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Italian press finds gay hookup site for priests – in Rome June 14, 2013

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It’s St. Sebastian’s Angels all over again.  But much worse. In Rome!  A gay hookup site specifically tailored for priests and seminarians in ROME!  Good Heavens what is to become of us?:

It is not easy to talk about some things, but  Pope Francis’ statement of a gay lobby in the Catholic Church draws waves. As the Catholic writer, Vittorio Messori made ​​known, there is a page on the Internet called Venerabilis which is run by  a fraternity of Homo-Sensitive Roman Catholic Priests.

The homo Sensitive  priestly society claims to be a loose association of gay and homophile Catholic priests. The website serves as a gay dating site, so that aberrosexual priests can find contact among themselves, or homosexual laity can meet like-minded priests and vice versa. This page offers chat rooms in five languages, including in German, a Twitter service to the Catholic Church and some news from a “homo sensitive” view. The ads are unique. Anyone who registers on the Venerabilis and gives a personal ad or responds to one, seeks homosexual sexual contact………
…….Since the 1st of May  the [homosexual]-brotherhood, which calls itself Fraternitas Sacerdotalis.[Is this a catty shot at the masculinity of FSSP priests?] is a “meeting place” in order to meet “personally” and at “no risk”. And in fact, Rome Feltrinelli bookstore in Largo Argentina  has a “6- 8pm” at the cafeteria or in the department “Philosophy and Religion”. “For the seminarians of the Jesuit university Gregorian University and the Dominican Angelicum from 11 to 12 clock in the same place. ” [So now the great colleges of Rome, erected at great expense by religious orders that shook the world, are now reduced to being hookup sites for sexual deviants. Nice. I wonder how much is taught at these former bastions of orthodoxy and erudition that would challenge these lost souls in their depravity? Anything?]
So, I went tot he site, and while I didn’t find anything pornographic, at least not that I could understand, it’s obvious what the site is about.  It’s
 about finding sex partners. The homo-mafia in the Church obviously feels sufficiently strong and emboldened to operate almost in the open.  This site is smart in that everyone operates under automatically generated IDs, but people are dumb and have left their personal e-mails all over the place. I bet a decent multi-lingual private investigator could identify dozens of people from the site in an afternoon’s work.
It’s a certitude there are more sites like this out there. They just have to be found. And then the hard part. Will competent ecclesiastical authority take any steps to remove those priests found to be partaking in this homosexual hookup site?  At a certain time in the Church’s history, a time not so very long ago, bishops would have proactively taken measures to dig through sites like this and remove those who obviously are not leading their priestly life in concert with the mind of the Church.  A few moments perusing the site reveals they take a very light view of Church moral doctrine, to say the least. They think it’s a joke, and even go so far as to claim THEY are the moral ones, and those opposed to sexual depravity are those with severe problems!  But that is the world we live in today.
And, if the sodomite mafia is as well established and widespread as we think it is, then it would make sense that there would be a great concentration in Rome, for that is where the levers of power are located. So no wonder there may be an excess, so to speak, there.  Folks, don’t fool yourselves into believing this mafia is made up only of a few scattered bishops and maybe a cardinal or too. It is at least as widespead in the episcopate as it is in the regular clergy, and possibly even more so. Think about for a while.
Lord, have mercy on Your Church!  Please extirpate this foul evil from the midst of Your Body!
Final note: does anyone know what finally became of Fr. Art Mallinson and Fr. Cliff Garner, the two Dallas priests caught up in the St. Sebastian’s Angels scandal?  I believe Garner went rainbow warrior and left the priesthood, but Mallinson always tried to stay coy, and his trail runs out in 2008.


1. Warren Memlib - June 15, 2013

Re: Art Mallinson and Cliff Garner: They are both in counseling, practicing not undergoing.

Art is at the Galaxy Counseling Center in Garland. For more details, see http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/name/Arthur_D_Mallinson_LPC,MDiv,MRE_Garland_Texas_134164

Cliff is now known surnamed “Garinn,” dropping the last three letters of his last name and substituting those of Jon O’Guinn, his “spouse” from his Canadian same-sex “marriage” (see http://garinns.wordpress.com/about). He is Coordinator of Career Services at UT Arlington. For more details, see http://www.linkedin.com/in/cliffordgarinn

2. Exoricists needed.. - June 15, 2013

The Church is in eclipse. The darkness is self-generated. The Church Hierarchy have not repented. Their collective sins nearly block out The Son. We don’t need any more destroyers.

We need Cardinals and Bishops seeking martyrdom, red or white, to out and defrock all masons (i.e., satanists), sodomites, and their homophile apologists in The Church. The Church has had no episcopal martyrs in the worldwide surgical or chemical destruction of nearly a billion children these past 40 years!. Just lip service. DISDAIN THE PUBLIC TROUGH! CURSE CAESAR”S BLOOD MONEY BEFORE YOU THROW IT BACK AT HIS TEMPLE PRIESTS! BE MEN NOT COWARDS!

