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Blessed Miguel Pro, the Cristiada, and the Synagogue of Satan May 1, 2017

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Great sermon from Padre Not Tony Romo, on the life and suffering of Blessed Miguel Pro.  He then ties in his own apostolate trying to re-establish the authentic practice of the Faith in Latin America generally and once so devout Mexico in particular.

As is widely known, Blessed Miguel Pro, SJ, was one of many Catholic priest-martyrs of the Cristiada in Mexico, which developed after a masonic-inspired cabal of Christ-hating pseudo-revolutionaries gained control of that tortured nation’s governance.  I did not know, as Father relates, that Blessed Miguel Pro levitated during his final Mass before his capture and martyrdom, nor that his face was transfigured as on Mount Tabor.  Very interesting.

I like how Father notes the false Catholics of our time (and all times), those who, when confronted with a contradiction between the Truth of Jesus Christ and the ways of the world, choose the world over Jesus Christ.  Father does not say this, but the greatest reason for the crisis in the human element of the Church is that the vast majority of priests and prelates today are of just that type of Catholic, those who choose the world over Jesus Christ in the constant belief and practice of the Faith.  In fact, there was an entire ecumenical council that was captured, or hijacked, by this same spirit.  Or, at least, many think, and so it seems.

Many of those who choose the world over Christ lambaste those who still cling to Christ and His Truth as extremists, fanatics. Amazingly, guns are no longer needed to persecute the Faith out of Catholics, Catholics have largely voluntarily lost their faith under the bad example of so many priests and prelates, the errors taught since 1965, and the practice of all manner of immodesty, unchastity, and personal filthiness.  That is to say, the reason men like Plutarco Calles used violence was to force Catholics of the time to lose their faith through exposure to evils like pronographic sexual education in the state schools that replaced parochial schools.  Today, people happily partake of far worse of their own volition.

Good sermon:

I have had the privilege of meeting this priest and I follow his apostolate with some closeness.  I continue to be impressed with his devotion to the many souls in his care and efforts to restore the Catholic Faith in Mexico, which never really

Sorry if this is too many sermons for one day!


1. Camper - May 2, 2017


Stabbings on the campus of the Univ. of Texas- Austin! One killed, three wounded.


2. Camper - May 2, 2017

I’ll stop if this is unwelcome, but here is another scoop, bigger than the UT scoop.

The Supreme Court has upheld California’s ban on converting perverts.

There goes the neighborhood.


Tantumblogo - May 2, 2017

Yes that is a disastrous limitation on both freedom of speech and religion. Of course, both of those notions were disordered from the get-go in the American experience.

This is naught but anti-Christian bias. This surely will not be applied to muslims.

3. Camper - May 2, 2017

This new US Supreme Court ruling probably never would have happened without the Francis.

4. Baseballmomof8 - May 2, 2017

Enjoyed the sermon very much, thank you.

5. Canon212 Update: Francis Didn’t Excommunicate You, Faithful Christian. He Just Said the Holy Spirit Won’t Enter Your Rotten Heart – The Stumbling Block - May 2, 2017


6. Camper - May 2, 2017

I’ve heard that one of the priests in the FSSP apostolate never takes a vacation and hardly sits down.

7. Margarita - May 3, 2017

People in Manila are just waiting for Bl. Miguel Pro to be declared a saint. There is already the city’s first cathedral from the Spanish colonial period, amazingly presciently named after him, for whenever he is canonized. It’s called the “San Miguel Pro Cathedral.”

Okay. It was in honor of the Archangel. But still…

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