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Feminist Panic! Stock Up on Birth Control Before Trump Takes it Away! November 9, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, asshatery, contraception, disaster, error, foolishness, horror, rank stupidity, sadness, scandals, secularism, self-serving, Society, unadulterated evil.

Just one of myriad inane reactions from the catatonic left today.  This is one development I’d truly love to see, though I hold out absolutely no hope it will happen  Having said that, we can see from this reaction just how detached from reality the Left has become, if they think this is even remotely in the offing, however much I wish it were.  We’ll need a great spiritual awakening and renewal before such a sensible course of action has a prayer of occurring:

In light of this dystopian possibility in which birth control is hard to come by and abortions are no longer legal, women are already taking matters into their hands. On social media Wednesday morning, hours after the election was called, the ladies of America began urging each other to protect themselves against unintended pregnancy by getting intrauterine devices—commonly known as IUDs—while contraception is still covered under the Affordable Care Act.

It’s a sad day indeed when women feel there is a ticking clock on their reproductive and health care rights. But alas, that’s the America we voted to live in.

Female hysteria, much?  I tell you, these feminist prove the Victorian notions of women as delicate hysterics unfit for leadership roles or positions of power and authority more and more every day.  Thank God we dodged another Hillary bullet, if this is how her supporters think!  Poor feminists, they thought they were on the cusp of seeing abortion even more permanently enshrined as a made-up constitutional “right,” even to the point of forcing Christians to pay for this barbaric, ultimately selfish act, only to have their fondest hopes and dreams dashed on the hard rocks of reality.  But being a leftie apparently means never having to conform your thoughts to reality.  After all, this is the ideology that has told us for years that “women’s health” = murdering babies, over half of which are female.

We’ll be having some great laughs for days as we continue to witness the mass emotional breakdown of America’s left wing.  Such as………students burning the American flag in protest of Trump’s election at………..American University.  But remember, this the party of “rationalism” and cool, unemotional thought.  It’s not at all the party of spoiled three year olds who will mess their pants when things don’t go their way.

Go crawl into a safe space for a few years and come out once you’ve grown up.



1. catholictrad - November 10, 2016

I really don’t see why the rutting Liberal Caribou must have temporary sterilization paid for by others. Why can’t we just pay for their permanent sterilization?

dthy - November 11, 2016

We should’t have to pay for any of it. If they must mutilate their bodies, they can pay for it themselves.

2. TheDumbOx - November 10, 2016

The tumblr world of hypersensitive LGBT female children has just exploded with anger, fear and attempts at self-help with bits of psycho-babble thrown in for good measure. I weep for our future.

Tantumblogo - November 10, 2016

Yes it’s been amazing. Hey remember “52-48” smiley faces, we’re all one country, we must come together to support our president and all that crap when they were on the winning side? That goes out the window when they don’t win.

This will not end well. This rising generation is as radicalized as it is ignorant.

Thank goodness there won’t be a shortage in ammo for a while.

thedumbox's very gay leftie daughter - November 10, 2016

My dad has my current address, you know. Why not just do it, then? Come on over here and rid the country of one more radicalized, feminist sodomite 🙂

Tantumblogo - November 10, 2016

Solipsistic much? It’s not all about you. My statements were in reaction to the riots of Hillary supporters, most of which probably didn’t bother to vote, that afflicted the nation last night. I live in an area that is overwhelmingly Hispanic. There has been a great deal of hostility to the “old white men” who still reside here, both politically and otherwise. A 76 y/o man who lives about a block away was physically assaulted when he tried to prevent his Trump sign from being stolen. That’s what I was thinking about.

Tantumblogo - November 10, 2016

Not gonna give you the drama you want. Get your fill elsewhere. But I’m not wrong, there’s the philosophy, and its implementation, which is somewhat different.

dthy - November 11, 2016

There have been death threats against Trump and his supporters posted on twitter. We have a right to self defense, albeit my personal preferred weapons against the powders of darkness are blessed salt and holy water. I wouldn’t be much with a gun, it would probably just be used against me anyway. But we don’t seek out and kill the unarmed infidels–the followers of Christ seek to teach and pray for their conversion. That said, you really need to consider the destiny of your own soul. Instead of publicly displaying and expecting others to accept your sin, you need to repent and seek forgiveness in the privacy of the confessional.

dthy - November 11, 2016

To correct a typo–I meant the powers of darkness.

3. Tim - November 10, 2016

If only he would.

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