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Petition started calling for Pope Francis to convert or abdicate December 8, 2015

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A petition with an attached and very long and detailed list of grievances is being circulated (not sure if promoted is the right word, perhaps it is) by The Remnant. I imagine it’s going to stir quite a bit of excited reaction in some quarters.  I’ll just get right to it, released on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception:

Your Holiness:
Pope Celestine V (r. 1294), recognizing his incapacity for the office to which he had so unexpectedly been elected as the hermit Peter of Morrone, and seeing the grave harm his bad governance had caused, resigned the papacy after a reign of only five months. He was canonized in 1313 by Pope Clement V. Pope Boniface VIII, removing any doubt about the validity of such an extraordinary papal act,confirmed in perpetuity (ad perpetuam rei memoriam) that “the Roman Pontiff may freely resign.”

A growing number of Catholics, including cardinals and bishops, are coming to recognize that your pontificate, also the result of an unexpected election, is likewise causing grave harm to the Church. It has become impossible to deny that you lack either the capacity or the will to do what your predecessor rightly observed a pope must do: “constantly bind himself and the Church to obedience to God’s Word,in the face of every attempt to adapt it or water it down, and every form of opportunism.”

Quite the contrary, as shown in the annexed libellus, you have given many indications of an alarming hostility to the Church’s traditional teaching, discipline and customs, and the faithful who try to defend them, while being preoccupied with social and political questions beyond the competence of the Roman Pontiff. Consequently, the Church’s enemies continually delight in your pontificate, exalting you above all your predecessors. This appalling situation has no parallel in Church history.

Last year, speaking of Pope Benedict’s resignation, Your Holiness declared that if you felt incapable of exercising the papacy “I would do the same.” On the first anniversary of Benedict’s resignation, you called upon the faithful to “join me in prayer for His Holiness Benedict XVI, a man of great courage and humility.”

With no little trepidation, being under the gaze of the One who will judge us all on the Last Day, we your subjects respectfully petition Your Holiness to change course for the good of the Church and the welfare of souls. Failing this, would it not be better for Your Holiness to renounce the Petrine office than to preside over what threatens to be a catastrophic compromise of the Church’s integrity?

———End Quote———

It continues for a bit and includes a list of signatures.  Then follows that long and detailed libellus.

I had no idea this was coming, though I am not completely surprised that it has.  I am of two minds.  I think we are witnessing a follow-on to the revolution of the 60s-70s that could more permanently cement radical novelties and frankly anti-Catholic belief into the life of the Church.  Certainly, any move towards restoration seems to drift further and further away.  I very, very much understand the feeling that urgent action is absolutely necessary.

But it is difficult for me as a Catholic to speak to the Pope in the manner seen in this presentation.  And even while saying that, I recognize a certain degree of hypocrisy on my part, a certain lack of consistency, maybe, because I’ve certainly been critical in the past.  Mind, I’m not saying I oppose this effort, per se, but I also don’t feel comfortable signing onto this at this time.  I feel a need to pray and reflect about it.

I’m sure there will be a wide variety of opinions on this.  I don’t know if even in the darkest days of the early 70s if Catholics counselled – in private, because I know of no public effort along this line – Paul VI to abdicate.  This effort has a novelty all its own. But then again, the times we are in are unprecedented in the life of the Church.

It’s interesting to juxtapose this petition with Archbishop Fisichella’s comment’s yesterday.  I can imagine some gaskets getting blown, if this ever gets back to Pope Francis.

I’m probably not contributing much of interest.  Sorry if that’s the case. I’m interested to hear what you think.  I’m terribly concerned about this pontificate but I’m having a hard time directly telling the Pope that he’s a heretic and failure and to get out of office.

My other question is………what difference will it make, other than to perhaps make the signers feel better?  I’d have to think any positive response would be miraculous, so since we’re talking about a spiritual affair, why not just pray?

Like I said, I’ll pray about this.



1. TE - December 8, 2015

I believe the petition will do nothing more positive than make its signers feel better.

2. frankljs - December 8, 2015

Yes, as concerning how saddening this papacy is, I do not feel that a petition for resignation is best at this time. I am reminded of some statements by Father Wolf, in which he says “this is a time of punishment for the Church and to accept Gods chastisement.” Yet, as you say, we are in different times, in which perhaps the faithful have a stronger influence. I would sign it, as my meager defence against modernism; but also to see how far it goes to satiate curiosity.

3. oldyoungcatholic - December 8, 2015

I have no issues with supporting this. We call it like we see it as far as I am concerned. There is no need to downplay anything or twist past actions/statements to minimize there content. I can sign this and sleep like a baby at night. Too much bad has happened and there is no one making any effort to stop it. So, I say press on!

Margaret Costello - December 8, 2015

Ditto. How much more insanity will have to come out of the Pope’s mouth before we stand up like the Church Militant we are and fight back? Yes, prayer is key. But so is fighting the evil in this world via our words and actions.

