  The family.  How can the left ever pry us stubborn God-botherers away from our magic talks with God unless they destroy the family and stand up the state in its stead?  And how can one destroy the family, anyway?  Well……turning sex into a competitive sport and loosing all the checks and balances God provided on human reproductive behavior was, and remains, a great place to start.  So you legalize divorce, fornication, contraception, and especially baby murder, and go from there.  As we have seen in this country, a few decades of such legalization will lead society to the precipice of self-destruction.  And even after the regime that foisted such evils on the people goes away, the evils remain for decades after.  Witness Russia today, with still one of the world’s highest abortion rates, and general death-wishing nihilism driving incredibly high rates of alcoholism and drug addiction, producing one of the lowest life expectancies for men of any largely developed nation.

Communism is nothing if not relentless.  They tried the direct method of competition with the more capitalist West and failed.  So now they are trying manifold other, less obvious but more insidious methods, like cultural marxism and environmentalism.  But these replacements are no different from their predecessor, and contain all the same assumptions and desires that the old Soviet state did – total control over the lives and thoughts of everyone on earth, the destruction of the family, the “death” of God.  Cultural marxism and environmentalism are of course as tied up in the sexular pagan death cult as the most fire-breathing Bolshevist of Stalin’s days.

Which brings me to the main point – this recent highly publicized and very important “climate conference” or “conference on sustainable development” at the Vatican.  Yes there have been highly unfortunate flirtations with the left wing socialists at the UN and in the environmental movement by the Vatican before, but never with such official approbation, and never with so much influence on official papal documents of doctrinal import. I say influence, because the Vatican itself widely reported that the meeting between Pope Francis and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, as well as the entirely one-sided conferences organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, were oriented towards providing input for the upcoming papal encyclical on “climate change” and sustainable development.  As I noted in the link above, the conferences featured some of the most prominent pro-aborts and population control zealots in the world today.  That pro-abort maximalists like Jeffrey Sachs (abortion on demand at public expense and without apology) were given a platform to speak – even if “only” on a subject intimately related to their population control obsessions, “climate change” and sustainable development – is hugely scandalous in its own rite.  But to openly tie this platform with the upcoming encyclical is completely unprecedented.

Yes, we certainly don’t have the encyclical before us, yet, so some might hold out hope that it won’t venture beyond broad platitudes of previous papal discussion of such topics.  And I pray they are right.  But the way the PR offensive is shaping up, and given Pope Francis’ own comments on the subject and the many hints he has dropped, it looks like this encyclical will be further unprecedented in the degree to which it assigns blame and demands action (change) from certain parties. It also looks to tie climate change/sustainable development to an unprecedented array of moral evils – “respect for…….the poor, the excluded, victims of human trafficking and modern slavery, children and future generations.”  Which last bit is an odd juxtaposition to the inclusion of so many radical pro-abort sexular pagans at the pontifical conferences.  It also seems quite odd to include almost exclusively muslim slavery and the depravity of pedophilia in a mention of matters affiliated with “sustainable development.”  Such inclusion came across to me as egregiously piling on.

I could keep ranting, but I think Michael Matt has summed up the matter better than I can:

The questions Matt asks at the end are certainly trenchant.  Is he right to do so?  Have we come to a point where Catholics must definitively oppose the Pope on this environmental push or even more broadly?  What do you think?

And even if you and I do, will anyone listen?

I know I have a lot of local readers.  Many fellow parishioners have found this blog.  God bless you, thanks.  How about making your voice heard now?  No, no one will see your e-mail or be able to ID you if you don’t want.  Commenting is as anonymous as you want it to be.  I am really, genuinely asking, because I find this current situation massively uncomfortable.  I know some folks who are regular commenters have made up their minds pretty well.  What of the hundreds of you who rarely or never comment?  Will you stand up and be heard?


1. camper - May 4, 2015

Actually, modern marxism is not that different from the system of Sparta, where luxury was banned and money was almost useless.

2. paselma@aol.com - May 5, 2015

This is standard Saul Alinsky stuff. Use a religious group to provide a moral overcoat, and that covers the perversion without removing it.

3. Peter - May 5, 2015

What does church tradition or canon law allow the laity to do when the shepherds are derelict?

