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The scope of Catholic deplorables is steadily expanding February 17, 2017

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Michael Matt examines a recent interview on MSNBC features Jesuit Father James Martin, wherein Martin manages to cover himself yet again in heaping piles of dung.  The Church Militant is bad.  The spiritual works of mercy no longer have any application or relevance.  “Radical Traditionalists” seek to be a Church Militant, which is completely opposed to Francis’ vision of a new humanist “mercy.” Well…….at least he can get something right:

“This fruit is exhibit A.”  Boo-yah.  Indeed.  Pretty much all that needs to be said regarding Martin.  Martin has such a huge signature he sets off my gaydar at about 1000 miles.  I don’t pick up Ru Paul until 500 miles, so that tells you something, if you get the joke.

Yes, the Vatican is just infested with “rad-trads.” Yes, it is such a sin to desire a Church that is purer.  Yes, Francis’ wrecking ball is just a series of “reforms.”  Yes, MSNBC and their ilk have always been concerned with the well-being of the Church. Yes, the term “Church Militant” is a dirty phrase. Jesus Christ was really  just a proto-leftist who never preached exclusion on the basis of sin.  Martin and Francis and the rest would never subvert Christianity in favor of their true religion, leftist ideology. How much fake news can one 7 minute segment contain?  But what else would we expect from the pathological liars at MSNBC?

Bear in mind this very orchestrated set piece attack with yesterday’s post regarding close contacts between Hillary Clinton and Francis.  Absolutely nothing the democrat operatives in the media do is accidental.  This is all about giving Francis the political cover he needs to execute his revolution.

MSNBC and basically every other leftist media outlet have become personifications of Goebbels.  If you have a stalwart opponent, make up the biggest lie possible about them, in this case, that Steve Bannon is a white supremacist, and repeat it constantly as an unassailable truth.  There is absolutely no virtue left among these people, they brazenly lie and are positively proud about it.

Exceedingly interesting comments towards the end about who constitutes a “rad trad”………anyone who still accepts the Doctrine of the Faith more or less whole and entire is a “rad trad” in the view of Martin, Francis, and their ideological allies.  It matters not a whit whether one assists at the TLM or has problems with Vatican II, even those who fully accept VII as a valid council with valid and good conclusions are grouped into the “rad trad” group of deplorables if they have concerns over Francis’ agenda or simply accept the Doctrine of the Faith.  That is to say, the scope of unacceptable belief within the new church of Francis is expanding rapidly and will take in millions more souls than simply those few who have long had grave reservations over the most recent council and the revolution that has afflicted the Church from within.

Leftists cannot stand ideological opposition.  Anyone who is not fully on board with the agenda as it is today – and it changes daily – is a deplorable to be ostracized and an enemy to be crushed.  The leftist cult demands instant unthinking obeisance to whatever the thought-leading elites in academia, the media, and the political-economic elites demand this instant.  2+2=5.  A lie becomes the truth, and then becomes a lie again.  Whatever the party needs.  Hell on earth.  And Christ must be driven from the earth for the glorious new church of man to come into being.

“Francis is shifting the Church so far to the Left that those Catholics who do not go along with him……..will be easily vilified as dangerous extremists.  So filled with hate that even our own Church finds us deplorable.  Do you see how the persecution is shaping up?”

I do.



1. TLM - February 17, 2017

Indeed, I see how the persecution is coming down the pipe…..fast and furious no less. Rome usually moves slower than molasses in January, but he is going like a house of fire!! Somehow and for some reason, he must think time is running out for him, so he’s putting the petal to the metal. Women priestesses, pagan humanistic Masses, global warming initiatives, and a general ‘Marxist Theocracy’ are all in play for his top position in the One World Order, and all seem to be front and center on his ‘agenda’. I just think he’s grossly underestimated his opposition. Those close to him have publicly stated that we so called deplorable ‘rad trads’ are only very few in number. Just like the Trump election, when the Democrats and the wingnut media were SO POSITIVE that Hillary would be sitting in the Oval Office, and that practically NO ONE would vote for Donald Trump, no problem!! I think they’re going to have precious few sitting in their pews when his revolution comes into full view. Just like the Democrats, it seems to me their overconfident, egotistical narcissism is going cause their plan to backfire, at least to some degree. Even Catholics that don’t consider themselves ‘traditional’ are waking up, and starting to see him for what he is.He’s coming close to overplaying his hand. I also think there are more Bishops than not that yes, need to man up a tad, but I think he will only be able to push his insane global agenda so far before he has a total episcopate uprising on his hands. Hopefully though, I’m not looking through rose colored glasses!

Baseballmomof8 - February 18, 2017

I pray you are right.

2. Brian Springer - February 18, 2017

Me too. One thing I noticed is how silent many priest I know are concerning him. They used to mention Francis all the time, during Sunday Mass, during daily Mass, know it’s like he doesn’t even exist. Since this is the Novus Ordo, you can still hear him name recited in the Canon, but other than that I guess most people, or at least a greater number of them, are just to embarrassed by him.

I’d much prefer if they denounced him from the pulpit (to heck with the ‘consequences’), but it’s something I’ve noticed.

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