Good for these brave men and women to publicly stand for Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Church and His Mother. It will be on their record come their particular judgement. A very good thing to stand against an enemy of Christ and His Church.

Yes, it is the bishops alone who have the authority to charge the Pope with formal heresy. But from what I have read, material heresy is another beast. I’m sure the signers will feel better for signing this…for they have stood in the breach, the screaming silence from the bishops ringing in their ears, and the call to battle the truth in their hearts. God bless them:+)

4. tg - December 8, 2015

“I’m sure there will be a wide variety of opinions on this. I don’t know if even in the darkest days of the early 70s if Catholics counselled – in private, because I know of no public effort along this line – Paul VI to abdicate.” – that’s because there was no internet then.
I’m kind of like you. I’m not ready to sign it but will pray about it. I certainly do not disagree with what it says.

5. Mrs. Maureen Avila - December 8, 2015

“I’m terribly concerned about this pontificate but I’m having a hard time directly telling the Pope that he’s a heretic and failure and to get out of office.”
It is not our place to tell a pope he is a heretic and to get out of office but but St. Thomas Aquinas advocated that heretics be executed after being declared as such by competent authority because they are such a great danger to souls. No one is advocating execution, layman are just pointing out some of the ways we believe he has been a danger to the Church and to souls. These issues could have been addressed to our faithful Cardinals and bishops, but the pope would just remove them as he threatened to do when the petition for them to walk out of the Synod appeared. I think it is interesting that this document appeared on the eve of the anniversary of the finding of Bishop Sheen dead in his apartment.
Bishop Sheen had said that the laity needs to speak up and “…tell Bishops how to be Bishops….” I think that also goes for the Bishop of Rome, but I wonder if Bishop Sheen thought things would go so far.

H-town - December 9, 2015

Full quote:
Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious.
–Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1972

6. RC - December 8, 2015

I saw it today and signed it. The final stray, or I should say one of the many stray on top of this 2 year pontificate, was the pagan light show cast on St. Peter’s, on no other day than the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I seriously think that Francis is either an antipope, or the destroyer that St. Francis mentioned in his prophesy, or he is creating the false church that will be along with the Catholic Church. Either way, this is unprecedented and it is not good

RC - December 8, 2015

Straw** autocorrect

7. skeinster - December 8, 2015

How was that an “unexpected election”? Not sure what they mean, here.
Had Benedict dropped dead of a heart attack, instead of resigning, the protocol would have been the same. Any cardinal elector has the chance of being chosen. Bergoglio had garnered a whole lot of votes in the last conclave.

I’m with TE- technology allows them to do this, and they will feel that at least they have done something concrete.

8. LaGallina - December 8, 2015

I signed the moment I saw it. Happily.

Of course it will not change anything. It is more about feeling like — at least I’m doing something. Actually this pope should be forcefully, physically removed.

How can I say I love the Catholic Church if I am not willing to at least sign a petition asking a horrendous pope to please step down?

I would never, ever let my children take a CCD class with Francis as the teacher. But it’s ok for him to lead the entire Catholic Church?

Mrs. Maureen Avila - December 9, 2015

I have sometimes had the thought that if Pope Francis were a student in a decent CCD class, he would have been asked to leave a long time ago.

9. L. Chapman - December 9, 2015

As soon as I find this Petition I will sign it, if only to signal to the Cardinals of the church what they should be doing. Maybe there is a St. Athanasius in today’s Church who just needs to know we are waiting for some action, and if none is forthcoming, we will spearhead it. The Pope should indeed get wind of this because it will put the brakes on, just as did the 13 Bishops at the recent Synod of Bishops. All this complaining on the sidelines needs to be aired openly.

10. The Lord's Blog - December 9, 2015

I fear that if this is so which to have observed—that if our Lord is mad enough in the end He will take things into His own hands if we do not follow the Holy Spirit given to us by God in all that we do. All that the Lord has given and taught us to do.

11. Alex - December 9, 2015

I am a bit afraid about this petition. I think the idea of requesting the pope to renounce might muddle yet more the idea of pontifical authority, if it isn’t a direct attack against it. I do think we should take some kind of action, but I think it would be better to ask his holiness to clarify some of his less “savory” comments and to reaffirm Church dogma. Also, maybe it would be better to try to get some bishops involved?

12. Francisco Franco - December 9, 2015

Sissy, Nancy-boy. Grow a pair, and if you don’t “vote” for Bergie’s dismissal-resignation then keep all future criticism of him to yourself. The Church needs you now, not when you’re in the mood for it.

Tantumblogo - December 9, 2015

You got a bad rap, Franco, but you also should have listened to the Carlists way more than you did! I’ll continue praying for some time, thanks.

Francisco Franco - December 9, 2015


Tantumblogo - December 9, 2015

If you’re not Woody, you’re doing a spot on impersonation.

Now, go conquer Madrid.

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[…] I’ve prayed enough.  I’m signing. […]

14. Mrs. Maureen Avila - December 10, 2015

How long can one ‘pray and look the other way’. I’m signed and still praying.

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