Tantumblogo - May 5, 2015

Not much. A close friend and reader of this blog wishes that there would be a mechanism put in place for the faithful to charge a priest or bishop with dereliction of duty in canonical courts, but that’s about as likely to happen as me sprouting wings. Not sure it’s a good idea, either, as the Church is populated with heretics and progressives (but I repeat) who would probably get the good bishops and priests cashiered.

4. Frank - May 5, 2015

I’m ready. What do you suggest we do beyond expressing ourselves here and on other blogs? Emails to EWTN, Catholic Answers, etc? is it worth even trying to communicate with the USCCB? (I doubt it.)

5. frankljs - May 5, 2015

I agree with Matt in that linking climate change with human trafficking and pederasty, seems ludicrous. Sifting through the arguments for or against man-made climate change, seems like a daunting task, and not even worth my time. You see so many leftist elitist types vehemently funding promoting these theories as if they were established facts. Are there any opposing organizations of equal influence out there that can counter this? It would seem no. I can agree that it is everyone’s responsibility to be wise stewards of the environment, But that seems like common sense and not necessarily worthy of encyclical.

6. camper - May 5, 2015

I think really the only solution is a book or article entitled something like “OUR NEFARIOUS BISHOPS” with pictures of Papa, Wuerl, Kaspar, etc. on the front cover. Probably the most famous trad Catholic in the Anglosphere is Tom Woods, who is a classical liberal following the Austrian School. He was a NYT bestseller repeatedly. He has engaged a wide swath of the American right, but never on Catholic grounds. Basically he is always arguing on the ground of natural law, not on Catholic morality. I have mentioned before on this blog that I think Rerum Novarum’s support for the welfare state was a mistake. If that is true, we can include that in the criticism. Unless someone VERY publicly starts calling these leaders the monsters that they are, they will never change. And someone has to challenge the welfare state on Catholic grounds, not just the grounds of the natural law. I think the key is simply the great and increasing weakness of the Church during the past 100 years. We have been persecuted for generations by governments – our schools have been taken from us, and for 80 years in America, the welfare state has plundered and corrupted America. We are ignorant and weak – so ignorant and weak that our leaders are in bed with our oppressors.

It reminds me of Gibbon’s account of the last stage of the decline of the Roman Empire – the Roman birthrate was so low that the Army became increasingly staffed by barbarians, until the de facto reign of Ricimer, a barbarian, the power behind the throne around the 460s. Our leaders are the barbarians – they are not Catholic, and they are so far detached from what holiness actually is that they actively betray us and think that their betrayal is actually wonderful and wise service.

I’ll have to write more tomorrow. Please remember this comment and remind me to write more tomorrow.

7. Claire - May 5, 2015

I’m not sure there is anything we can do to stop the pope’s agenda in the area of the environment or anyplace else, but when the Encyclical on climate change comes out I plan to ignore it. It is embarrassing that such a summit even took place.

And no, I cannot even imagine why any pope should fall for this climate change nonsense, but it is plain that this pope surrounds himself with all kinds of lefty types. (Facts are facts, all day every day.) However, I don’t want to stay angry with Pope Francis or disrespect his office, although this latest climate thing has pushed me further over into feeling I am living in a Catholic Twilight Zone. It just gets worse and worse…

The other day I heard a sermon in which the priest reminded people that we will be judged on our faithfulness to the duties of our state in life. I thought of how much time I’ve wasted trying to figure out the current pope and getting angry at modernists and liberals in the Church. That is time I could have spent on my duties and on other things of eternal value.

You asked, Tantum, for people to speak up. I’m not even from your state but read your blog daily and thank God for it. You are not alone in being “massively uncomfortable”. I have no answers except that maybe the only thing we can really do is try to be saints.

By the way, if anyone knows who the person is who cleans up and uploads the sermons for the Romans Ten Seventeen site, would you please beg him or her to train someone else to do it if s/he is too busy?

8. Distressed in Wisconsin - May 5, 2015

How do we stand up and be heard?

I’m profoundly distressed by the state of the Church. We have a mad man occupying the Chair of St. Peter and yet there are but few who dare to raise their voices in opposition, and, let’s not kid ourselves, no one with influence in the Church. Eliot seems to have got it right. This is how the world ends.