We have no more time for cowards. The Culture of Life is being replaced with The Culture of Encounter. There is no more time for cowardly euphemisms like “dialogue”.

We can’t afford any more demure, effeminate sophistry from politically “savy” cowards masquerading as statesmen.

This is a era where The Church’s biggest enemies hide behind collars and titles, within her bosom, while furtively and entirely dedicated to mammon and megalomania.

In this Dictatorship of Depravity all the Lay Faithful can do is BARK! So BARK we shall! We may annoy the hireling Shepherd, but we might also save some of the sheep as well!

May God Have Mercy on us all!


3. “Venerabilis”, Website for Indecent Encounters Between Priests in Italy | Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh - June 15, 2013

[…] Italian press finds gay hookup site for priests – in Rome […]

4. Richard - June 16, 2013

I may get criticized for reading the book Dilemma. Primarily, I read it because I come from the same generation as now Episcopal priest Fr. Alberto Cutie, and was curious to see what kind of an upbringing he had during the 1970’s and 1980’s. I also wanted to know his opinion of St. John Vianney Seminary in Miami, which I heard was pretty bad throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. (I have heard since Bishop Favolora has retired, things have really turned around for the better at Vianney in Miami).

Anyway, I do recall the now Episcopalian priest Fr. Alberto Cutie discussing in Dilemma that there were places in Rome where clergy would go to hook up with other men, and even male prostitutes. When I read Dilemma two years ago, I took it with a grain of salt. Now, I know this story about the this network was real.

I’m not too familiar with the Italian Press, but my first impression is that the Italian Press is nothing like MSNBC or the National Inquirer, so this story must have been well documented in the Italian Press.

Maybe Pope Francis I will work to put a stop to this immoral behavior.

tantamergo - June 17, 2013

Umm……I went to the site. I saw what is going on. It’s plainly a hookup site for active homosexual priests. I don’t need the Italian media to explain it to me. The Italian press makes many sensational claims, but in this case I don’t think there is any exaggeration going on.

Richard - June 17, 2013


Thanks for the backup. I agreed with you when I said, “now I know this story about this network was real”.

I also agreed with you that the Italian Press is not exaggerating the story when I said, “my first impression is the Italian Press is nothing like the National Inquirer”.

I don’t think homosexuals belong in the priesthood, period.

5. Richard - June 16, 2013

Final note: does anyone know what finally became of Fr. Art Mallinson and Fr. Cliff Garner, the two Dallas priests caught up in the St. Sebastian’s Angels scandal?

About a year or two ago, I found out from reading a columnist on Renew America (Matt Abbott) that Garner “married his partner” in Canada circa 2004. His “partner” had been a priest in Illinois, and the two “married” in Vancouver when same-sex marriage passed there. From reading the same article, both were working in secular occupations.

6. Joseph P. Martino - June 16, 2013

Read “The Homosexual Network,” by Fr. Enrique Rueda. Originally published in 1986. Things have, if anything, gotten worse since then.

tantamergo - June 17, 2013

Dude, for a second I thought you were Bishop Joseph Martino! But that’s Joseph F. Martino. I was about to go wooot!

7. Elleblue Jones - June 17, 2013

I don’t care what their sexual orientation is, priests have taken a vow of celibacy and if they can’t keep it then they should leave the priesthood.

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10. Renee Harris - June 17, 2013

When my son entered the seminary he was very quiet about what really went on. But later in life after marriage he admitted there was a lot of that behavior going on and he did not want to slander the church even though it shook his soul.
So sad for the church that this evil is taking place but in it all I know God will prevail to protect and defent the faithful remnant. Have Hope in Christ.

Pax et bonum

11. Gay Hookup Site For “Homo-Sensitive Priests” Discovered Operating Out Of The Vatican - June 18, 2013

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12. John Dee - June 18, 2013

From John Dee,
Did these men enter the seminary just to hook up
with other gay men? If so, then their “ordinations” I think are
INVALID because they lacked the proper intention of really wanting
to be priests. Therefore any marriages they performed, all the confessions they heard, all the baptisms they performed,etc. are
If anyone were married by these phony “priests”, they bear no
guilt because they entered the marriage state sincerely and I think their marriages were sanctified in Heaven.
Anybody care to comment on this matter especially valid priests?


tantamergo - June 18, 2013

There are many troubling aspects to this situation, and this is certainly one. If men are ordained under false pretenses, for reasons other than those which the Church intends, then it is a very, very big problem. We really can’t know, unfortunately. We don’t know what lurks in the hearts of these men. But there is a strong possibility that there have been men ordained who did not have the correct intent.

13. Michael Voris has a good video on the homosexual crisis in the priesthood | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - June 18, 2013

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