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It’s looking like 1968 all over again in the US June 3, 2016

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In 1968, Americans watched in horror as young people, energized and radicalized at least to some degree by 8 years of the most left-wing presidential administrations in US history, exploded out of college campuses and into the streets, sparking riots and bringing society to what seemed to many to be the tipping point of anarchy.

The presidential election in 1968 featured a democrat machine politician against a highly polarizing figure from the Republican party, a man who had in the past said and done many things that made even conservative’s skin crawl.  But under what appeared to be the threat of a near-total collapse of society, Americans rallied to the the rather unlikable Republican candidate and gave him a fairly narrow victory.  Along the way, there was tremendous violence and bloodshed as leftist protesters attacked both democrat and Republican political rallies.  A very long, hot summer of violence ensued, a summer that helped drive the outcome of the presidential election.  Oh, by the way, there was also an interminable war in a far off Asian land that seemed to accomplish nothing but the filling of body bags.

I think the US stood at a precipice in ’68, and, fortunately, turned back, at least to some degree.  While the cultural advance of leftism continued unabated, and even accelerated, after 68, the political advance of leftism was stymied for 30-40 years.  Until today.

This country increasingly appears to stand at a new and more frightening precipice.  There were very few democrat politicians who supported the radical, violent tactics of the ’68 “protesters” – today, the democrat party and its media allies seems to be actively enlisting them to try to terrify people into changing their vote, or not voting at all.  Riots directed at Trump supporters are reported as “violence breaking out.”  The leftist/media complex (one and the same) seem intent on disenfranchising 100+ million Americans who are just about sick to death of being bullied on everything from how big their soda can be to how much endless shame and guilt they absolutely MUST feel because they were born the “wrong” sex (male) or the “wrong” skin color (white).

We also have an increasing breakdown of respect for the concept of “equal under the law.”  Those same tens of millions of Americans being increasingly, and violently, persecuted by the Left, can see how much of a gigantic double standard has emerged in this country.  If you’re left-wing, you can break the law with impunity, enriching yourself and your buddies as you see fit.  You can also use the government as a weapon to terrorize and shut down political opposition.   Remember all those lessons you learned in school about how terrible it was for the Jim Crow apparatus to use government power to disenfranchise blacks and other minorities?  Good times, good times.

So, on the one hand, we have a sizable cohort of thoroughly radicalized, poorly educated, largely unthinking and wholly emotional young people who have been indoctrinated to believe that democrat = virtuous, who feel themselves on the cusp of seizing real power and driving this country on a path of no return to Balkanized socialism (fueled by massive illegal immigration) – and you have an even larger group, a group that has tended in the past to be too meek, mild and occupied with their families and jobs to be very politically active – saying, hell no, we’ve had enough, we’re not taking one more step in that direction.

Readers know I am very cool to Donald Trump.  But the reaction he is engendering on the Left is causing my antipathy towards him to ebb away.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that.  In addition, the Left is obviously terrified of the guy, I think because of his ability to reduce PC-shibboleths to a laughingstock effortlessly (and maybe the wall).

Which raises a further variable in which 2016 appears more dangerous than ’68 – the presence of tens of millions of unassimilated, aggrieved (for no good reason) illegal immigrants who have been showing themselves increasingly willing to act violently to prevent any change to the broken immigration status-quo in this country.  Thus, you get scenes like this, where a woman peacefully attending a political rally is violently attacked by young Hispanic males, while idiots stand around filming:

Just a few more scenes from yesterday’s insanity in San Jose, where leftists and Mexicans wave the Mexican flag and destroy the American flag (excessive foul language):

The core of all these protests are trained professional cadres employed by leftist organizations to go around staging riots.  They are not honest actors, they are deliberate agents provocateur on the demonrat payroll for things like “community organizing” and “controlling the message.”  They literally are paid to go around from event to event, city to city, to stir up trouble. If you look at the footage and photographs closely, you will start to see the same faces over and over, like that jackass in the video above with the sunglasses.

Here’s another guy being attacked for doing nothing more but participating in the American political process:

Now I don’t agree with some of the language the guy uses in the video above.  But heck, he’s not nearly as incendiary as some on the right are becoming, as a natural reaction to these kinds of attacks.

So where does all this go?  Do demonrats really expect 80-100 million (almost universally) heavily armed Americans to just sit there and take it as they are attacked, beaten, disenfranchised, stolen from, told to shut up, nannied to death, threatened with politically motivated persecution, etc., etc ad nauseum, and watch their country crumble in the dust?  Do they know how fine the edge upon which this country walks now is?  Or are they too stupid and blinded by ideology to notice or care?  Yeah…….I can answer that for myself.

