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A Couple of Twits on the Election October 4, 2016

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Sorry, I mispoke, I meant to say tweets.  Freudian slip, I guess.

First off, it appears the UN has now arrogated to itself the power to cheer for certain outcomes in national elections of member states.  Is anyone of consequence seriously advocating getting out of this transnational gabfest of one worlders living high on the hog off the backs of principally American taxpayers while spitting in our eyes every chance they get?


And just to make sure we all know what the UN is advocating, NARAL is there to tell us:

. knows that abortion can’t be a right in name only.

Gee, you think Hillary feels the same about the Second Amendment and access to firearms?  No, she only cares about things that she thinks are “rights,” not things actually included in the document that is supposed to be the foundation of all governmental policy in this country, but things that had to be found through BS like “emanations from the penumbras.”

We already knew, of course, that the UN was a locus of evil in the world, and has been since at least the mid-60s when it was invaded by leftists and turned into little else but a vehicle for leftwing agitprop and mass rape.  It is an unapologetic, wholehearted endorser of child-murder the world-round, and is so evil as to have developed a collective reprobate sense, literally inverting good and evil, and/or no longer being able to tell what good is.

Once again, if you judge a man by his enemies, Trump has most if not all of the right ones.  Not that I will ever be an enthusiastic supporter of his, at least until he’s governed a few years and proven himself.

Of course, we’re a very far way from that.  He’s going to need some help, like some more Hillary medical issues or more evidence of scandal (as if we needed any!) in order to win.




1. f4ephantomphixer - October 4, 2016



2. Richard Malcolm - October 4, 2016

Apparently, they took the tweet down later that night, and tweeted this: “An errant tweet has been deleted from this account. The cause is being investigated. Our official site for UN news: http://un.org/news

I don’t doubt that the entire staff there is anti-Trump. My guess is that one of them who had access to the social media got a little carried away. Still, people complained, and they responded. Which I guess is better than noting: at least the pretense that they’re disinterested in the US election is preserved, kinda.

3. c matt - October 5, 2016

If murdering Vince Foster and who knows how many others, Clinton Cash, Benghazi and the other scandals surrounding Clinton haven’t done her in by now, I am not sure anything will. Maybe if she is caught on camera slaughtering baby seals and eating their entrails . . . maybe.

4. Gc5341 - October 6, 2016

These are dangerous times. Hillary Clinton looks assured to win the election. Her goal is to continue the work of Barack Obama. Our national borders and identity will erode at a faster pace. Hillary Clinton advocates for globalism. This is diabolical. The future is a one world order with a secular mindset. No room in this order for the Catholic Church. There will be suppression, bloodshed and martyrdom.

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