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US birth rate reaches record low June 3, 2016

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We’re heading for European levels.   Socialism, is there anything it can’t do?!?


Maybe the 14 and  under and over 45 demographics will save us.

68 live births per 1000 women is, at present, about replacement rate (it varies, of course, according to death rate).  You can see how, since mass contraception and then abortion were legalized, the birth rate has plummeted to below replacement rate, and almost instantaneously, in demographic terms.  To have a birth rate collapse by nearly 50% in just over a decade is probably unprecedented in human history outside dire calamities like wars, plagues, and civilizational collapse.

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Oh, well……. that’s a calamity if I’ve ever seen one.  Damnable poison.

You can see the US has not been at replacement level but a couple of brief times since the mid-70s.  Immigration has been required to keep the population growing. The native born fertility rate is even lower.  Liberal white and Asian women have some of the lowest birth rates of any cohort, with Jews being the very lowest (0.6 babies per, but the growth of the orthodox/hasidic is starting to raise this up a bit).

The future belongs to those who show up.  Since the libs are deciding in increasing numbers not to, they require immigration and indoctrination to continue their political dominance, which, I think, may be much more fragile than it appears.  A sudden change could sweep the landscape and make much of this a bad memory.

BUT……I don’t see much evidence of that just yet.



1. Baseballmom - June 3, 2016

Looks like a bump right before Obummer takes office… After that, depression and despair take hold.

2. Faith of Our Fathers - June 3, 2016

Thats some drop maybe it’s just that most of the young population are now being murdered at an alarming rate . Well you won’t have to wait on it going back up if Donald Trump doesn’t get in . All those Muslims will be sitting back waiting and watching and pro creating. According to Erdogan that Turkish Leader saying that anything below 4 kids is a Muslim Sin we in Europe who are overrun at the moment will now be enslaved . As regards the last thread where I said I was 2nd generation Irish we still haven’t forgave Turkey for Gallipoli.

3. Willard Money - June 4, 2016

Never has there been a time of greater wealth inequality. We’ve never had as many billionaires on the planet as we do right now. And you’re blaming socialism?

Listen to these words of wisdom from Venerable Pope Pius XII, “And what of a regime in which capitalism is dominant? Does it offer a prospect of real welfare for women? We have no need here to describe the economic and social consequences of this system. You know its characteristic signs and you yourselves labor under the burden it imposes: the excessive crowding of the population into the cities; the ever-growing and all-invading power of big business; the difficult and precarious condition of other industries, especially the crafts and even more especially agriculture; the disquieting spread of unemployment.” – Questa Grande Vostra Adunata

Prophetic huh?

4. Camper - June 4, 2016

Pius XII wasn’t necessarily a good Pope. The Popes have gotten exceedingly modernist in the past 120 years or so, with the exception of Pius X. Anybody who has a serious problem with capitalism has serious problems. Capitalism is the best system for everybody because it maximizes wealth. If it’s important to you, Pius XII himself said that capitalism itself is not inherently evil. The graduated income tax, on which “socialism” is based, is evil, condemned by St. Thomas Aquinas. You are evil if you support the graduated income tax and the welfare state. You should be deeply ashamed.

c matt - June 6, 2016

With perfect information and completely honest actors, yes, capitalism is the best system (under those conditions, almost any system would work to some degree). Unfortunately, such conditions do not and cannot exist post-fall. Some governmental oversight of capitalism is needed (as is oversight of the government itself). The issue is always how much and in what forms. The US system is about as good as you can get in this fallen world. Maybe there are a few tweaks here and there that could improve things. But ultimately, the form is not nearly as important as the raw materials which make it up – i.e., the people. When the populace is moral, things tend to go rather well.

Camper - June 6, 2016

What we need today is a lot more capitalism and a lot less of the left and its incessant demands for the destruction of the country and the global economy.

Willard Money - June 6, 2016

If you don’t accept the teaching of Holy Mother Church as explained in Pacem in Terris #11, you are a heretic and on the road to Hell.

Camper - June 7, 2016

Who are you kidding? John XXIII was a heretic!

c matt - June 6, 2016

Personally, I think a sales tax could be more moral (but also subject to corruption like anything else). Luxury goods could be taxed as higher levels; necessities barely or not at all; everything else somewhere in between.

5. Judy - June 6, 2016

Off the subject: Looking forward to your take on Bishop Farrell’s post, “Spreading hate in the name of defending the faith”. So, just like the SJW crowd, the bishop has decided to play the hate card.

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