Plus there is the role of the media in turning Trump into a racist monster, very nearly Hitler (again, you can see the mortal terror with which they fear him), which has been helping fuel so many of these protests, as this guy, who attended a Trump rally from a neutral perspective, makes clear:

Scary, scary times.  I don’t know how this is going to play out, but it’s looking very bad.  I suggest investing in ammo.  It is true Thomas Aquinas lays out very narrow grounds upon which Catholics can morally resist a tyrannical government, but there is much more flexibility when you talk about widespread civil unrest.

But, then again, it’s most likely this will just peter out.  This is entirely, 100%, about getting a democrat elected president.  So I think we can strongly assume this stupidity has an end date.



1. Tim - June 3, 2016
2. Tim - June 3, 2016

More frightening precipice???….you betcha!!!:

3. MFG - June 3, 2016

As Breitbart put it, politics is downstream from the culture. Supporting a nominee who sticks it to the left but is completely amoral will never protect the interests of Christians.

Trump may not be Hitler (yet) but he certainly isn’t our Franco either. We can’t support a man who never asks God for forgiveness and refuses to deny he forced one of his girlfriends to get an abortion. If he does that to a “friend/lover” what will he do to us Catholics when we oppose some future policy? Or worse what will his supporters do to us?

Tantumblogo - June 3, 2016

What do you say to the rise of the “alt-right” and its near total rejection of social conservative concerns? Right now, the socon movement appears all but dead. Socons were split in the primary but weren’t big enough in numbers to make a decisive impact, anyway. So what now, the movement appears moribund and shrinking? Is Milo Yiannopoulos right, that the younger generation of gamer-gaters and others joining the alt-right don’t care a whit for Christian morality and social conservative issues? Then what?

I agree, we appear headed in the wrong direction. It appears my choice this year is to not vote, or vote for someone whose personal morality is truly obnoxious. The libertarian candidate is from the leftward spectrum of libertarianism, and basically supports Sander’s economic views. A third party really only gives the election to Hilary. I know people hate to hear that, so do I, I hate being stuck with the two parties (which have essentially no difference between them), but there is no way, absent some kind of Fatima-like miracle, that a third party can win this year. And that means Hillary, who is the worst of all.

Tantumblogo - June 3, 2016

Another thought…..I’m not sure “sticking it to ’em” is the right term to describe Trump’s seeming ability to saw through PC crap and more or less obliterate it. How has the left advanced in the culture? Through cultural marxism/political correctness.

I am not becoming a Trump supporter. But I do think his candidacy is about, or could be about, much more than just sticking it to the other side. I think many support him, including some Mater Dei folks, precisely because it appears he just might finally be the one to start turning the tide against cultural marxism. That is not insignificant, and is one of the areas where I think Trump supporters make the most sense.

Interestingly, it is an open question whether many recent presidents ever asked God’s forgiveness. Probably more didn’t than did. Clinton? I mean publicly avow their faith, too. None but maybe Bush 43 and Reagan, though he was more a deist than Christian? Carter did, but that was then, I don’t think he’s so Christian now. Ford? No. Nixon. Hah! Johnson? Please. Kennedy, Eisenhower?

Conclusion: the US has been led by men of weak to nonexistent faith throughout most of its recent history. But yes few had such an openly amoral life as Trump, though some, like Kennedy, had a secret life that probably rivaled his.

MFG - June 4, 2016

Part of the weakness of Socons (and the Catholic leadership) is we focused too much on winning national elections to change the Supreme Court so we can overturn Roe Vs. Wade. Let’s reflect for a moment: when abortion is ended in this land (in good times or bad), is it really going to be because the Court reverses Roe v. Wade? Not likely – it will be ended through other means (how is anyone’s guess).

We’ve made the mistake on focusing on national politics, when the solution lies mainly at the local and state level, both spiritually and temporally. While we don’t want to abandon national politics and let the liberals run amuck, look at how much progress the pro-life movement made at the state and local levels, in Texas in just the last few years. Imagine if we had started this focus in 1980.

Regarding Trump, I concede it’s possible he becomes a culture warrior only because the left hates him so much that his ego forces him to wage battle against them. Maybe Trump will dissolve the Supreme Court, or encourage states to ignore rulings like Roe. However, I just can’t see a man so lacking in any virtue leading us to a restoration or stability in the long run.

4. c matt - June 3, 2016

A violent reaction from normal people is exactly what they want. Then they can declare martial law. This is the intended goal of their actions.

Buy ammo, indeed.

5. Baseballmom - June 3, 2016

I recall ’68 very well… The 60’s was such a violent decade – as a young person (13) in 68 I thought public figures being Assasinated and cities (including my own, Los Angeles in ’65)burning up was just the way the world was.
And yet, there seems much greater anger and hatred today. I believe widespread divorce, the mass murder of the unborn and the celebration of sodomy (both non-existent in the 60’s) are the cause.

Tantumblogo - June 3, 2016

Great points. I appreciate the perspective of those who were there in the 60s.

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