We desperately need a truly Catholic leader: another Athanasius. Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani?

camper - May 5, 2015

I’m not a saint but I think I need to issue a denunciation. Very few are doing it. Maybe I will need some help.

9. Guest - May 5, 2015

No one will hear us or care. Since evil men control entertainment and education either onlookers will go with the ignorant propaganda or ignore us as ignorant fools. Or maybe they will kill us all after labeling us enemies of peace. IMO TPTB are stirring up a religious war too, so that after the war most people will gladly embrace the upcoming world religion;

The truth is a conspiracy theory.

10. Neil Frazier - May 5, 2015

Not being an ultra-montanist, I know that I don’t have to follow the pope as blown by the wind. If the shephard dances with the wolves rather than protecting the sheep, I know that God will provide a way out. Focus on your responsibilities, namely the salvation of your soul. There is enough trouble in that alone to make other troubles fade away.

11. Larry Betson Ocds - May 5, 2015

I am very saddened by this pontificate. With the Holy Father’s charisma, if he would just uphold the truth and defend the faith. Of all things going on in this world, a whole encyclical on the environment seems very humanistic to me and not placing our eyes upwards towards God. Yes, all of us know we are to be good stewards but what about our souls and the souls of others? What about preaching the Gospel to all nations? Has the Church lost it’s mission and is it now being carried away with the tides of pluralism, relativism, and modernism? Dear Lord please raise up Holy Saintly men and women to take the Catholic Church back and please bring the Church to “true” restoration. It seems like almost everyday there is something scandalous coming out of the Vatican, what a travesty. I am not sure what to do. I make voice know and try to speak clearly and with charity to others. I think we can all deepen our prayer life and read what the Church has always taught. I would say in this day more so then ever we need to understand what the Church teaches so that we can defend it, this is our patrimony after all. I want our Catholic Church back, it’s ours. This synod is complete madness. I hope and pray that Pope Francis will just reiterate what everyone already knows about the marriage and the family and solidifies what has always been taught. But you know I have really bad feeling about all of this and my confidence in this pontificate, sad to say, is at an all time low. Which is interesting because some other people I speak with think he is the greatest pope ever. I really do wish Pope Benedict was still in the chair. He wasn’t perfect but at least he spoke clearly. At least his theology was sound. And for the first time in a long time I felt like we are actually on the verge of being Catholic again in our faith and identity. Just so you know, I am from New Jersey and have been an avid reader of your blog for about 2 years now. I love it and it’s good to see that their others out there that have a deep love and concern for the Church. Keep up the good work and stay real close to Jesus and Mary. If I can do anything to help I am here.

Tantumblogo - May 6, 2015

Thank you for your very kind comment! I always appreciate any prayers you could offer in your charity. God bless you! I sadly have to agree with your comment in principle. I don’t know where we’re headed but it doesn’t look good.

12. TG - May 5, 2015

I find this embarassing for Catholics. Christians are getting their heads cut off and the Vatican is worried about climate change. I think if Raymond Arroyo on EWTN is dismayed. He doesn’t come out and say it but I can tell he doesn’t agree with it. The lady speaking about China and the one child policy was trying to be polite but I could tell she doesn’t agree with the pope being involved with the UN. She said anything about climate change means population control and abortion. I’ve been reading “The Final Conclave”. 3 popes later, the progressives finally got their man.

13. Michael Minnis - May 5, 2015

The previous comment (12) states what is so strange about this sudden interest in supporting a secular hoax: Christians are being murdered all over the world and marginalized in the Western countries that are nominally Christian and the pope wants to devote his time and pronouncements on the climate!

Tantumblogo - May 5, 2015

And refuses to meet with Asia Bibi’s family and some other persecuted Christians. Deliberate distraction?

14. Idaho Catholic - May 6, 2015

I’ll stand up and be counted. I was and have been asking, how do we make our voices heard?
We know by logic and reason, that there are millions of us that are tired, truly tired of being marginalized and silenced. We have either kept our comments to ourselves or vented in our circle of friends.
It’s high time to unite and be heard.

15. Joe - May 6, 2015

No doubt the reference to human trafficking is off the rails. I am also concerned the Pope met with some of these people. But I really don’t have a dog in the whole global warming fight. If the Pope is concerned about this political issue so be it. Assuming he doesn’t contradict major life teachings I doubt the encyclical will be an issue for me.

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